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Peter Facinelli on Directing New Dramedy  “Breaking & Exiting” Interviewed by KTLA5 August 6 2018

Peter Facinelli on the Mob You Never Knew in "Gangster Land" November 30th 2017

Peter Facinelli on ‚Daily Pop‘ E!News talking about Dating December 2nd 2017

Interview by entertainment with Peter Facinelli and Glenn Close talking about their new movie "Wilde Wedding" september 14 2017

Peter Facinelli with tyler henry on hollywood medium august 8 2017

Darran talks to Peter Facinelli from the Twilight Franchise, Supergirl, Nurse Jackie and much more in Perth Australia june 2016

Superman celebration in metropolis il june 13 2016

Peter Facinelli on 'Supergirl' |The Talk| April 18 2016

"Supergirl" star Peter Facinelli joins J.B. in the suite for the first Express Written Consent of 2016 april 18


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