interview with Adam ferrera

actor, stand up comedian and frank verelli in nurse jackie december 6 2014

For the fans they don't know you just tell us a little bit about yourself

I am actor, stand up comedia and host Top Gear US. I'm a renaissance man. Currently 'm building a flying machine for the Medici Family.


Do you think you have to step in the footprints of Kevin and Eddie?

That is not what Frank is trying to do. He is very respectful of Kevin's role as Jackie's ex-husband and father of the girls. He likes Eddie and is grateful for his help with Jackie detox.


Who is your fave stand up comedian?

Richard Pryor


Which role would you like to play if you were not Frank Verelli?

I'd like to play a hospital employee just so I can work in scrubs.


What inspired you to do stand up comedy?

I was not really qualified to do anything else. (Me: *winks)


How did you get the role in Nurse Jackie?

My agent called and told me they would like me to read with Edie for the role.


What was it like to work with Peter Facinelli?

I only remember doing one scene with Peter in the hospital. It was fun and he was very gracious. 

We took a picture together for my cousin who is a big fan of his. I'm fairly certain she photo shopped me out.


What's been your fave acting role?

It is always the one I am currently doing. So now it would be Frank Evans in the play "It has to be you"


How did you get to be in the Top Gear Show?

The history channel asked me if I would like to meet the people who were doing an American version of Top Gear. I am a big fan of the UK show and thought if nothing else I will get to meet the people who make one of my favorite shows.When I got there I met Rut and Tanner and we all liked each other and it just grew from there.


The british Top Gear is a huge success in Europe and worldwide. What makes the difference between the american show?

It's different because we are different.We all have different personalities and a different collective energy.


Have you ever met Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May?

We met Richard in the UK for a press event and we all liked him very much. We got an email from Jeremy but never met him or James. However, James did write an article about us that was very funny.


Which car would you give Peter Facinelli for the 'Celebs Competition Race' they do in Top Gear and why do you choose 'that' car?

All the celebs drive a Suzuki SX4. Why? Because they gave us one.

(Me: I know the rules, but if their wouldn't gave you 'that' car :)


You are a fan of fast cars, did you watch Fastlane?

Did I watch Fastlane. 

Yep and have been on it a few times.


What's your type of car your driving at the moment?

Currently I'm driving a 1970 Buick Electra 225.


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