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Jannine (@Janni1982) met Peter Facinelli at Weekend of Vampires in Bottrop Germany

23-24 July 2016


My friend and I went to see Peter at a con when he was in Germany nearly two weeks ago.
The con itself was… I don’t know how to put it… special maybe? Interesting? Weird? There were a maximum of 150 people. Not much was going on so we had some opportunities to chat with Peter.
It was the first time we ever saw him, so it was very special for myself and my friend. Esp for me, since I’m a die-hard Twilight fan.While we were waiting for our turn at Peter’s photoshoot (we were last in the queue), the power in the room went down and they couldn’t do any more pictures for that time being.
So we dropped out of the queue and stood at the side of the room, where he passed us. He smiled at us and we thought we would give it a try to ask for a selfie. He was happy to do it and he made a bit small talk with us. He asked where we are coming from and if we would be there for just the Saturday or also the Sunday.
At some point the power came back up and the rest of the fans could have their pictures with him. My photo came out ok, but it is not that pretty, that I would publish it online – sorry guys ;) Later we stood at his autograph table and had another couple of minutes chat with him until he left to the backstage area. It was a really fun day and my friend and I we enjoyed ourselves, also in the movie park itself.
Take care everyone,
Jannine xo 

Sabrina (@BieneSumm1) met Peter Facinelli at Weekend of Vampires Convention in Bottrop Germany 

July 23 2016


Saturday the 23rd I was picked up by my girlfriend. We have talked about the Rampage of Munich, how terrible the world turned. At this point my condolences to the victims and their families.

We drove still with happines over the Autobahn, because we had absolutely no idea what we have to expect, we have never met a famous person. We have been one of the first peoples who arrived.

When I came into the room I saw Aaron Jay Rome talking with Megan Franich. I first thought the stars are behind a barrier so I got more nervous as I have been before. Just as I said, for me it has been the first convention. To smoke a cigarette we walked outside. I was excited when I saw through a window Peter Facinelli coming into the room. We went back into the room und we called 'Good Morning' to him.

A little crowd were standing around him to get an autograph.

Peter decided to dance with two little girls. A witch asked him for a dance, but he said no. Respect to magical power.

My friend and I were also getting an autograph, we choosed the Carlisle Cullen Picture for our autograph. I felt again like a teenager :D We have also seen Peter Facinelli his tweet about the munich attack. We have seen that it truly touched him. Peter was so lovely to all kids. We could see that he is a wonderful father, all the pleasure you could see in his face.

There has also been a girl that began to cry because of meeting him and it was a special momet when he came around his autograph table to comfort that girl. I was so nervous before the photoshoot. When can you get so close to a famous person?

I was so nervous that I could only think during the phootoshoot

'Please don't faint'.

I thanked him in german. It was overwhelming.


With this story I have to thank Weekend of Vampires for a great day!

Thanks also to Peter for a wonderful day!




Michaela (@FacinellisGirl) met Peter Facinelli in Germany at Weekend of Vampires Convention

July 23 2016


Of course I was nervous and excited, but luckily not so excited like the first time. That made it easier to hold a conversation with him. :D


We arrived at the place where we would meet Peter, we were the first ones.

We walked into that room, but we couln't see Peter. After a short time of waiting he walked in. He was beautifully dressed and looked amazing. He sat down on his chair to give autographs.

Nobody was waiting for him at the moment, so he walked around and we had the chance to talk to him. It was amazing.

We talked about all the wonderful tattoo's on Dani, Julez' and Peter's skin and the meaning of it, his holiday in italy, his kids, about games that can make you very addicted, about beautiful places in the world we have been, we acctually love and we would love to visit.

About my son's name, because I've called him after Peter's name Leon 'Alexander' and he told me that he wanted his first name would be Alexander. I told him that I love that name too. :) After that he was walking around and made some fun with the fans, talked to them.

He was so kind, wonderful and amazing to every fan. Evertime you saw him talking to someone it looked like he talks to an old friend. My most precious moment was the second conversation about the serious things happening on this planet at the moment. All the violence made us really sad. I appreciate it so much that he took the time to listen to me and truly appreciated my opinions.

We have talked about my website and that he loves the website and all my projects I am doing. It was a very special conversation for me.

He hugged and kissed me so often to show me how much it meant to him...  It was unbelievable.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you love what I am doing. Your hugs and your reaction meant so much to let me know that all what I am doing is totally worth it"

Thanks so much to Sonja for being so lovely to us, too! So grateful that you took the time for us!*

The Q&A was great.

I knew already all the questions the interviewer has asked and I was so happy when the fans asked the questions.

I have also asked a few questions.

'If he have ever heard his syncron voice?'

'He said no'

After that fans have talked about his german syncron voice (sorry it's a bad one) and we laughed alot.

I've asked him about the project the Delivery, if we will see more as the published comic book.

'It's expensive to do a movie, to get the money for this project because of all the special effects. Maybe one day'

We are very excited for it and I hope we will see a movie about The Delivery!


If his life would be a movie which actor and soundtrack would you choose for it.

'That's a tough one' he said.

So he asked me back what do you think. I said Paul Newman. '

'That would be cool if he would be still alive.'

He answered to me 'Maybe you can put it on your website (to ask the fans.) 

He was amazing the whole day, unfortunately there were not enough people at the convention because of the munich attack, but Peter thanked all of us for coming to see him and I appreciate it with every piece of my heart.

It was a wonderful day with so many unforgetable memories! I haven't told everything here, because the other moments are too special for me to share them. 

I truly know why I love to support Peter Facinelli.

He deserves every piece of it!

"Thank you from the bottom of me heart for being so kind, lovely and compassionate to me,Peter."


Thanks to Dani, Dani, Julia and Andrea for this great day. It was a pleasure to meet you and all the other lucky Peter Facinelli Fans.



Rachel (@muted_larry) met Peter Facinelli at SupaNova Convention in Sydney Australia June 19th


I said to him that I was so excited to meet him and that I was nervous and stopped to talk to me and was like can I give you a hug? And he gave me a hug and we took our photo and I was about to walk off but he double checks that our photo was good and said its nice to meet you and I like held his hand for a minute. It was a beautiful. Then when I went to get his autograph I was going to get just one of his posters signed and he asked why I wasn't getting the photo we took together signed and so I was like I will get signed that one. He still signed the poster anyway for me as well as our picture.

Fara (@farahis93) her story of meeting Peter Facinelli in London

July 23rd 2014

July 23rd ,2014 was the best day that I have ever experienced in my life and it was because I met the most handsome and gentle human being on earth. His name is Peter Facinelli.

It happened on my first day in London. I stayed in the North for two weeks and I told myself “I need to get out from here and live in London”. I contacted a friend for accommodation in the city and I was very blessed when she said she has an empty room in her apartment. Early in the morning, I packed my clothes and started my journey to the city. About 2 hours later, I arrived in Goodge Street. My friend, Alva welcomed me to her house. I was very tired and I took some nap whilst Alva went out jogging. Later in the afternoon, we took some lunch together in an organic food restaurant (I did not know why we ended up there) and she invited me to go to an event in the evening. We went home and started to discuss on what to wear. The event started at 6pm and we were so late. The event has started when we arrived there. Also, we were so overdressed! Everyone was so casual and we were very glamorous. So we decided not to enter the event and just have our dinner somewhere else. We went to an Asian restaurant because we really missed our local food. I was having my dinner when I saw Peter posted a photo on Instagram. It was a photo of a hotel bar. The location was at Langham Hotel (a very luxurious hotel). I knew a day before that Peter and his daughter, Luca had arrived in London for a summer holiday. I saw they posted a photo of London’s Eye. Actually, deep down inside, that was the major reason why I wanted to move to London. I knew that my favorite actor was in the city and I cannot miss the chance meeting him. Peter was not the first celebrity that I have hunted before and to be honest, hunting him was the best decision I have ever made and he was the best celebrity I have ever encountered. So I asked my friend about Langham Hotel’s whereabouts. Again, I was so blessed; the hotel was just 5 minutes walking distance from the restaurant. We walked to the hotel and be prepared mentally and physically. Alva said “Fara, open your eyes. He can be anywhere looking like anything”. We went straight to the bar. I asked the bartender while showing Peter’s picture on my phone, “Have you seen this man?”. He said “So many people came here tonight. I can’t tell if he is one of them”. I knew that he wanted me to bribe him and hell no, I will not give a single dime to him. Alva ordered a glass of mocktail and sat on the stool. An Arab man asked the bartender what was going on because he noticed me showing a picture to him. I did not give up. My eyes were still big and looking. Alva was enjoying her drink. I did not order anything. I told Alva that I was very afraid if I cannot recognize Peter because celebrities usually do not look the same outside of the screen.  1 minute later, at 10.0pm sharp, I tilted my face to the right and I saw a rugged-looking man, asking the bartender for his stuff that he probably asked before to be kept safe. He had beard and wore casual clothes but he truly had celebrity aura inside him. My eyes were big, my jaw was dropping. I shook Alva’s hand alerting her that the man was Peter. She was so blur, she did not get my signal. I excitedly told her “IT’S PETER, DAMN IT!”. I straight away approached him and said “Hi Peter! Can I take a photo with you?” and he said “Sure”. Alva took a picture of us. I looked at the picture and said “It’s dark in here”. Peter walked us outside of the bar to have some more pictures and he said “Better light, eh?”.  We took about 2-3 pictures then. Gladly, Alva managed to record the moment when we took the pictures outside of the bar. I noticed that people were looking but they did not give a damn. I think they did not notice that Peter was a celebrity and also probably because Peter did not dress up as such. I think Alva was drunk because she asked me loudly, in front of Peter, “What is his name?”. Instead of me answering her stupid question, it was Peter who answered “Peter” and I added “Facinelli”. Peter shook our hands. Peter asked Alva if she wanted to take a picture with him and Alva said “No”. Wow. I felt like I wanted to kill her but it was fine. At least I got Peter alone that night :P We thanked him and he left us. Alva continued drinking her mocktail and I was still smiling. I hugged Alva and we were jumping excitedly. People were looking at us but WHO CARES! Suddenly, I remembered that I forgot to ask for his signature. Thank God he has not left the hotel yet. He was waiting for a cab outside of the hotel. I ran to him and asked for his signature. He asked my name and where I was from. I forgot to take a selfie. I do not like taking selfies and probably that was why I forgot to take a selfie with him. I think selfie photo with a celebrity is more intimate that having other person to take your photo but whatever. I went back inside the bar and Alva has finished her drink. We went out and I asked the lobby boy if Peter was still here. He said Peter has left. I did not feel disappointed because I was very happy. I never felt that kind of happiness before. I felt like I wanted to scream and cursed everyone else for not being happy like me. I went back home and still smiling. I dreamt about meeting Peter every night for weeks.

I was very lucky that day. My meeting with Peter was effortless I can say. It was fate. I did not spend a dime and I only waited less than 5 minutes. I think the best part in this meeting is when he put his hand on my waist <3 Not many celebrities will put their hand on their fans’ waist and I am extremely glad that I got Peter’s hand on my waist.
The conclusion is we must appreciate every single moment when meeting your favorite celebrities and take every chance that you have because that would be the last time you meet them. Meeting celebrities outside of their working hours (during vacation etc) is better because nobody would guard them, not many will notice and you can spend longer time with them. Also, remember that some celebrities dress up casually when they go outside so that people will not notice them. So, if you know that there are some of your favorite celebrities in the area, open your eyes big ? 

The twins Diana (@NatPackerDiana) and Athena Maurer (@Attie27Athena) with Peter Facinelli and Barry Lyga at the L.A After The Red Rain Book Signing

August 6 2015


November 2011 Athena and I first saw Peter Facinelli in person at the L.A Twilight Convention, oh and some other guy was there too, but Peter responded to our shouting out 'we love you' with 'I love you,too'.

On coming home this one time fan of Rob and her identical twin sister began to explore Peters work, from Angela to Loosies.

Fans of this site can see the following story about the meet and greet of November 2012 and Athena and my recent interviews with answers to questions of a Peter fan. 


Thursday August 6 is the newest chapter. Upon finding out was doing a book signing of After The Red Rain. Athena and I jumped on the opportunity to see Peter in person a third time, this would be the second that we would be face to face with him.

Wednesday was travel day from Nothern California to LA. 

Thanks to a friend we stayed at a hotel across the street from the grove and did what I call a dry run to the Bookstore Barnes & Noble. Much bigger in size then our local one. We were able to buy two copies of the book. At the time no audio version was available. We have sinve gotten the cd version. The third floor was the seating and most likely where Peter would sit. We were told to come back Thursday morning 9 am CA time to get wristbands and bring proof of purchasing the book.

Thursday morning we got to the bookstore early  and were suprised to see only a boy with an After The Red Rain tshirt and his mom. Special thanks to my sister for coming early to get a wristband with me. At 9 am we were let in and given the wristbands. Excitement was beginning to be felt.

Joining us on our journey was a stuffed build a bear dog we named Little Van Ray jr. Based on his much loved character on Fastlane, a card found by Athena with the Supergirl logo, a small toy car that looked like the green car in the Fastlane pilot, and the dogs birth certificate.

Oh and a Peter magnet we found at the Grove.

Dressed identically Athena and I after dinner made our way to the bookstore. We were there early enough to get in front row at 7:15 pm.

Peter and co-author Barry Lyga appeared. Well something very suprising happened within moments Peter did a little wave said Hey and the first hug and kiss happened for Athena and me.

And this after almost three years since meeting Peter in Burbank CA. The lady runnung the event even mentioned us as Peter was hugging us. We felt famous at the moment. Peter and Barry discussed the book and Peter even read the prologue which he reads in the audio version as well. Athena and I did ask him some questions; such as what was it like to do a voice over work for the audio version of the book and do they see it becoming a miniseries etc. after the discussion magic time Athena and I went up to get our itmes signed. Well Peter amazed us once again and said quote: "These are my favorite twins".

Barry said he was married to a twin. We thanked him for the huge compliment. S he began to sign our items we presented him with his gifts and the dog. We told him with he was based on Van in Fastlane , he loved the little car he said that was one of his favorite cars. He said we were so sweet to come down to the event. The he said gimme a hug. Athena went up first "Double trouble right here" he said.

I said "Absolutely" then he hugged me. Both of us got another kiss too.Then we went to get our pic taken with him but the first attempt Athena noticed the photos where not on our phones. We went up again and the second time was successful. He thanked us once again for coming. As the evening came to a close we gave Peter the bag we had to put his dog and other items in. We did get another hug by him and he said  "the card looked cool" I said "Have fun on the cast of Supergirl" He said "He will try to do a good job for you guys"

he even said Bye Ladies to us as he was leaving. it was like a dream the amazing night. Peter was fantastic to us twins. He made us feel very special and we came home wondering how little Van Ray Jr. is enjoying his new home.

Ashleigh's (@Ashleigh_Tay95) story of meeting Peter Facinelli in Nashville at the Southern Womans Show 


Peter Facinelli has been in Nashville about 30 minutes from me. When it was finally my turn to go up to him he looked at me curiously and said "Hey, didn't I RT you this morning?"

He had actually done that and I said 'yes'.

I walked to him and he started talking to me like we were best friends. Asking me how far I had driven, where I lived, all that kind of stuff. After we took the picture I asked him if I could show him something. I have Elizabeth Reaser's last name on my left wrist in an Infinity symbol.

I showed it to him and he said: "Woah. Woah. That's amazing!!! Hold on a second!"

He then pulled out his phone and took a picture!

I was freaking out! He never said what he would do with it but I had only hoped he would send it to her.

I had asked him if he still talked to her and he said:" Oh, absolutely!"

He then signed our picture and his Protocol:Orphan graphic novel that I had brought! 

He was so sweet! He also gave me the warmest hug ever!


Australian Fan met Peter Facinelli at the ComiKaze Expo

November 1st


I had the opportunity to meet Peter at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo on Saturday, November 1st.

He was one of the few that I wanted to meet at the convention, and I was really excited because as hard as I try now to deny my inner TwiHard, Peter is one of my favorite actors since I discovered the Twilight franchise. After purchasing my book and meeting the author, I suddenly got the urge of excitement that I always have when I see someone from film or TV, because they are right here!

You never fully realize how awesome it is that you are going to meet someone you admire until they're sitting five feet away you.

Right off the bat , I knew how welcoming Peter was to fan interaction and when I went up to the table, thankfully paid no notice to the fact that for the first cuople of seconds everything I wanted to say escaped me.

That day at the expo I cosplayed as my inspiration of Cevil from Welcome to Night Vale, and he started off by taking my book and complimenting my cosplay by saying "Cool third eye!".

He laughed, signed my book (with an XOXO, and I about died seeing him write it!)

and he came around for a photo. 

I mentioned something about the last Twilight film and the saddest thing about it was in the fight scene when he 'died', since Carlisle was/still is/forever will be my favorite character.

Peter loved again, saying:

"Well, we didn't really 'die' (he used air quotes) we are vampires !"

My friend took pictures of us and I thanked him graciously and left. 

Overall, I felt like Peter is very gracious and appreciative of his fans (from Twilight or otherwise), which is so nice to see from someone I admire. I am glad I got to the booth a little later when I was the last in line because it let me talk to him a bit more.

He had a smile on his face from start to finish and was so genuine.

Also question !Does he ever age!? This is a serious a serious question, because he is incredibly handsome.

What's great about conventions is the fact that if a celebrity is at a booth where its not strictly an autograph booth, everyone is pretty relaxed about fan interaction and Peter was definitively relaxed and enjoying his time meeting with people. Super important. It was more than a pleasure to meet him.

Pugridesshotgun's experience as audience member at 'Chelsea Lately'
May 15 2013
Anyway, I didn't get to meet Peter Facinelli. Like I thought, they kept the celebs totally separated from the audience. I sat in the 6th row with my friend and he came out by us when it was time. Totally didn't expect him there at all. Lol.
And oh my. You know, all this time when you guys said that pics don't do him justice half the time, I totally did not believe that at all. Now I do. I swear, jaw hit the floor, my friend politely nudged me and told me to pick it up. Lol. He was so flippin gorgeous! I'm not quite sure how I can ever have a conversation with him without fainting. Lol. Talk about ovary explosion.

He looked awesome. And quite frankly, after he was dine, I couldn't remember anything he wore but grey pants my buddy was laughing. Figures, I zero in on the  bottom half.

Anyhoo, apparently he was there with Luca. They joked about her name and him not being able to immediately remember what Luca Bella in English meant...They talked about RV trips, then him not struggling as a actor much by not having to take on a waiter job...It was all random, mostly joking around between the host and him. The whole number lasted maybe 7 minutes. But it was worth it.... Wish I could met him. But I think that needs to be somewhere else than a talk-show.... I'm thinking of hitting NY when he goes back to Nurse Jackie....maybe even Hungary with you gals...hehehehhe. 

Think I had a permanent goofy grin since 3pm....he is so damn hot! Lol

Melissane (@melilulu) met Peter Facinelli 

November 6th 2012 in Los Angeles


My friend and I left for Los Angeles to join some of our friends there and for attending the last and epic Twilight Tent City that was starting the 8th. When I put my feet in this city, I couldn't believe I was there. Los Angeles always been a dream for me since I love movies. Even if it wouldn't have been for Twilight, I would have go to L.A. one day. 

On our first night there, we were sleeping not too far from the Nokia theater. We decided to go look at it and the first thing we saw when we get there was the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer on the big screen. Our reaction? Jumping and screaming. Yes, the Quebec girls can be crazy sometimes loll.

Two days later, it was finally the beginning of Tent City. Unfortunately, we were in Group 6 so we were the last one to get in. On the first night, we got a perfect spot, directly on the plaza and next to the big screen where we would watch Twilight. A little tip, if you're more then 2 persons and you are more then 5'9'', don't take a little Junior tent for 2 because it's really too small and you can't put our air mattress in it. 

The first morning was amazing. We woke up under the Californian sun and went to my new best friend, Starbuck! We don't have many near my town. We had a funny work-out from Jamba-Juice. Now, each time I hear a song that played during the work-out, I can't stop thinking about it. During the rest of the day, there was a few contests and also some TV Channel coming to interview some Twifans. Around 4pm, they decided that the ones who were placed on the plaza had to move to another spot since they made a mistake by putting us there. We went to another spot who was on the top of the Convention Center parking. Sorry but for me it was Denali since it was so windy and cold at that spot. After trying to calm ourselves, they were showing New Moon and also Tinsel Korey was giving autographs. We came too late but we heard a rumor that Kellan Lutz will be there later. After waiting for a few hours for nothing, we went back to the camp at the same as a giant screaming group was running toward where we were. Why? Because someone thought that Robert Pattinson was there. Like if Rob will be in Tent City. 

On the second day, we had a special guest and a concert. Many of us knew that it was Stephenie Meyer. We were around 700 lucky fans who had the chance to meet her, got a pic and also an autograph. She is so nice! After that, it was time for the famous concert hosting by Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene. We had guests from the soundtrack like Christina Perry who made us cry and let not forget Nikki Reed and her husband. After the show, Stephenie Meyer came on the stage and told us that 6 lucky fans will have a dinner with her. She was doing a quick trivia contest. On the second question, she asked: "What was the name of Esme's first husband?". I was jumping, wearing my Team Carlisle's shirt, with my two hands in the air. She asked me the answer. Easy! Charles Evenson. Ta Dam! I won! I couldn't believe it. I run to the went tent where I had to go, shaking and crying. They told me I could bring a friend and I decided to take my friend who is also my roommate with me. How can't you not be excited about it? We went to the Wolf Gang Puck who was in front of the camp and I was sitting on her right. I totally forgot my English and was too shy (and I wasn't the only one). We talked about everything and at the end, she gave everyone a big bag with many Twilight stuff and other things. She signed another thing for us and also took another pic with us. I showed her my pictures of the Esme's dress I made and she was like WOW! 

The last time of tent city came but it was a special one. Stars from the saga was coming. We were waiting in Denali... oops, mean the top of the parking. Suddenly, I see the door open and we started screaming. Julia Jones, Booboo Stewart, Jackson Rathbone, MyAnna Buring, Maggie Grace, Mia Maestro, the one who play one of the new wolf (sorry forgot his name) and PETER FACINELLI and his girls. Now I was crying. Damn! Each time I see him, I start crying. After a few minutes, I was able to stop crying. But when Peter came to our spot, the tears came back and unfortunately, he didn't had time to take pictures anymore. Luckily, my friend was screaming to Peter that I was crying and he took a pic with me (and I look awful on it). Even if it was the third time that I saw him, he still make me feel like that. Later, we saw many other guests and some remember us like Bill Tangradi and Pat Brennan. I made Charlie Bewley speaks French to a friend and trust me, he's sexy when he speaks in my language. Later that day, we had a special screening of Warm Bodies who was coming out in February and that was filmed in my city. #TEAMZOMBIE 

The day of the premiere finally come and like for tent city, we were in the last group so we were in the bleachers and in a bad spot but we got lucky a little since Robert, Kristen and Taylor came in our spot. Also, Peter came and I got another autograph from him. Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus) saw my Quebec flag and came speaking to us in French since he lived in Montreal. Time for the movie. OMC! This was the best time I saw a movie. We could really feel the emotion from everyone. During the battle scene, when Carlisle lost his head, I was screaming, shaking and crying and it was like that until the end of it. When the credits started, we all started crying again. Now, each time we saw that part or heard the song, the tears appear. 

The morning after, it was time for my roommate and I to return to Montreal and the real life. Even if all of this happened a few months ago, it's still fresh in my memories and will never forget it and all the new friendships I've made. Recently, I went to get my first tattoo. I got the word Forever (like you can see it in the special feature on Breaking Dawn Part 2 dvd) on my left wrist and two of my friends got it too. Twilight will be a part of us and our friendship will be forever.

Lauren met Peter Facinelli in Chicago

November 17 2012


I got the amazing honor to meet Peter again for the 5th time in person. I woke up early that day because I had to go to swim practice from 6:45-9:00am and right after I leave to meet Peter. I finally get done with swimming and run out to the car so I could go home and get ready to go to Chicago to meet Peter. I get done and we leave. After a hour n a half drive we are finally here. Its pretty cold and the line is long. I look at my phone and see Peter tweets "Spending the day hosting an appearance @ Hollywood Palms Theatre in Naperville IL 352 Illinois rt. 59 Best way 2 celebrate BD2 is w/the fans" and I suddenly become even more anxious then i was before. The line starts to move up, and it takes a good 2 hours to wait in line. I get in the building and when i walked in i saw him, and i just couldnt help to smile from ear to ear. I was almost up to meet him and i was calm, but when the person infront of me went up i could controll my exitement and i start to shake. I walk up and he sees my name and says "LAUREN!" and i stand there and go "Hey! This is my 5th time meetiing you!" and he stops and goes "We are like best friends now!" and i smile and go "Yeah of course! You also retweeted my Driving the Car Dance." and he laughs and says "Those are so fun! How about you do it right now for me?" and i stop because im pretty shy and i go "Well, how about you do it with me?" and i smile. And of course Peter says yes and he stops signing my picture and comes in the middle of the signing and says "Okay, now you gotta go 10 and 2 and get down low!" and we start dancing. The photographer stops and tells us to hurry up but Peter stops him and gives me a huge hug, and takes the picture with me. I also got to meet him the next day the 18th and when i woke up i looked and the photographer had taken extra photos of Peter and I that i didnt even know they took. I head back to Chicago and meet Peter again. He wasnt fully awake honestly and he was kinda out of it that day. I had fun both days and he gave me memories i will never forget. I cant ever thank him enough for that.<3

Diana and Athena Maurer met Peter Facinelli

Sent December 16 2012


The last twilight convention. My sister and I knew the big three were not coming like the year before. But our other fave next to rob was Peter. But Myself a die hard rob fan of three years was about to switch teams and along for the ride my identical twin Athena. Day one the q and a and autograph session.

We had done our homework this last year and watched all of peters work minus a few we have yet to find. But most of it we have seen. This payed off big time. As we came up to have our photos signed we introduced ourselfs as his identical twin fans. We mentioned the twin boys in loosies, and asked what happened to Billie at the end of fastlane. He got a kick out of that. When he took a break he grabbed a microphone and tried to get someone to sing the opening lyric of possibility. Others were too chicken but we went up to him. He said we've got some twins here and all three sang into the mic. Sunday we both brought our written out the night before questions about his non twilight career. In a meet and greet with other girls we nailed it and for an hour we asked him about films such as the price of love,after jimmy, foxfire this started a discussion about his butt work Calm at sunset touch me big kahunA tempted a film he did with Burt Reynolds of course we knew who that was he told us a great story about Burt, fastlane one of our Faves touch the top of the world damages finding Amanda a cute story about the spagetti loosies and nurse Jackie. He loved going down memory lane. We will never forget him saying I love u guys you've seen all my stuff. The hour was up. He commented it was the first meet he didn't talk about twilight. The one time I got speechless when standing face to face the eye contact on this man is amazing asked us what were our Faves. We Introdeuced ourselves by name but he joked he couldn't tell the difference. We got a hug. We all took a group photo. The last thing was the photo op. we came up and he said the wonder twins. For the second photo op he said kiss my cheeks well of course we did. Some soft cheeks that man has. Well we needed a cigerette after that. Sorry rob but after that u are number 2 for me and Peter/daddy Cullen is now 1.


Christina's (@twirobkstew) Story about meeting Peter Facinelli

in Chicago/Illinois

November 18 2012


My story starts since summer ive been planning on going to NYC to meet Rob Kstew Taylor and Peter. I bought my plane ticket few weeks before halloween and Hurricane sandy ruined my plans. Im still bummed i didnt get to meet Rob kstew and Taylor. I had gone shopping in the next town called Woodridge IL. My mom and I walked by the Hollywood Blvd theatre and it had pictures of Peter coming nov 16,17,18 I knew i was coming. Nov 18 i got up early got ready and my mom dropped me off while i waited in a long line. I got in the theatre and i could see him. my heart was racing he is gorgeous in person. Peter said my nsme i almost fainted I was able to hug him in the picture and he signed my picture. I was able to see him leave the theatre at that night. Im thankful i was able to meet him.

Ursa's (@ursa007) story about meeting Peter Facinelli in Birmingham at Eternal Twilight 8 

October 13 - 14 2012


I've already met Peter in Barcelona two months ago but that didn't 
make me any less excited for seeing him again. I was crazily excited 
just thinking about it and also afraid Peter will cancel the last
 minute. But no, he made such a big sacrifice which makes me admire him
 even more. Coming directly from NYC, being super sweet to his fans and
 going back on set. What a man!
 I first saw Peter at autograph signing room. I had everything Peter 
related on Sunday so I couldn't just go there and hug him (even though 
I had to work on not doing that) and had to patiently wait til group
shoot took place on Saturday just after lunch break. We were told not 
to make any poses but I guess the actors got bored after some time of 
just standing so they'd start to do all kind of silly poses on that
 group photo and sometimes I'd just be better if fans suggested them 
some ;) Anyway, I got lucky since they only decided to make serious 
faces on mine and I got my first Peter hug at the group pic. 
After some nice stage talks, it was time to get read for Prom Night
party. I got there at 9pm with my roommate who had Carisle as her
 date. What a great idea! Anyway, not much after us, Tyson and Kiowa
 got there and I started chatting to Tyson. After I went out of the 
room and suddenly there was Peter right in front of me. WOW! I wanted 
to ask him for how long he was going to be there and thank him for 
coming (I still feel super grateful that he made this big sacrifice
 and joined us that weekend). Someone was faster and thanked him
al ready so I just stupidly added: "I wanted to say the same thing,"
and Peter would give me the thighest hug ever. He then told me he'll 
be staying for a short time. When he entered the room he'd start
dancing and joking with a kid. He was so sweet with everyone! 
Peter was exhausted on Sunday. He later expleined it's because he's 
still jet lagged and he compared it to waking up at 3am and asking for 
a photo. Someone from audience shouted: "We would say yes!" and Peter 
was just smiling so beautifully. Anyway, I had two shots with him at 
10am. Since I had hug photo from Barcelona (TwiNight con in August
2012), I asked him for biting pose and another hug photo. Both turned 
out really nice. 
Last time I saw Peter was at his signing. Unfortunately he was not 
allowed to make any personalization and he was in a hurry so he 
wouldn't even glance at you to see who he is signing for. I felt sorry 
for him since I know he'd do it if 
I feel very blessed that I got to meet this amazing man twice in the he joined us in Birmingham. 

Fiona's (@FionaRhiannon) about meeting Peter Facinelli in Birmingham/England at Eternal Twilight 8

October 12 - 14 2012


Friday the 12th.

I arrived at the Hotel in Birmingham in the early afternoon, and met with Rachel while I waited for Lizzie (My roomie) to arrive.

Down at registration I went and said Hi to Claire and Julia and Michaela and Dani and anyone else I knew from Twitter, then met up with Lizzie.

Once we were registered we decided to go take our luggage up.

We were supposed to go Meet Claire in the Executive lounge, but I wanted to change, and whilst we did so, we had a little drink – I think Lizzie and I had brought enough wine with us for a week!

Well, a little drink turned into quite a lot, and eventually Claire called me. Lizzie and I took our time going up, recreating the famous Titanic pose on our balcony and talking about Peter before we headed up.

When we got up there, we had a laugh with Claire and the girls, met Emma (That some of you may know as NuttyMadam) and then started drinking again.

I went up to get a drink and started to talk to this very lovely woman. We (Well, I) was talking about why I was there that weekend, admitting that as much as I wanted to meet the other guests, I was really there to see Peter mostly. Then I asked her why she was there and she introduced herself as Gil’s girlfriend! That of course got us talking to Gil and Daniel Cudmore (How I hadn’t realised they were there was beyond me) and eventually Tyson, Justin and Kiowa came and said Hi too.

Soon we went downstairs to the Opening ceremony (Which I don’t remember much of)

I do remember Gil nicking Peter’s chair though.

After that Lizzie and I went back upstairs to get ready for the Friday night party – Renesmee’s birthday.

I was dressed up as Magenta from the Rocky horror picture show J

We had a great time at the party saying Hi to everyone, even if we didn’t know them, and drinking more and more…

Of course, I don’t really remember the rest, other than Claire making us go to bed at around Midnight and then us seeing Peter Tweet about him being on the way to London, which actually kind of excited us haha!


Saturday 13th

Despite the late hour I went to bed, I was up and in the Lobby meeting Claire at 6am and we sat talking until it was time for breakfast.

Over breakfast we discussed our schedules (Me thinking I didn’t have anything until I met Peter at 11am, and Claire pointing out I was meeting Justin at 9am) before we headed off.

Like I say, I met Justin at 9am for our photo and then my photo with Tyson followed by Alex (Who said he liked my top) and Daniel (Who said “Have we already had a photo?”


“Oh I remember you from last night!”) before I finally got to meet Peter.

I’ve been a fan of Peter’s for three years, and I was actually rather nervous about meeting him, despite all the wonderful fan experiences I’d heard about.

I remember my hands shaking as I approached the table he was signing at, and I handed over my Carlisle pic with my name attached so he could personalise it.

I remember Peter looking at it, then me, and saying he knew me. So I said “You do” and then he suddenly stood up, said my name and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

I was kinda embarrassed about the fact that when he hugged me I face planted his shoulder haha!

He signed my pictures for me and I thanked him for sending the signed pictures to me earlier in the year to help me raise some money for a charity. Peter started asking me about my kids (And I admit I was rather surprised he remembered their names and said they were cute) and then he said he’d heard I’d had a good night drinking wine (I blushed, obviously) and even the member of staff next to him could remember me! Peter even mentioned he thinks my tweets are entertaining (Which again embarrassed me) before he asked about the kids again and where I lived.

That was when he suggested if the kids could get there the next day, he’d like to meet them and have a photo with them. I thanked him before I left.

Next up I had a photo with Gil and spent some time talking to his Girlfriend, Kim, again (Who is very, very lovely) before my photo shoot with Peter.

Me and Claire went in together for this as we were going to have a double with him.

I went first for my single photo, and Peter smiled when he saw me, wrapping me in a big hug, and squeezing me tightly as he said “Come here you”. (If you look at my expression, you can see I sort of look a little too excited haha)

Next me and Claire had a double with him – for the first one we both kissed his cheek, and for the second one Peter suggested we do a biting pose. He got his wrist out and handed it to Claire before grabbing mine and pretending to bite.

(I usually don’t like the biting photos, but I didn’t have the heart to tell Peter since he suggested it, and I do quite like this one.)

After that we left.

Afterwards I didn’t really have anything to do until the stage talks that afternoon, so Lizzie and I went outside so I could smoke, and we were standing talking to Michaela and Dani when we noticed Peter hiding round the corner. But we left him alone until he approached us afterwards.

We were all jumping around on a Zebra crossing, so Peter said he wanted to re-create the famous Beatles Abbey Road photo, and told me to take my shoes off (Which I didn’t quite like – I don’t like feet and it was cold and wet outside! But for whatever reason, I still did it.)

We were going to take the photo on my phone, but my battery died, so Peter handed his phone over to the staff with him to take the picture.

We were laughing a lot as she took a few pictures, and me and Peter debated over who was actually barefoot on the Beatles cover – McCartney, or Lennon?

(A/N I’ve since looked into this and found out it was McCartney, and if you look at where we’re standing, that was Peter :P)

Then we stood talking to him while he tried to tweet the picture, but he couldn’t get on twitter, so he uploaded it to Instagram instead and said he’d try twitter again later.

What was weird for me was seeing people around us taking photos of us as we talked to Peter – very weird!

After that, pretty much everyone went inside because it was cold, but me and Lizzie stayed outside to have another smoke with Peter. We started talking about Fanfiction, and 50 shades of grey and Carlisle’s back story, before he left, giving us both a quick hug.

Then we went inside for the wolves stage talk. There was Gil, Alex, Kiowa and Tyson.

These guys were very funny. Kiowa couldn’t stop laughing, He and Gil sang, Alex was funny (And maybe a little dirty minded) and Gil didn’t say much but came out with some awesome one-liners “Gil FUCKING Birmingham!”

That afternoon was Peter’s stage talk. I can’t really remember many of his questions or answers, but Peter was funny and gave really good, detailed answers. All I really remember is Peter being asked something about Loosies, and he asked if we liked it so I said he had to read my review and he said I didn’t tweet it to him and asked if it was good. I said he’d have to read it and he said “Ok, we’ll talk”. Also remember him talking about another of his movies to do with an RV park and he asked if we had RV parks here, but we told him they were Caravan parks, so he kept saying Caravan parks J

After the stage talk was the auction, but I wanted to go outside to smoke again – and Peter was there. So we started talking again. This time we talked about Kids and Peter asked me what was wrong with my daughter, so I explained her problems to him.

Next up that evening was the Gold ticket holders Drinks reception. This should have been on the Friday night, but because Peter couldn’t make it, they moved it to Saturday night.

There was more free wine (Which was bad news for me) and we stood around a table talking to the guests who came round. Daniel, Gil and Tyson were really nice, I didn’t get to talk to Alex and kiowa much though, and Justin had to go before he came round to our table (Which was actually a little annoying) . Peter was (Obviously) great too, and at one point he made me jump a little by just dropping his arm over my shoulder as he stood there. At first I didn’t know what to do, but after a while I just wrapped my arm around his waist and told him I wasn’t moving from there, making him laugh.

After the drinks reception I decided to go out and smoke again… seeing Peter out there again!

We got talking again and I showed him my review that I wrote about his Film Loosies for the college newspaper and he asked me to tweet it to him, but then he had to go off to the auctioned dinner, so he gave me another kiss and cuddle before leaving.

I could start to get used to that ;)

We went to get ready for the party which was Prom themed tonight, and went back outside to smoke – Bumping into Peter AGAIN as he came back from the dinner.

He asked us where the party was at, so we said it was right there and I started dancing!

Me and Rachel were talking to him to see if he remembered her, before we all went down to the party.

We walked in just before Peter but then he started dancing near us so we had a few photos taken with him before going back out to speak to Gil and Kim for a while.

I had a bit to drink again so started telling Gil how amazing I thought his Girlfriend was before we went back into the party in time to see Peter dancing to Sexy and I know it.

Then we went back out into the hall and Peter passed us as he was leaving. He gave us a cuddle and a kiss and spoke to Michaela before leaving for bed – he was really tired bless him!

Me and Rachel went back into the party and ended up talking to Peters security guard, Stewart. He was great.

Me and Lizzie ended up staying up until around 3am before going to bed.


Sunday 14th

This morning I was up at 6am again and sat in the lobby by myself waiting for my kids and sister to arrive.

We were in the lobby when Peter came down from the Breakfast, and he stopped to say Hi to us, but because he was running late, he had to rush off.

So rather than try and stop him in the corridor for a photograph, I decided to buy another photo shoot with him.

So we queued up for Peter’s photos with Lizzie. She had 2 photos with him, then we had a double and I had another one on my own before we had one with the kids.

It was a beautiful photo J

Next I said goodbye to them and went to finish seeing the other guests – I still needed some autographs and photos with some of them, before I queued up for another autograph from Peter.

I was rather shocked when he looked along the line and waved at me.

When I got to him, I was told Peter was in a hurry so wasn’t allowed to personalise the autographs, but he signed it to Freja, my daughter, anyway. (It was the family photo)

Then he started saying he thought my family was beautiful – my son was cute, my daughter was adorable and that my sister was beautiful.

And thanked him again before going back outside.

Next was Peter’s stage talk with Tyson.

They were both funny, saying that the Breaking Dawn soundtrack was Peter’s rap album debut, and Tyson called him Master P.

I asked what was the last film that made them cry; Tyson said Toy Story 3 and Peter said The Help.

(Both of those films made me cry Lol)

And they again gave some great answers to the questions.

After the stage talk I joined Michaela and Dani outside again to smoke, and who was there? As if you can’t guess by now.

After a while my family joined us and Peter came over again to say hi.

My sister was gushing over him and asked for a hug and blushed when Peter said she could have a kiss too.

He stood stroking Freja’s hair before he had to go. I quickly showed him another video of my son doing the Coop rap from Nurse Jackie (I’d sent him a video earlier on in the year) and he hugged us and said Bye.

After this I didn’t really have much to do, and I was really tired, so I went up to my room to pack – I was leaving that day.

When I went back downstairs to meet my family, Peter and Tyson were leaving.

I hugged Tyson and said Bye while Peter talked to the kids Dad and Lizzie, and then he asked if we wanted another photo of him with Freja, so he posed for a few photos outside the hotel with Freja in her wheelchair before saying bye to us.

I gave him a huge hug, thanked him for coming and wished him a safe flight before he got in the car with Tyson and went.


Peter was simply amazing that weekend.

He had just spent weeks filming a new film, gone to LA to see his Daughter, flown to New York to work on nurse Jackie, flown over to us, and spent the weekend with us.

He was always smiling, always having fun, very polite and kind and just all around brilliant.

He is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met and I really appreciate what he did to come and see his fans over here.

Thank you so much Peter for being a part of an amazing weekend and for your kindness.

Michaela's (@FacinellisGirl) Story about meeting Peter Facinelli in Birmingham/England at Eternal Twilight 8

October 13 - 14 2012


After the 6th attempt we finally met Peter Facinelli in Birmingham at Eternal Twilight8. I am thankful with every piece of my heart that he took the time for coming to europe. We all know about his busy schedule.


On friday the 12th at 1:30 am we woke up because we had to drive almost two hours to Dusseldorf to get our airplane.

After a short breakfast we had at the airport, we were waiting for Patty.

The flight was awesome, It was hard to come to terms with the fact that I will meet Peter Facinelli the next day and I had to wipe away some tears.

We landed in Birmingham 8 am and half an hour later we arrived at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. We had to wait the whole morning for our room. We met another great friends and fans. We talked until we could go to our room at midday. We met another wonderful people the whole day.

Yeah! It was a great day.


Saturday morning, we were all excited because we knew Peter Facinelli would arrive.


I could take my first quickly, very quickly look that morning at Peter Facinelli.

I walked along the waiting fans. I had to go back to my room because I forgot something.

He came towards me.

Was that Peter Facinelli?

I turned my head. I couldn't realize it.


Dani, some other fans and me had to wait until sunday, the gold ticket owners had already on saturday the pleasure to meet him.

But anticipation is the best joy!



Dani, Patty and Julez attended the auction for the guest encounter with Peter Facinelli. It wasn’t possible for me, because I didn't have the money.

I was so happy for all of them that they won the 45 minutes with Peter, but at the same time I was very sad. I would like to go with them.

The three girls went upstairs to the room and I was alone. I decided to take a fresh breath outside. I was walking outside and who was standing there!

Peter Facinelli himself!


Oh fuck! Can I talk to him? I don’t want to bother him!

I was going to him slowly and said to him with nervousness in my voice:

„I know you are very tired, but would it be ok to speak with you?“

He said :„Of course!“  What else...

I would like to introduce myself first and I told him my Twittername and directly after my real name:

„I am FacinellisGirl, Michaela“

He did not understand it and he asked several times till he understood who I am.

We talked about me being from Germany and he said that he knows some german words.

„Sauerkraut“ and „Bratwurst“ :D

I think we talked about that he was once in Germany or in the near of Germany and that I would love to travel once to the lake garda in Italia. He told me the italian name of the lake.... "Lago di Garda" 

I asked him if he really reads all his mentions and he answered „Yes.... I enjoy all your tweets"

‚Oh’ was my first thought, because sometimes I write a lot of crazy stuff :D

I can’t remember everything of the short conversation because I was so nervous.

I told him about the Badge of Honor I created in 2010 and that a lot of Fancinellis voted for „Charity“.

We talked about personal things, and then he had to leave because he had to go to the guest encounter.

He hugged me and when he was going inside he stroked my belly. All I could answer to his question was:“ Not yet“ and he was leaving.

I spent the time with walking, chatting with other fans and waiting. Then my friends came downstairs. Peter Facinelli was going in front of them.

I waved to my friends. Peter walked past me and took my hand.

I’ve no idea why.

Maybe he thought I would like to say „Hi“ to him or he remembered me. But doesn’t matter it felt great!

My friends told me wonderful things about the guest encounter with Peter whilst we walked outside, because some of them are smoking and guess who was standing there again.

We talked to Peter Facinelli, but I can’t remember the theme. Maybe Dani can remember more of it.

Dani asked me if I already asked Peter if he knows our website.

I looked at him and said to him with emphasis:

„Do you know“

„Yes“ He said.

Dani said to him that we both are running it.

His response with suprised eyes:

„You both are running it. You do a great job!“

Directly after that he said:

„Let's take a picture together."

And he was standing between us and hugged Dani and me. Dani was shaking because she was so nervous. I was just like, 'does that really happen'!!!


Peter Facinelli’s Q&A Panel

It was alot of fun and very interesting, but I can't remember all of it.

(I need a new memory card for my brain:)

He talked very fast and I could not understand everything.

After the Q&A the others decided to take a walk. I was going with them a little bit, but then I decided to go back because I was only wearing a shirt and it was very could outside. Then Lizzie and Fiona came to us.

I don’t know excactly what happend before. (Take a look at Fiona's Story. She remembers more of it:)

We were standing there talking with them and Peter came to us.

Peter had the idea to make the picture of the Abbey Road with us. It was so much fun and I love that pic so much! I am sure you know that picture :)

I have no words for it! 

At the early night we all dressed up for the prom. I had a golden champagne dress with 'look a like' diamonds on it. Thanks to Patty for my wonderful hair!

We had a lot of fun at the dance floor. Later Peter came to the party,too.

He walked through the crowd of fans, had pictures with them, played with some kids and was dancing. 


My friends were going outside for smoking but I stayed inside.

Destiny! Peter walked past me. Some Fans were following him.

Lizzie waved to me and said: "Come with us."

My response:

"I don't want to run behind him all the time“

She stopped and I said to her:

„You can go.  Go!“ I was smiling.


Then I thought to myself: "If they are now all with him why not joining them?"

I was standing behind Lizzie and Fiona and Peter said to me:

„You look beautiful“

That's a wonderful moment to end with a day...


At sunday morning we had our photoshoot with Peter Facinelli


Peter was so tired that he couldn’t take his glasses off. His eyes were burning ,he had too less sleep. But he was still so friendly, hearty compassionate and patient with his fans. I appreciate it a lot!

Then it was Daniela’s and my part. First Dani took a photo with him. Then me and then we both had one together. We decided kissing his cheek. I don’t know why, but I had to laugh and all what I am doing is that I push my nose on his face.

Second picture. We tooked his arms and we put on them from both sides. 'Just like we want both a piece of you'. The photograph said we are standing too far away from each other and so Peter came up with the idea that we can make the ‚bite’ picture. I am still smiling. We had so much fun... take a look at the Gallery.

I had one picture of me I didn’t like and I was running to buy another one with him. Because the photoshoot was almost over.

Standing as the last one in line, waiting.

Whilst I was going to him I said: „Last but not least“ and I was smiling.

He put his left arm around my shoulder and pulled me to himself. I hugged him. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and I was blushing a lot because I did not expect it. That's the reason why I am looking down on my picture with him...

Then he had to go to the autograph session. I walked a few minutes behind him because I had to go back to my friends. 

A lot of thoughts were running through my mind :D

We had to wait a long time and during waiting we made the photoshoot with Daniel Cudmore. Great guy!

Then it was our turn. Deep breaths.

I was standing in front of his table and I gave him the Badge of Honor and my picture. He signed my pic and took the Badge:

He said several times: „I got a Badge, I got a Badge.“ and some other words I can't remember.

My response to him several times:

„Do you remember it’s the Badge of Honor we talked about" ...and I said my name and that a lot of fans voted for different catogeries.

I talked very fast and hectic, because the staff said to us before we should not stay so long!

He remembered and told me that he gave me the kiss on my cheek during the photoshoot.

I have still no idea if he knows who I am :D :D :D

He hugged me for saying thanks and I was leaving because the other fans were waiting for him, too.

One of the best memories was after the autograph session, because Daniela told me that Peter remembered her name.

She gave him a huge poster for signing, with huge letters of 'VANcinelli' on it.

He looked at it and spelled the name: D-A-N-I, right?

*Dances around!!!* I am so happy for her!!!

Is it ok when I say I miss my name on my pic, but there was not enough time for it.


Q&A Part Two.

All I can remember is the question I asked Peter and that he was singing: "There's a possibility". This stucks forever on my mind.

I can remember some little pieces of what they said, but there was so much inprint this weekend that I forgot so much.

I asked Peter Facinelli:

"What was the most significant moment you experienced with or trough a fan?"

He told a story about his colombian fans. They drove over 10 hours for meeting him and they brought him a pizza. I think that's totally great!

Another story of him was about a woman who asked him for an autograph. He was on his phone and couldn't react directly. The woman walked further and after he finished his conversation, he was running behind her and asked if she still wants an autograph.

Her response: No, It was for my dog!

I laughed out loud! And Peter said that he is still curious about, why the woman wanted an autograph for her dog........


As always we were standing outside because some of my friends are smoking.

At midday Fiona had to leave and we saw her kids :)

They are so cute and lovely!

Peter stood around the corner and came to Fiona and introduced himself to her family and played with her kids. We were standing beside them and I would like to know at least if he likes the Badge of Honor and what he is doing with it.

I love his answer!

Then I told him again (and I can say it million times more):

„Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being here! It is the first time and it will be the last time that I will meet you“ I had some tears in my eyes and he did something I didn’t expect!

He hugged me with all his heart. He hugged me so strong and lovingly and gave me another kiss. I hugged him back and I thought I will never let him go.

He had to go and waved the last time to all of us!


Thank you so much, Peter Facinelli, from the bottom of my heart that you took the long way for giving us the chance to meet you!

We waited so long and then we met you so often!

Thank you so much for your patient, love, compassion and the time you took for your fans!

You will always have a place in my heart!!!


Ich hab dich lieb!!!

I would love to meet you once again with better english knowledge and less nervousness. It's not needed to be nervous! :)


P.S: Thanks so much to Lizzie for the long, lovingly, funny and interesting conversation we have had before we had to say goodbye to each other.


This weekend was overwhelming and I met a lot of friends and new amazing people.


An open letter to Peter Facinelli written by Lizzie (@AsTheSnowFalls2) because of her experiences at ET 8 

October 16 2012


Firstly I want to say a huge huge thank you for making the effort and coming to ET8 over the weekend of 12th-14th October.  You have such a busy schedule and it was just incredible that you came even though you had previously been in Columbia and also had started filming Nurse Jackie.  For us European fans, this meant the world to us and it always will. I for one will never forget the moment I met you.  It was incredibly amazing and I will always treasure that first moment forever.

You have always gone out of your way for your fans and nothing proved that more than this weekend. You were understandably so tired and jetlagged and yet you carried on smiling and being this warm, kind and generous person that we’ve always known you to be.  You are Carlisle in so many ways and I think your beautiful portrayal of the character has only helped increase his popularity.  I might sound a little sappy here but I really want you to know how amazing you are.

When I first saw you on Saturday, it was a brief sighting and I was far too nervous to even go up and say a proper hello.  I suppose you could say that I was star struck .Really I had nothing to worry about because the first moment I actually met you was actually outside the back of the Hilton hotel with Fiona and Michaela. From the very first moment you talked to us, you put me and the others at ease in a few seconds.  You listened to us and chatted with us, which you did not have to do.  Suggesting that we recreate the famous Abby Road picture by The Beatles was an amazing experience for us and it’s brilliant that you came up with it.  It was funny, moving and adorable all at the same time.  I am going to frame that picture and have it somewhere in my room as it means the world to me.

What you have also done for me in particular is to find new friends through a variety of means i.e Twitter and websites. It’s through you that I have met such an amazing bunch of people like Fiona and Michaela.  We like to call ourselves ‘Fancinelli’s’ lol. Michaela made this term up and I think it fits.  I’ve always found it difficult to socialise with people and generally never have had that many friends but now I have met so many fellow Peter fans and become good friends with them. It’s truly fantastic  and I can’t thank you enough for bringing us all together.  It’s like you have your own little coven of fans.

Your talks over the weekend were  another highlight for me. I loved hearing your answers to fan questions and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. On the Saturday talk, I asked you the final question about Touch The Top Of The World and how you felt portraying Erik Weihenmayer. Your answer was incredibly detailed, very moving and interesting. I especially loved how you talked about the contacts you had to wear for the role and how honoured you were to portray him. To this date, it’s still my favourite film of yours and my favourite performance.  

Your Sunday talk with Tyson was just the best and so hilarious too.  I think the best moment for me was probably when you mentioned you liked the song ‘Possibility’ and Tyson said that you sat in your room and watched the seasons change. That was just so brilliant and then you sang a little of the song itself. Just awesome. I have no words for the brilliance of it. You and Tyson should have a little comedy act. I’d pay to watch you guys in stand up comedy.  Oh and if you ever think about doing the Master P rap album, please let me know. 

There were so many highlights with you this weekend that I hardly know how to put it all down into words.  I’m glad that you liked my shirt with the character of Bobby from Loosies on the front of it. And I want to thank you so much for personalising it when I got it signed as I know you were told that you weren’t allowed to do any more personalisations. If it got you into trouble, I’m sorry. I’m just so touched that you loved the shirt. I’ll sleep in it forever lol.

You also mentioned my shirt in the guest encounter on Sunday afternoon and I loved that you did. I was a bit hungover but I loved the encounter with you and you were so fantastic to all of us in that room. When I asked you the question about how long it took to make Loosies, I was so delighted with your answer. It was again very detailed and incredibly interesting. I’ve loved that film ever since I saw it and I’m making it my mission to get it on DVD however I can.  Thank you for the encounter that day. Each answer you gave was wonderful and I loved hearing about the Cullen V Volturi dance scene ;)  Bet Carlisle has all the moves since he didn’t get to show them at the wedding! ;)

Thank you also for turning up at the Saturday Night Prom. Again we were not expecting this as we knew that you were beyond tired so it was incredible that you not only came but you danced! Watching you dance to ‘I’m Sexy & I Know It’ was so cool and dancing with you was out of this world. You’ve sure got some amazing moves. Loved, loved it.  Thank you also for the pictures you took with me and my friends. That was so so kind of you and once again I hope you didn’t get in trouble for it.

Peter, you are without doubt one of the sweetest, kindest and warm hearted people I have ever met. I am so privileged to have met you so many times over the weekend and you will have my love and support for life.  The fact that you hugged me goodbye as you left the building to go home is something I can’t put into words.  You also met with my friend Fiona’s family and took pictures with them which was so touching. I was really moved by that as I know they were.

Thank you for each moment that you spent with me, thank you for your photoshoots and thank you for just being you! I hope that your career goes from strength to strength. In fact, it already is and I know that it’ll only get better for you. I am looking forward to seeing you in Gallows Hill and eagerly awaiting the next season of Nurse Jackie.

I hope you also get lots of rest and downtime. You so deserve it and once again just thank you for being so dedicated and so generous.

I love you.

Your fan for life





Mikayla's (@MikkiRoyal) Story about meeting Peter Facinelli at SupaNova Convention in Australia

October 9 2012


It was April 13th at the Melbourne SupaNova. I was so excited, I couldn't wait. I was about to meet HIM. THE Peter Facinelli. My favourite actor, my inspiration for my theatre acting. The hottest Doc around!

A few weeks earlier my best friend's little brother dragged me to his house, sat me down in front of his laptop, and showed me the SupaStars. I begged my mum, and she agreed, being a fan of Peter as well.

The time came to wait in line. I still remember it. The agonizing wait, knowing my dream was about to come true.

It was my turn.

I walked in, and there he was. Smiling his perfect smile, with his perfect hair, with everything perfect about him.

"Aren't you adorable?" Was his first words to me. Safe to say I melted inside.

We exchanged conversation and took a picture.

Then, he did something unexpexted that stopped my heart. He hugged me and kissed my forehead.

I died. It took all I had to kiss him back on the cheek without colapsing there and then. He smiled at me and hugged me goodbye.

When I walked out I had the biggest smile I'd ever smiled on my face. My mum just looked at me. I called my friend (a huge Twilight fan) and she was so delighted.

After we got the photo, we lined up to have it signed. He recognised me and said 'Hi Mikayla, long time no see, hey?'. I introduced my mum, and we got off into a conversation. He told us how he helped coach his daughter's soccor team, how he loved it down here in Melbourne, and how he loved watching the AFL games.

Sadly, we had to go, and he hugged my mum, and me one final time, saying 'Thanks for being my most adorable fan.' I smiled and said, 'No need to thank me.' And waved goodbye.

On the way home I replayed every monent, every second, everything about me meeting him.

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. The picture is now on my phone, my school laptop, my personal laptop, my school organiser, my locker and the original framed sitting next to my collage of Peter on my wall.

My next goal: finally make it as an actress, and be in a film staring the Peter Facinelli.

Best day of my life! I met my favourite man!

Melissane's (@melilulu) story about meeting Peter Facinelli in Boston and Baltimore and how she discoverd him

September 4 2012


Everything started during the night of the special screening of Twilight,

November 20, 2008 to be exact.

My best boyfriend decided to bring me on a date, one for my birthday that was a few weeks before and also because he just ended his relationship with his girlfriend. He asked me which movie we should watch and I told him, that they talked about a movie about vampires and romance.

I hated vampires at this time (because I hate scary movie) but I wanted to make him happy.

When we walked in the room, we were surprised to see 75% of girls in the room.


The movie started and bam! When you see Dr.Cullen walking through the door and my life changed. I even told my date/friend : Sorry man but you just lost your chance. This man is what I’m looking for *laughs*. The next day, I went to a Wal-Mart and bought the first Twilight book and each day after, I went to get the others ones.


A few months later, I joined the Twitter universe and also the PR world.

I started as a Bella and a few days later, I switched to play Esme (and after a few year, I’m still playing her).

This is where I heard about Twilight Conventions. After some researches, I found out there will be one 2010 in Toronto,  6 hours to ride from home.

Peter wasn’t a guest but I didn’t care. Also, at the end of the same month, I was going to another convention, The Fan Expo in Toronto and Peter was a guest. I was going there just for him. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before the event, he cancelled his appearance. I was so sad, escpecially since the day before, my mother tried to kill herself. Everyone had told me Peter would have bring back the smile in my face.

Thank God I have friends (that I met all because of Twilight) they helped me. Daniel Cudmore took his place during the Fan Expo. (Now Daniel is right behind Peter in my list).


Later, I have planned to go to the convention in Boston in August 2011 and I was lucky when I saw that Peter was a guest. I was almost praying that he would not cancel at this time.

Finally, Sunday August 21st 2011.

I was so excited. I went to the brunch and when I saw Peter walking at the other side of the hotel through the windows, I started crying (thank for the waterproof mascara). He sat between me and Virginie (another PFach Fan in Quebec). He played with my little Edward that was in front of him. Tears were still falling on my cheeks (even now since I remember that day) and he give me a hug. He took the Carlisle’s ring I was wearing and puts it on his finger before putting it back on mine. (OMC! Peter slipped a ring on my finger loll). When he left, I was still on cloud #9. After his Q & A, it was pictures time. I had 3 with him and during the last one, I asked him to do the Carlisle/Esme one when his holding her from behind. On the pic, you can see I was about to cry. During the autograph session, I made him sign on a Dr.Cullen prescription sheet (like the one you got from a Dr.) and also my Fastlane DVD. At the end, I took his water bottle. Yes and I still have it loll.


In October, I decided with another friend, to drive 10 hours to go to the convention in Baltimore where he was and where I was going to meet some of my twitter girls. I wrote a letter to give it to Peter during the brunch, thanking him because of him I’ve started reading again, meet new people, traveled and also helped me with my English. During the photoshoot, after I took one of my many pic with him again, he looked in my eyes and said Thank You.

Here I am, crying again loll.


So here I am now, excited for November to come because I’m planning to go to Tent City tis year and hoping to see him again and maybe also Elizabeth Reaser (maybe I will wear the dress I made like the one Esme is wearing during the wedding in BD ).


Melissane @melilulu

Montreal, Qc,Canada

Urša's (@ursa007) story about meeting Peter Facinelli in Barcelona at TwiNightCon

August 19 2012


Peter was that big reason that made me look forward to this convention. I was so exciting about meeting someone I admire so much! When I arrived there on Friday, I found out all of his activities are on Sunday, but I was still hoping he'd attend dinner on Saturday.

I wished that so much that I actually "saw him" on corridor just before the dinner. Unfortunately, it was just an illusion.

Anyway, I first saw Peter at our individular photo op happening on Sunday, right after lunch break. He looked gorgeous. I remember my first thought was that it should be illegal to look that well! You could actually see his abs through his shirt. He looked like a God, just smiling and posing. He looks so very calm and charming and everything he does, including moving, looks so elegant and beautiful. I could just stand there and watch him for like a week. After Peter gave me tight hug, I went to get Charlie's and Guri's autograph. And then again it was time for Peter. It was his panel. I loved how he didn't just sit on his chair but he was walking all around the stage and if he didn't hear a question, he'd just go to fan and ask again. He told us a funny story from Breaking Dawn set (how him and Kellan Lutz were hugging at 3am because Peter thought Kellan wants to hugh him while Kel just wanted to pick his food up), read us 6 lines, told us who he found the funniest from Breaking Dawn set, reacted a scene with Guri Weinberg, talked about his other movies, Nurse Jackie and travelling. He was adorable on stage and I'm very happy I had a chance to meet this gorgeous man.

Magdalena's (@blondelena) story about meeting Peter Facinelli in Barcelona at TwiNightCon

August 19 2012


So,after over two years of waiting and a lot of problems with the first (and last) Spanish Twilight Convention (TwinightCon) finally took place.

I travelled to Barcelona, excited and nervous on Friday afternoon.

When picking up our passes we were told that Peter Facinelli´s busy schedule would only allow him to attend on Sunday  ....but Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz and Guri Weinberg are waiting for us on Saturday morning...

All three actors were really nice, funny and sooo goodlooking.

It was awesome to meet them. Guri and Charlie are absolutely hilarious.

And then - Sunday!

Peter arrived around 11:30 am...and caused a little chaos lol !

I was really nervous when the autograph session began. When it was my turn I entered the room and he was there - soooo handsome, smiley,

with a lot of hair (ha ha).

He looked really tired, but was nice and gracious. He said "Hi" and asked for my name before signing my poster and BDpt1 Official Movie Companion.

Then we said "bye" to each other.

After the lunch break it was time for PHOTOS.

I was the first in line and shaking...   He was there ..wearing a sexy longsleeved t-shirt and jeans. He shook my hand and said "hola" and smiled.

He got closer and put his arm around me for the pic. I realized he smelled reaaaalllyyy well lol.

We quickly took the pic and I said "Thank you Peter".

He smiled again and said "you're welcome".

Finally, panel time. He hopped on stage and waved. He was nice, funny and interacted with the fans a lot, walking off the stage to hug, talk and shake hands.... He talked about BD2, funny moments on-set, his other movies, future projects with his production company, favourite books, actors,places, preparing roles, fan moments, inspiration, read few lines from "New Moon" (doing Carlisle voice )

At some point Guri entered the room and asked Peter a question lol:

"If you were a vegetable-which would you be?"

Peter answered:

"Guri Salad" lol

..and  they started to throw kisses at each other.

He thanked everyone for coming and waved goodbye :(


Karen's (@karend3008) short story about her Meet N' Greet with Peter Facinelli

at the SupaNova Convention

July 14 2012


My story is short but sweet on my meet with Peter when he was in Australia with the Supernova Expo.

I was a volunteer worker at the expo and I had bought a ticket to have a photo with him. After lining up for what felt like an eternity (it wasn't really I was just a bit inpatient) I walked into the photo room, Peter was waiting around the corner ready to meet yet another fan. He was very sweet and greeted me with his smile. He asked how I was, how my day was. We had our photo with his arm over my shoulder. Peter then said "it was a pleasure to meet you". It was short, but so great!!

We then went to his question time where Peter spoke about his roll as Dr Cullen in Twilight. He shared some great stories and had a great sense of humor and very funny. At the end of his time he jumped down from the stage and answered the last couple of questions right next to me. All in all it was a great experience.


Lisa's (@YeahBabyIsMe) Story about her weekend

with Peter Facinelli at ComicCon Chile

July 1 2012


I waited for many hours just to take a picture with him, (I went to comic con Chile) and first when everything was fine I was at the beginning of the line and when he came out to say hi, I ended up far faaaaar away. At least I waited for two more hours. I was the person with the number 109 in the line, and when I was about to be photographed with him, the photographer changed the Camera, and we had a few seconds to talk and he asked me about the number I had written on my hand (109): What is that? Homework? And I said No, I've waited for 109 persons just to see you. And then I smiled and he hugged me and said: Thank you. Then they took the picture And I had to go. I was a little bit overwhelmed and I cried. And something else happened. When my mom went to pick me up, I saw someone getting out of a door, and I said: Look, mom! That's him (I was joking) but suddenly he was really there. I got out off the car, run and said: Peter, please! Just give me an autograph. The security guys tried to push me away but Peter stopped him, and said: It's a gift and he gave a little chocolate, and then my autograph. God It was amazing.

The next day, I also went to the Convention and won a ticket to see Breaking Dawn part one with him and other 200 persons. 

Amanda's (@AmandaMarie8724) Story about her

Meet N' Greet with Peter Facinelli

June 30 2012


Hi my name is Amanda I am a twilight fan, & when  I got a call from the radio station channel 955 and got a amazing surprise right after my 23 birthday In 2010 I turned 23 Sep 8th 2010 and the Peter Facinelli meet and greet was 9 12 2010. It was an amazing little half hour experience to meet and greet with Peter Facinelli I even asked him for another picture & he smiled and said yes.He seems so down to earth and amazing personality in real life. I am happy I got the chance to meet him It was truly an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!:)

Met him at 'The Mall of Monroe'! 


Click on the picture and you will find more pictures of her experience in our Fan Gallery.

Crystal's (@evfachinated) Story about meeting Peter Facinelli in a letter to him

June 17 2012


Peter Facinelli, where do I begin with you?

I know you most likely don't remember me but I sure as hell remember you but I want to share this with you anyway. I'd like to begin by saying I think you're amazing. That's a given, I've already told you this probably about 48763726765 times. I ran what I wanted to say to you in my head but now that I'm writing it, I'm finding it hard to put words to my thoughts. I suppose I'll just start.

I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to come to Australia; I met you at the Gold Coast Supanova on the saturday. You probably don't remember me, but in case if you do, I was the one in the Evanescence shirt and you were just like 'who's Evaneschance? Is that a band?' and complimented me on it when we had a photo session. The next photo session you had, I came back dressed as Esme (complete with the purple blouse). At the time you said you recognised me when I mentioned the Ev shirt, but I wouldn't know about now, months later. You also signed my Twilight Director's Guide from Catherine early on the morning.

You have no idea what that experience has done for me. After years of waiting and silently laughing at your Nurse Jackie podcasts in my bedroom on my iPod, wishing that I could meet you like your American fans easily do, it finally happened. 

When you had the Q&A seminar, I already knew the answers to the questions (creepy fan or dedicated fan, you decide) but I wanted to ask you something I didn't know but the guy with the mic deliberately missed me several times (why, I don't know). The question doesn't matter now, that's not what I'm writing for. 

The only thing I didn't know was the story of how you were really shy in high school. I felt inspired by this because acting is an interest of mine but I'm incredibly shy and self conscious so it basically said to me that if another person who felt that way can do it, so can I. I'll definitely try and pursue the interest now, because I was beginning to doubt it. You are truly inspirational. For that, I say thank you. 

I never used to think that I was a dedicated or a diehard fan until I came face to face with you for the first time. (This was at the autograph table) I was quite starstruck that my knees were wobbling and I struggled to breathe (well worth it, I say!). When you finished signing it, I was so starstruck that I just said thanks and walked away but you called after me and told me goodbye. Needless to say, I was bright red for the next half hour that I was freaking out about the photo session that came right afterwards. When I spoke to you, I told you that Nurse Jackie came back over here and you said you wished I'd enjoy the new season. I will now even more so. The tuesday night after that weekend, when I saw Dr Coop, a squeal escaped my mouth. I never thought I'd be one of those fans but I clearly now am. 

On your Twitter fan-base, your American fans were telling me about how amazing you were in person and I hoped it'd be the same for me and it was. I told you this in a photo session without thinking but you didn't make me feel like a dork and just beamed the world's biggest smile at me. I have met amazing people through your fan-base as well. 

If you've stuck with me this far, thanks! I should probably stop rambling, have a great day. If you noticed, my Twitter picture is of you and I and I'm not about to change it! >:D

- Crystal. :)

Jenniffer's (@FacinelliChile) Story about meeting Peter Facinelli at the Comic Con Chile

May 25th - 27th 2012


Well, my name is Jenniffer Contreras Parraguez, I live in Chile, across the world (: and this is my story:

Since I knew Peter will come to Chile for the Comic Con, I decided to make a page dedicated to him. The name of the page in facebook is peterfacinellichilecomunidaoficial.

When they started selling tickets for the event I mentioned earlier, with a group of friends we decided we have to go there, we bought 45 tickets for all who would attend at the event. I made good friends. After all we had to wait and wait for Peter and after all he will finally come to my country, it was months ago since we bought the entradas. As the Comic Con date approached, Peter answered the tweet I sent to him. That day was the best. It took weeks and weeks and we were waiting for the day that he will come to Chile. We went to welcome him at the airport and were waiting for him for 14 hours without sleep at all. We spent the time with cold and we were hungry, but we said: We won't give up... we had to get to it. First day at Comic Con May 25th, waiting for 7 hours in line to enter the enclosure, it was a rainy day (in Chile we are in autumn). The rain was medium intensity but we didn't give up our hope waiting to see Peter (: At 17.00 o'clock the doors opened and we entered the room to see the stands that were at the Comic Con. After a while Peter appeared, waving from a balcony to his fans. That's when we first saw his beautiful smile and his beautiful face. Big shot simplicity, it was beautiful. At that time thousands of cameras captured the moment, even mine. After a while we had to make another row that would allow us to take a photo with him. Ok, I was number 115 to take my picture with him, but I did not care about much the number, as it was within the first 200 appeared :) That never came time to be viewed up close. I was interviewed several times because I am the president of the fan club. Fans needed to know what we have done to get there. Finally my turn came and I was like: Oh my God this is the most beautiful man you did in your creation. My face glowed with happiness and he saw the shirt I was wearing that said "PFaChile" and his smile was the biggest... I embrace the world with a huge affection. He gave me a kiss and talked with me for almost 20 minutes. I left the place and I was like: Wow, I do not believe in God, a dream came true. I wanted more of my friend Peter, but we have to wait until another day.  ... to be continued :P

Leilani's Story about meeting Peter Facinelli

May 29 2011


Twilight's Peter Facinelli held a charity event called Alex's Lemonade Stand.

The charity is for children with childhood cancer and Peter has been traveling all over the U.S.

promoting it by taking photos and signing autographs for Twilight fans and Showtime's Nurse Jackie fans. Each photo with him is $40 and each autograph is $25 and $10 for each additional person in the photo. The event was held at The Block in Orange, CA. from 11-5pm, so of course since I am a huge fan of both shows I jumped at the chance to meet him for the very first time in person. Peter arrived on time and of course looking awesome in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. There weren't as many fans as I expected there to be, which wasn't good at all for Peter's charity. I would say a couple hundred fans showed up, more would have come but I suppose they did not have the money to donate to his charity. When I got up there to the stage to meet Peter, he was so gracious and very kind. I only had a 4x6 photo of him to sign and he asked where I got it. I was a little embarrased and laughed and I told him I got it online and had it printed up, but that was the maximum size it could be printed or else it would be grainy. He bent down and picked up an 8x10 glossy of himself and says "here ya go, I'll sign this one and the other one too if you like." Wow, what an awesome guy! I was so excited because not only did I get an 5x7 photo of the two of us together, he signed it after they printed it up, Peter gave me an 8x10 signed glossy (freebie) of him and he also signed my 4x6 picture which were all later framed of course. Oh and his publicist didn't want anyone to take photos with their own camera but he allowed my cousin Jasmine to take our photo with my camera as well. Yup he TOLD the publicist it was cool, and he still kept blocking Jasmine's shot. Good thing I set my camera on continuous shoot mode so it could take more than one picture at a time. So yah, we got one shot out of maybe four that she took. Frakkin' publicists, I mean I had already paid $65 for his charity so why wasn't I entitled to have one of my own? I wanted a record of it to enlarge, make copies, post on Facebook or what not. Shoot its free publicity for Peter if you ask me, right?


My cousin Jasmine on the other hand wanted to take more than one photo with Peter, so she got one solo, one with her daughter Mariah and Peter, then another one with Mariah solo. Peter signed all of those as well as the photo of his beautiful wife and three girls I had gaven her, and he also gave her an 8x10 glossy and signed it just like he did for me. So yah, she spent a pretty penny for his charity and not to mention got a good tax right off as well.


The whole time this event was going on, I was taking pictures and shooting video footage. This seemed to annoy Peter's publicist because he kept blocking my shots, but if you know me, I move around quite a bit so I got my photos haha... I'm guessing Peter didn't mind because he even smiled in a few of them. Peter took a short break but when he came back to take more photos with his fans, a huge group of people surrounded the left side of the stage taking pictures with their own cameras and his publicist told him that was it. WOW....what a way to end it when there were still people coming to meet him. They finished about 2 hours earlier and while I was still there putting my camera equipment away, some girls arrived and were very upset that they had just missed him. The camera crew said it was because there wasn't enough people there, the turn out wasn't that great so they ended it early. I say it was because they didn't like the fact people were photographing him without paying the donation fee. But as nice as Peter is, he did pose with a few younger fans whose friends took their pictures and quickly left. If it were up to Peter I am sure he would have loved to stay the entire duration and please his fans with his presence. I had a ball oogling him with my zoom lens, as you can see from the photos I've attached haha. I look forward to watching Peter Facinelli on the big screen when "Breaking Dawn I" opens nationwide Novemner 18, 2011. Hope you to see you all there as well!


Lauren's story about meeting Peter Facinelli

May 1st 2011 


The first time I met Peter, was on May 1st 2011. I didnt know what to expect when I knew I was meeting him, to be honest, I barely knew who he was. It was the morning I was getting ready to meet him, and I had a 2 hour ride there. When we finally got there, I had to stand in line for about 4 hours straight. 
It was my time to go up. When I got onto the stage, Peter was standing there. He said to me "Hey! How you doin?!" then he took a drink of his coke and I replied shyly with "Good. How about you?" Of course it was all rushed at the mall apperance so I didnt have too much I could say. I was still standing there, so Peter goes "Come here! Your adorable!" I lit up with enjoyment then he looks down and says "I really love your shoes!" Then we take the picture and he goes "Hey! Thanks for coming it really means alot!" And of course im smiling so much and I say "Your welcome!"
After, I met him I started to really like him, so I asked my mom if for an early birthday present she could take me to the Twilight Convention Peter was going to on August 28, 2011. She said yes because she really likes Peter too. 
A month before I was going to see Peter at the TwiCon he updated his apperances and it said he was coming to a mall an hour away from me. So of course I talked my parents into going there. I found out that they were giving out VIP passes at the mall and you can meet him. I went to that mall every day until we won. My mom was working and I got a call that we won the VIP passes, I cried so hard when I found out.
Finally, the day comes that I get to meet him in VIP. I made a special shirt to wear so he could sign it. I got there extra early so I would get a good spot in line. Peter was about 20 minutes late, but that didnt matter to me. In VIP your in a special room inside the mall so theres only like a few people in there. I was in the VIP room and I looked away for about what seemed to me like one second and all the suddden I look over and Peters walking in with his Raybans on and a coffee in his hands. I started shaking and the lady behind me asked if I was okay. So, anyway he walks in and everyones so in shock that no one claps. Peter cracks a joke and says "Wow, you guys are sure happy to see me." So, he sits down at the table infront and says "Wow, you guys linded up, makes me feel like im in a doctors office." I was the only one in the VIP room where I was wearing a shirt that I made and I actually looked excited that he was there. So he sits down and I look at him and he stares at me for what seemed like forever. The lady infront of me went and met him. I was next, so I sat down in the chair next to him, his knee was toucing mine, and we look at each other and he goes "Whatcha want me to sign!?" and I stuttered and said "Can you si-sign my shirt?" And he smiles at me and goes "Of course I can" Everyone was quiet and he says to me "I wrote kick me on the back of your shirt! *he starts laughing*" I start cracking up and he goes, "Im just kidding!" So, we look at each other, get up, and take a picture. 
The next day was the TwiCon, so when I was at the hotel downstairs I was wearing a Team Carlisle T-Shirt I made and a lady walks up to me and goes, "Wow, you must be so happy! Peters coming here today!" and I just smile and go "Yes I am!" Peter came around 6pm and he gets on stage, and you know Peter he just starts making jokes, and I noticed he kinda was looking at me from the stage. Well, Peter got up and walked around the room, through the crowd. I will say he was the best person there. At around 7pm he had pictures and these are so rushed you cant say barely anything to them so him and I take a picture and next is autographs. His autographs took an hour so when I had the chance I talked to him, he had this really mean lady next to him that would make people just go and not say a word to him, and I stopped and Peter signed my picture and I go "Hey, you probably dont, but do you remember me from the VIP room yesterday?" He stares at me and goes "Im sorry I dont" so I asked him "Hey can I show you the picture we took yesterday?" Hes says "Yeah" I get out my iPod and show it to him and he takes my iPod and goes "Awh, thats cute." Also I went to the LA TwiCon and I didnt get to meet Peter in person again, but when he was walking off stage I yelled really loud "PETER!" and he waved at me.
That is my stories of meeting Peter.- Lauren

Virginie's Story about meeting Peter Facinelli

August 21st 2011


I had the great chance to meet him August 21st, 2011 in a Twilight 
Convention at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, in Boston. My mom took me 
there for my 16th birthday, my birthday has been 12 days earlier! She 
knew how much I wanted to meet Peter Facinelli. We live near Montreal 
and it took us about 4 hours to drive down there. I’ve been attending 
2 days at the Convention with her, the saturday and sunday. Saturday I 
met BooBoo Stewart and Tinsel Korey. And sunday, I met Alex Meraz and 
Peter Facinelli.

Sunday, august 21, 2011

I woke up that morning after having a short sleep night. And then I 
realized how amazing that day is gonna be for me. It was the day I’ve 
been waiting during long months. I was finally gonna meet Peter 
Facinelli! I looked throught the window of the hotel room, a beautiful 
day was starting over the city of Boston, zero clouds, and only 
sunshine! I got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to get ready 
and put my PFach shirt on. My mom and I had tickets for the Sunday 
Celebrity Brunch (celebrites come sit at your table to meet you) at 
which Peter was attending! My mom and I got out of our room earlier 
and we went to sit in the hallway next to the door of the ballroom 
where the brunch was to be. A few other fans were already waiting 
there. Fifteen minutes later, the host of the brunch opened the 
ballroom and we got to choose our table. There was six other persons 
at our table. Me and my friend Melissane (@melilulu) decided to let an 
empty chair between us. After we got to have our breakfast but I 
didn’t ate a lot. I was getting really nervous because I knew someone 
I love was about to enter this room soon. Suddently, my heart leaped. 
I had a fangirling quiet scream. I immediately reconized the Jaxon 
Herringbone grey Ivy cap which fits him so good. I saw him through the 
glass wall, walking towards the entry of the room. The host annouced 
the guests entering, and when Peter came in, the fans went crazy, I 
started screaming, it gave me a shock to see him right there, in the 
same room as me. Me and Melissane also had a few tears! He looked very 
tired seriously, but he seemed at ease. He looked over everybody in 
the room, smiling and waving. For a short instant I noticed him 
looking over at me. Peter didn’t came at our table first, he went to 
the table behind us. He walked close to me and went sit at the other 
table. Fifteen minutes passed during which I was sometimes looking at 
him over my shoulder, and then one of the hosts touched Peter’s 
shoulder to warn him time was out with that group. He kindly thanked 
the fans he was talking with and standed up. He looked over our table 
and walked towards the empty chair between me and Melissane. When he 
pulled the chair and sat, I just couldn’t believe what was happening! 
I just couldn’t believe it was true. He was sitting next to me, so 
close to me! He took a sip of his coffee, he greeted us and asked us 
how we were all doing, and at some point he said « It wakes me up to 
speak with such nice people like you guys!». After he introduced us to 
a conversation about his summer and the places where he traveled to. 
Me and my mom told him we traveled almost at the same places as him 
during our trip in Europe 3 years ago, he said it was nice. He also 
explained how he lost his touristic guide in Rome (lol). I didn’t 
wanted to interrupt him or the others so I didn’t spoke a lot, I was 
just agreeing everything he was saying. So I waited the right moment 
to tell him who I was. I said : «Hey Peter! You probably know me by 
Twitter, here’s my twitter name!» I turned back to show him what was 
written on the back of my shirt. «Oh, yep yep I know you..» he said 
while giving a light finger tap on my back right where my twitter name 
was written. I shivered. «Do I follow you?» he asked me as I turned to 
face him again. I said no and he said «Okay». From that moment I knew 
he was going to follow me. I felt it.
Melissane had lent him a small Edward doll and Peter was kinda playing 
with it so I said : «There should have one of Carlisle». «What?» Peter 
said leaning towards to hear me better. I was so shy and I hadn’t 
spoke enough loud over the noise in the room. So I repeated. «There 
should have one of Carlisle definitely!» he said agreeing with me. 
While he was talking, I couldn’t stop looking at him. I was 
particularly looking his eyes. I agree with Lucy when she says in 
Loosies that he has kind eyes. (lol)
Suddently, he laid his arm on the back of my chair (omg) while 
explaining something about his Breaking Dawn hair. I was dying but I 
was in control of my nervousness. His hand was really close to my 
shoulder! I moved my knee so it can go touch his knee. Realizing that, 
he looked at me directly in the eyes with a cute smile. I smiled back, 
a little bit embarrassed. He also spoke about the Carlisle ring and 
other kinds of jewely. He looked down at my hand and commented the 
ring I was wearing : «Is that your ring?». «Yes». «Oh nice one!» he 
said. I quickly found something else to say : «Thanks.. I also made 
those friendship bracelets. I showed him the bracelets I was wearing 
«Do you want one?» I asked. «Well, I don’t wear anything, but I can 
give it to my daughter!» he said. «Oh of course, no problem!» I said.
I untied the knot of the bracelet while he continued to talk with the 
fans, and by the time I finished, the time we had with Peter was over! 
He standed up, but I called his name. He turned back and I gave him 
the bracelet, he thanked me and put it in the inside pocket of his 

At 3:20 p.m Peter was appearing on stage for a Q & A with the fans. At 
first I wasn’t sure what question I should ask him. I wrote my name 
and where I was from with 2 questions for him on a paper, but the 
Hindi sisters (Alice and Bella from the Hillywood Show, they were 
telling the questions to the guests) only asked one, it was « What’s 
the coolest place you’ve traveled to?» when they said my name Peter 
looked over the audience to find me! I waved to him, he noticed me and 
said «Hey! How ya doing?». «I'm doing great!» I said. He continued by 
answering my question. So after all the paper questions were asked, 
they opened the Q & A to the audience. I automatically raised hy hand 
up in the air, I was sitting first row with my mom and my friend Emma 
(@vanray88) so he noticed me and walked towards me. He holded the 
microphone so I can ask my question. The question was «How was it for 
you to film Nurse Jackie and Eclipse at the same time?» I was looking 
at him in the eyes, fighting hard against my shyness. He answered at 
my question saying how he had a blast doing that. After the Q & A, 
Peter went to each side of the stage to sign the huge Twilight 
banners. And just before he went off the stage me and Emma made a 
heart with both our hands, held it high in the air, and we screamed 
«WE LOVE YOU PETER!!» He turned and waved to us saying «Thank you 
guys!». When he came to the right side of the stage near us, we asked 
him for a hug. Emma said : «Hey Peter! Can we have a hug please?». «Of 
course!!» he said gently. When I got my hug, I was really in shock, 
amazed, but so shy. I was hugging Peter Facinelli! After the hugs he 
said «See you at the photo-op!».
At 4:25 p.m the waiting line for the photo-op was very long, but we 
only waited 30 minutes to be photographed with Peter. The photo-op was 
occuring in a small room where the professional photographer installed 
his equipement. When I entered into the room, my heart started to beat 
faster. Peter’s favorite music was playing, and he was there, so cool 
and at ease, taking pics with fans. My turn came fast. Timidly, I went 
next to him and I said, laughing : «We have four pics with you!». He 
laughed and said «Oh perfect!». I told him I wanted a hugging pose for 
the first picture, so I surrounded him with my arms as he did, and I 
smiled. For the second picture I wasn't really knowing what face to do 
while he bited my wrist (lol). For the third one, which was including 
my mom, Peter suggested something but we told him we wanted a pose on 
which we both kiss him on the cheek. He said okay, and leaned so we 
can kiss his cheek! He seemed happy to take those pictures with us. It 
was amazing, AMAZING! I gave a gentle smack kiss on his soft cheek at 
the end of the pose. The fourth pose was only my mom and him. But 
taking those pictures went too fast for me, so fast that I couldn't 
completely realize what I was living. It made me sad a little bit.

At 5:00 p.m it was the autograph signing. Emma, me, my mom, Gabi 
(@Going4Greatness) and her sweet daugther, Ellie, decided to go at the 
very end of the waiting line so we can have more time with Peter. We 
were letting everybody pass before us. I had changed my shirt and put 
on another one so he could sign my pfach shirt! When it had been 
finally my turn, I gave him the picture I wanted to get sign and I 
said : «Hey Peter, did you know it was my birthday twelve days ago?». 
«That’s nice! Do you want me to write happy birthday?» he asked. I 
said yes. «My name is Virginie, like Virginia but instead of the '' a 
'' you put a ''e''». He signed the picture and after I handed him my 
pfach shirt and while he was signing it, I told him what I really 
wanted to tell him in person : «Hum... Peter? I wanted to tell you 
that I’m a really big fan of yours and I love everything you do. I 
recently saw the movie you wrote, ‘’ Accidentally in Love ‘’ and i 
loved it, it’s amazing. You’re really awesome..» I was on the edge of 
crying. He laid down the pen, looked at me and said, smiling «Aww 
thank you sweetheart!» He rose from his chair and gave me a sweet hug. 
I took the pic and the shirt, still in shock. I looked at the 
signatures, so perfect and sweet they are! I also went just beside to 
get Alex Meraz’s autograph. And just as Alex gave me back the signed 
picture, I noticed Peter was still there singing one last autograph. 
Then I remembered that my friend Monika from Poland, wrote a letter 
for him that she wanted me to give him. I went back in front of him 
and said «Hey Peter, I forgotted that here I have a letter for you 
from one of my friends in Poland, she really wants me to give it to 
you, it means a lot to her». «Thanks sweeheart, I’m gonna read it 
later» he said, taking the letter I handed him. It was almost time for 
him to leave. I thanked him and went back fangirling with my friends 
(lol). But just as he was about to leave behind the stage’s curtain, I 
looked at him and he looked at me (omg), I made him a heart with both 
my hands. In return, he made a heart with his hands... just for me. I 
wanted to cry, but nothing could come out. Peter leaved after the 
autograph signing. Later when we got our pictures printed, I was sooo 
happy because the pics were perfect! They couldn’t really be better. I 
looked the hugging picture (actually my favorite one), and I saw how 
happy I was looking and the kind smile of Peter on each picture. It 
brought me to tears.
The next morning, not so long after I woke up, I learned by one of my 
tweeps that I had a new special follower! I knew immediately who it 
was. I grabbed a pillow and screamed in it. I jumped on the bed as if 
it was a trampoline (lol). I was more than happy! I cried in the car 
on the ride back home while looking at the pictures and realizing how 
bad I was missing Peter already.

It has been one of the best days of my life. Because of Peter, I've 
met extraordinary friends like Emma, Melissane, Gabi, Daniella 
(@RosalieHale14), Marika (@RKdevotion), and Keisha (@Imm1025) and I 
lived unforgettable moments. Today I feel nostalgia when think about 
my weekend in Boston and that day especially. I miss all my friends 
I’ve met there and Ellie's hugs :). I will never forget the amazing 
moments I lived even if Peter seemed to be really tired. But if I meet 
Peter again one day, I would prefer it wouldn't be in a Twilight 
Convention, because I felt like the people who work there do 
everything they can so that you spend less time possible with your 
favorite celebrity, everything and everybody is so rushed!

Summer's Story about meeting Peter Facinelli in Miami

January 8 2010


woke up january 8th 2010. got dressed and ready for another freezing day in the winter in miami. miami was not meant to be cold! anyway, school was just fun all on its own. I left before i sat down to lunch. The start of the perfect day began. After going to publix walking around with my schoolo lunch in my hand try to eat and walk at the same time, we wemt home, i started getting ready to meet PETER FACINELLI!! i pulled on my Carlisle Cullen shirt and Blue jeans. I had competition that night so i was forced to put my hair up in rollers that day. I refused to meet Peter looking like this, i pulled out the rollers, at the least i had my hair up with curls, wasnt as terrible. i was ready to go, nicky sonia and cynthia met us at my house. We were on our way to the Metro Station. We bought tickets, not the easiest task, and waited for the train. The ride was fun, it was the first time id ridden the metro rail since i was about eight. We got to the Metro Station in downtown and got on the Metro mover, but of course, it was broken. After waiting about 30 minutes, we walked outside and waited for a cab, shuttle, bus, really anything that would take us to the hilton hotlel where the Twilight Convention was. We finally found a cab after a long time. I was so excited!! We went up to the ballroom, Peter wasnt there yet but i knew he was coming. To be honest i was a bit nervous. I had to leave at FIVE to go to the cheerleading competition and i got to the convention at only 3:00/3:30. I sat down, Peter came out and to my surprise,more beautiful in person!! :D He talked sooo much. Way too much to write about!!! When the Q and A was done i RAN to the Photo Ops room! I was in the line to take a picture with PETER FACINELLI! the wait was short in less then 5 minutes i was in the front, looking staight at him taking pictures with other fans. When it was my turn my heart was racing! He grabbed my moms hand and said "Hey, how are you? Whats Your name?" my mom, probably as nervous as i was, said "Maritza!!" and he looked at me and said "Hey, and your name is?" my mom instantly said "Thats Summer!!" He smiled, and said "Alright, well Hey! Oh i like your shirt! Whos That strange guy?" i laughed, happy he commented on my Carlisle shirt :D he really is extremley nice!! right after the pictures he went to give autographs. I waited, i was late for my competition, i had to hurry! -.- it was our turn! Carolina couldnt be there because of the competition, she wanted to atleast talk to him! When i walked up to get my signature i passed him my trading cards to be signed and had carolina on the phone waiting i said nervously, "umm, my friend couldnt be here today and really wanted to come, can you just say 'Hi Carolina'" I was expection for him just so say it while i held the phone. Peter Facinelli grabbed my phone and said "Hi Carolina! How are you? I really wish you could be here! Maybe Next time Ill see you! Ill Talk to you soon alright? bye!" ( i didnt hear what she was saying but apparently when he said hi all she said was "OH MY GOD" haha, he signed a card for me and a card for her. It was all SO FUN! :D i had to leave, i was late for competition. I took a picture with the Hillywood people<3 Satuday i went back to the twilight convention and saw Embry and Eric Yorkie, it was also really fun!!! :D yeah over all..AMAZING DAY!


...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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