Self-written stories by his fans

Robyn's (@lisette225) story about the follow of Peter Facinelli and a great present that has been sent by him

July 30th 2015


Peter was promoting the 1st issue of Protocol Orphans. I had been busy myself tweeting about this amazing comic book. The day before the NYC signing I commented about his burning the candle at the both ends because of flying between LA & NYC filming Nurse Jackie. 

He answered me and made my day. It gets better!

I was tweeting to my friends that I wasn't going to make it to the signing in NYC because of work.

Peter must have read this tweet. On my way to work he followed me.

I was ecstasic!

It got even better! He direct messages me to tell me he was sending an autographed copy of Protocol Orphan's as an early Christmas present. Such a great day! Such a great guy!

No wonder I am a Peter Facinelli Fan for life!

Sarah's (@ArwenEvenstar2) Story of receiving a letter from Peter Facinelli


A few years ago I have sent a fan letter to Peter but I have never gotten an answer back. It made me really sad, because I have asked for an autograph.

I decided to never give up, I kept asking about the adress that I can send a new letter and I would be sure it will arrive. He answered to me and after a long time of waiting I could send my letter again for getting an autograph. It was July 2014 when I have sent the letter and a few months later I got an autograph back from Peter and some lovely words. I was afraid it would be lost again because we moved to another city, but everything went well. I am grateful for that! Thank you so much, Peter!

A lovely story written by Meivi @meivifacinelli)

July 7th 2015


Peter Facinelli! He is the most amazing person ever, he inspires all of his fans and he is a very humble guy.

There are alot of experiences I have had, that I am feeling like a true 'Fancinelli'.

He always notices his fans through social media and is trying to get connected with them.

Peter Facinelli followed me on Twitter and he RTed me. It was one of the best moments of my life. All my friends are loving him, too. They are always saying that Peter is a funny guy, I always get some great birthday presents of him because he is also my friends favorite one.

Because of him I have met the coolest Fancinellis all over the world, (not only Fancinellis, also Twi-Hards) they are humble and lovely and I have never met one of them.

I promise that I will never stop being a Fancinelli and I hope so much I will meet Peter Facinelli once in my life.

"My Journey with Peter Facinelli"

written by Michaela (FacinellisGirl)

January 30 2013


I was not a fan of Peter Facinelli from the beginning but when I first saw him in Touch The Top Of The World, I was totally hooked and fascinated.

This movie opened my eyes because I realized that there are always people that have it far worse than I do.

In 2005, I lost my unborn child because my boyfriend at the time was slapping me and also cheating.

It wasn’t a good time but I was looking forward to the future. 

A few months later, the supermarket where I worked at was ambushed by two men dressed in black with masks and weapons.

One of them put the weapon on my carotid artery and told us we should go into the cellar. We were held hostage down there for over four hours without any light. 


After watching Touch The Top Of The World, I thought about Erik Weihenmeyer, who has to spend his entire life in darkness and I cried for being trapped in darkness for only four hours.

I don’t want pity but to understand my love to Peter Facinelli, you have to know the whole story.

Years later, my parents were both diagnosed with cancer and we thought that we would lose the pair of them.

My best friend’s parents died because of cancer, I lost a good friend and so many other bad things were happen.

I read the Twilight books and then me and my friend decided to check out the movie.

I recognised that Carlisle Cullen was played by the same guy who played Erik in Touch The Top Of The World. I loved Peter’s role in this movie, but I was never a huge Twilight fan. He was like a teacher to me as Carlisle Cullen. 

The love and the care he gave to the people around him was overwhelming.

I searched Peter Facinelli on Google and through this, I discovered more and more about him each day and he gave my soul the smile back again.

Now I adore him with every piece of my heart because he is an amazing, compassionate, lovely man. We should all look up to him in my opinion.

I love to watch his movies, his interviews, finding out about his upcoming projects, supporting his charity work and chatting with his fans.

I finally got the chance to meet him! It was a wonderful experience and I will never forget it!

My story about meeting Peter Facinelli is available on the website too. 

During my experiences, I met my wonderful husband. He is the sunshine in my life and is also a Peter Facinelli fan, although not quite as much as me, but he understands my passion.


We are now expecting a little boy!

This is the reason why I had to make the decision to delete my website because I will not have the time and especially the money to continue to run the website.


However, after Peter Facinelli showed me that he believes in me and his fans and he doesn’t want the website deleted, I will try to do my best not to disappoint him.

That’s a little taste of why I love Peter so much.

I can’t write everything down of my story because it's too private but that's the most important part to understand me.

Thank you so much Peter Facinelli for this wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see what is coming in the future for you. 

Thank you so much for the sunshine in my life, because of you I can look foward again!

Thank you so much for being you!

Stay the way you are!

Lizzie's (@AsTheSnowFalls2) Story about:

"Why I think Peter Facinelli is an asset to the film industry"

January 30 2012


It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Peter Facinelli, nor is it a secret that I think he is one of the most under rated actors in the film and television industry. I’ve made that pretty clear here on tumblr and through other social media. But I want to take the time to explain why I feel that Peter is truly a great asset to Hollywood etc. Why do I want to do this? Well obviously one reason is because I am a fan and I want to shout out to the world how great this guy is. But more importantly, I want to encourage others to check out Peter and his amazing body of work. I realize that not everyone has the same taste in movies and actors but if I could inspire just one person to watch one of Peter’s movies or one of his television series, then that would be a job well done for me.

I was first introduced to Peter through the Twilight Saga like I’m sure many people were. I didn’t really know what to expect as I watched the original Twilight movie but as soon as I saw Peter walk through those hospital doors as Dr Carlisle Cullen, I was instantly transfixed. Just from a minute or two of screen time, I was hooked on this actor. At the time, I had no idea who Peter was.  But I was definitely determined to find out that’s for sure.  As the movie continued, I continued to watch out for Peter and his scenes as Carlisle Cullen and for me, he stole the show in each scene he was in. His portrayal of the kind, compassionate vampire was and still is very beautiful. I feel that Peter has a connection to the character and it shows on screen. I felt that way as soon as I saw him. Carlisle Cullen is not a main character in the books or the novels but watching Peter Facinelli in the role, I wondered why not. I had previously thought this as I already loved the character but Peter’s stunning performance in the movie made me question it even more so.  As soon as the movie was over, I was a woman on a mission to find out exactly who Peter Facinelli was. Imagine my surprise when I looked online and saw his rather large filmography. Clearly he was quite well established in the movie industry, though not as recognizable as some actors.

The next movie I checked out was a film that remains one of my favourites to this very day. Touch The Top Of The World is a made for TV movie based on the blind mountaineer Erik Weihenmeyer’s real life story of climbing Mount Everest. In this film, Peter portrays Erik. When I watched this first time around, I was simply speechless. Peter turns in an absolutely stunning performance in this movie and I don’t think many words can do it justice to be honest. It is not through spoken words that Peter conveys his talent but through facial expressions and small gestures. One particular scene is where Erik feels his mother’s necklace after her car crash. Hardly any words are spoken in this scene and none are needed. Peter’s gentle movements and facial expressions are more then enough to express the absolute devastation that Erik must have felt at the time.  As I have mentioned before, this is a movie that needs far more recognition that it currently receives.

I could sit here and list every single movie and television show and descriptions of Peter’s incredible performances but that would be a massive blog post in itself and getting off the topic to an extent.  So why is it I feel that Peter is such an asset to the film industry? Well, as I have described in the two cases above, Peter has an ability to hone in on the character he portrays and put his own stamp on it. Sure, there are many very talented actors that can also do this but I feel that Peter has a versatility that not a lot of actors have. One minute Peter can play a three hundred and fifty year old vampire and then next he can play a hyperactive silly doctor with a bad case of sexual tourettes. Is that an easy thing to do? I certainly don’t think so.  The switch between such different characters is certainly fascinating and certainly helps Peter in that he is willing to play many types of role. He is not one to be typecast and I love that personally. I like seeing actors challenge themselves with fresh roles and characters. But what is also great is even though Peter has played many characters, each so vastly different, you can still see Peter in them. I think that he brings a part of himself to each character he portrays, which again I feel helps him in that he can get into the mindset of that particular character.

It is not only acting in which Peter is skilled at. It turns out he is also a very talented writer and producer. He has his own production company and has written a number of scripts, one of which is now a wonderful film called Loosies and was released to US audiences in 2011.  It is now in the process of being released overseas, which in my book, is a mark of great success. Personally I adored Loosies and it is joint favourite with Touch The Top Of The World because again Peter’s performance as Bobby Correlli is superb and also because it has a great cast and the script is not only believable but very true to life. At least I think it is. It’s a true sign of a very talented person when you can not only act well but write and produce just as well. In a day and age where there are a great deal more remakes then original material, it’s important that there is still creativity and originality. Peter is definitely showing that in my opinion.

All these things make Peter a true talent in himself but I also feel Peter’s wonderful personality sets him apart from others. He is never anything more then honest and very down to earth. I love when he talks about new projects during interviews with great enthusiasm because that for me shows a real sense of passion for the work he has produced. I believe in Peter when he says that the film or the tv series is great because he genuinely believes it himself yet is very modest about it. I have never once seen Peter look bored or disinterested in an interview etc because I do not believe he has ever felt that way towards any of his work. I love that about him. He’ll never give up either. That’s a great quality to have. 

Peter connects with his fans through a variety of social media, Twitter being the most prominent. While some may say that celebrities only use social media to promote, Peter does not do that. I know he loves to connect with people and he has said that he loves to share news with his fans. I definitely know he does, having had the privilege of meeting him. He loves and appreciates each fan and that can only endear him to more people. Fans are important to any celebrity I feel but Peter goes the extra mile and like I say, more folk are falling for that ol’ Facinelli charm every day!

I’m not sure I have really answered my original question but I hope that people take something away from this and can see why I think he’s such an asset to the industries he’s in. Once you go Peter, you can never go back!

Peter, thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the world. I will always love you for it and being yourself. You are without doubt one of the most talented, kindest and generous people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Thank you for everything. I’m your fan for life. But you may have got that already

Dani's (@VANcinelli) Story about 'Fastlane' and how she discovered Peter Facinelli in it 

Sent January 28 2013


I started to watch Fastlane accidentally, I used to stay up late and watched whatever was on TV early in the morning. 

After I saw the first 5 minutes I was hooked. Then I saw Van and it gave me even more reasons to watch the show. 

It has the style and fun of “Miami Vice” with the cool action of "The Fast and the Furious". It´s like "The Fast and the Furious" for the small screen. Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy have great chemistry together.

This series is not meant to be a serious cop show, but there is so much style that you almost don’t miss the substance. 

The whole idea of how the characters complimented each other and the way the show was introduced with the opening episode were amazing. 

The scenes that slow down (representing the past) and then speeding up (representing the future) are great. It felt like a mini movie with each episode. My favorite was probably Van knocking Nick through the glass "because he can" and telling Hillary to put lunch on his bill, but the glass on Nick's. 

The series only had one season, then it was cancelled, because of low ratings and high production costs. So why invest in a cancelled series that leaves viewers with a cliff-hanger that will never be resolved?


Because, it's a non-stop thrill ride that consistently subverts cop show conventions. 

The pilot episode offers a scene that echoes 48 hours. The series also makes effective use of guest stars, including Iggy Pop, Tommy Lee, Naomi Campbell, Jay Mohr, and, in pre-stardom appearances, Terrence Howard and Mischa Barton.


Another memorable recurring character is Jennifer Sky as bad girl Cassidy Shaw. Best of all is an old pro, Robert Forster, who gives an Oscar-worthy performance as Ray Ray, Van's father. 


I wish there wasn't such a stupid series finale and they’d have a follow up. I would like to see more of the developing of the relationship between Van, Deaq and Billie and I would like to see Ray Ray again and have Van's mother introduced.  I would like to see more of Deaq's family too and of course, Billie's past life would have to be told.

Van and Deaq on a surfboard would be pretty cool and another episode with Jarod.  


Fastlane will always be my favourite series. I've never seen a better one till now and I never get bored watching it again and again. 


Also, Fastlane is the reason I know Peter, without this show I (maybe) would have missed out on knowing these amazing Actor. So Fastlane isn't just a series for me. 


Eugenia's (@FacinellisFan) story about herself and Peter Facinelli

December 14 2012


It happened end of August, after the events changing the rest of my life.

It was at the period of my life I discovered more about Peter’s work. I must confess I saw only a few movies; I would love to see all of them...but unfortunately we can not find all in Russia.

Among the numerous characters, my favorite ones became Carlisle Cullen and Dr. Fitch Cooper, two completely different characters, but the common feature they have is that they are excellent doctors.

Since my childhood I have been interested in medicine and veterinary medicine, and that’s why I graduated from the Institute of veterinary and in the near future I want to enter to the medical Institute. In Peter Facinelli I saw not only a talented actor, but also a wonderful, interesting, kind sociable man, who can find a little time for his fans. And he can always find a common language with any person.

I love Peter Facinelli ! Always when you watch any program or film with his participation, you start to smile involuntarily; he has a pretty smile. You can only smile in response.

Peter is a versatile person, plays in any genre, and he does it perfectly, not everyone can do it, I would say a man is a talent. The example can serve the film «Loosies». This script was written and filmed by himself!

In addition Peter Facinelli takes part in charitable activities, thereby helping people who need help!

I admire Peter Facinelli, and I am proud to be a fan of him. I am very sorry. that I don't have the opportunity to come to an fan event to take a picture and get an autograph.

But even of the distance I will support him as much as I can.

And I hope very much that one day my dream will come true!

I would like to express a gratitude to the creator of this website.

I'm sorry that I can't be with you, to help . I wanted to be helpful to you, not only in words, but in deeds . Still a lot I want to write, but need to finish! Thank you all very much for the attention of my story, and it's not too harsh, my first job!

Ninni's (@Ninni_Fancinelli) Story about being a Fan of Peter Facinelli

April 7 2012


I'm Ninni, 19 years old girl and from Finland. It's located in North Europe, far far away from Los Angeles. I'm a HUGE fan of Peter and I'm here to tell you my story :) (I've got 3 little brothers and Peter's got 3 big sisters, wanna switch places, Peter? ;))

I became a fan of Peter after seeing him in Twilight. It took me few weeks before I searched interviews of him because there was something else going on in my life.. 

Finally, in in Mid- March 2009 I looked for interviews of the Twicast (Twilight was released here 1st of January 2009) and ran into one of Peter's. I got a crush on his SMILE ! It was amazing ! And it still is, don't get me wrong ! :D I had to get to know him better because he seemed so nice, funny, smart and down to earth person. I looked for articles about him on Internet, his interviews on Youtube and his web site. I read on one article that his parent's didn't want him to become an actor. He didn't give up. I then realized I can't give up my life. I have a family, friends, my hobby. And I need to see that smile of his again. And his works,previous' and up-comings. Since that moment Peter has been a big part of my life. Peter was one reason which saved me. I can't thank him enough. 

But why am I a fan of Peter? He is a really talented actor, who can play different roles. He doesn't do only ”one type” roles (for example being a bad guy or a doctor every time), he challenges himself. I haven't seen all of his movies / TV series, which is shame, but I have read the plots of those and what his characters are like. The roles which are on air right now, Dr. Coop and Dr. Cullen, I can't choose my favorite. I love them both. They are so different characters. I bet you know what they are like, so I won't describe them :D The both roles brings different sides out of Peter, Carlisle his compassion and Coop his ”asshole” side. Peter can play both characters amazingly well. What kind of role could he not? It's called Pfach-thing. And talented. 
My first movie, which Peter was starring was The Scorpion King. I watched it at school and being a 14 years old teenager, I had a zero interest toward it...I watched it again after Twilight and I was shocked. How come I didn't pay attention to Takmet when he was that handsome?! Back to Peter and why I'm his fan :D 
I love how he has always time for his fans, even if it's just a short time! I love his way to keep touch with his fans, through Twitter. I haven't yet met him and it breaks my heart :'(. I can only wish that one day my dream comes true, and he is standing in front of me. 
Peter's one of the funniest person I know. He's sense of humor is hilarious and I'm always dying laughter when I listen to his stories (or reading his tweets)! ”That's how I have 3 kids” I laughed a better half hour and it still brings tears to mye eyes :D I love watching his interviews on Youtube ! If I'm feeling even a bit down, they sure make my day and cheer me up :) There is no better medication than watching him ! 
Peter is very down to earth person, he is able to keep his work and his private life separated, though, I love how he tells about his girls now and then. He is so proud Dad :) Peter is a warm, friendly, sweet, strong, funny, compassionate, pure person. (Feels like I just described the God ) 
He's the one I look up to. He has changed me as a person. He has changed my life and my outlook on world. His charity work is amazing. He truly cares about every single one on this earth. Without Peter, I wouldn't have heard about Alex Lemonade. I'm a poor student but when I have more incomes than outcomes I'll support AL! I swear. You can hunt me, if I won't. 

I was a figure skater (you would know it better as an ice skating..) for 14 long years and it was my life. 4 years ago I got an injury which called ”Shin Splints” or ”Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome”(you need to google it, my English is not that good :D) 1,5 years after I was diagnosed I had to quit skating, it was too much for my legs. I was forced to 2 surgeries. It was hard for me and (still is sometimes) to quit something that has been your life since you were 3. It's been almost 3 years since I was operated and I'm still recovering... It's so sad that I can't do what I love the most. I can't skate. Not without the pain. I'm so grateful for Peter that he can do what he loves the most ! 

I would do anything for him! If I had to run to the other side of the world, I would! I'm here for him and I will always support him, no matter what :) I'm honored and proud to be a Peter Facinelli's fan ! I'm grateful I have met so many Fancinellis through the Web. 
I love read people's blogs about him and visit fan pages. They share the same passion and love for him as I do. I support fan pages, too, so just tweet me and I spread the word :)
I started my own blog a short while ago where I post things about my passions, but mostly about Peter! Feel free to read it :) 

Peter gives us a reason to smile every day, a reason to laugh every day, a reason to get to know each other from all around the world every day. He has brought us together and he will do that over and over again. He is everything we could hope for an idol, a role model, for a loving person. He won't ever disappoint us. We, his Fancinellis, won't ever stop to amaze him :) 
Don't ever give up your dreams. Peter didn't. 

Lizzie's (@AsTheSnowFalls2) Story why she loves Carlisle Cullen and

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen 

April 2 2012

Why I love Carlisle Cullen

I was first recommended Twilight to me by a work colleague around three years ago. I had heard of the novels and also the movies. At the time, I believe it was New Moon that had just come out in the cinema and a lot of my friends were going to see it saying that the books were amazing and the first movie had been excellent. Then when my work friend recommended the first novel to me, I thought I might as well try it out as it has been a big success around the world.  And I am incredibly glad that I did. But unlike many that had read the books before me, my fascination was not with Edward Cullen.  No, my interest lay elsewhere, namely a secondary character in the story. Carlisle Cullen.

From the very moment that Dr Carlisle Cullen appeared in the first novel, I was instantly fascinated. Just what was it about him that caused the rest of the Cullen clan to follow his way of life and how did the creation of his family come about? I was itching to know more about this character and suddenly I felt that Stephenie Meyer had chosen the wrong character to focus on.  It is not until we reach the chapter titled 'Carlisle', that we really hear more about the intriguing character that is Carlisle Cullen.  And honestly this chapter confirmed to me that Carlisle Cullen was likely to be the most interesting character in the series.

We learn from this one chapter that Carlisle is at least 350 years old. It seems like a small detail right? But for me it means that Carlisle's history is vast, which Stephenie could have chosen to explore. It's a crying shame that she has not yet thought about this (as far as we know) because I truly believe that Carlisle's story in more detail could be amazing. 
One of the main reasons I love the character so much is his strength and his enormous capacity for love.  Carlisle has an incredible amount of compassion for those around him and an absolute devotion to his wife and family. Carlisle's love for his family and for life is what motives the rest of the Cullens so without him, there would be no Cullen family.
I also think it is incredible that Carlisle has such a gentle and loving nature, considering the circumstances of his own human life and how he was turned. His father was not the best of role models for him, his mother died in childbirth (presumably) and then at the tender age of twenty three, Carlisle was attacked by a vampire who had the intention of killing him. Only twenty three years of life and he suddenly lost everything that was dear to him and left to burn in agony for three days under a pile of rotting potatoes.  To make matters worse, he had no one to explain what was happening to him. Carlisle was well and truly alone. You would expect that the character would turn out to be a feral and savage vampire.  But no.  Carlisle's compassionate nature carried through within into his next life and he was determined to be better then what his species was.  There's real strength right there. 

If that doesn't make anyone love the character, how about the fact he struggled with his control over over two centuries and eventually became a doctor? That's impressive.  Your average vampire would never be able to do something like that. There's also the fact that Carlisle spent over 200 years alone.  Edward makes the point that he has been alone for a century. That would be hard but it's nothing compared to the two that Carlisle spent waiting for a companion.  And this is part of the reason why I adore Carlisle & Esme so much. Esme is the beloved wife that Carlisle has always wanted and Carlisle is the husband Esme had always imagined. While we do not see much of them in the books, it is obvious that the two of them share a wonderful and deeply loving relationship.


I love this character so much and I am always hoping that Stephenie will write something about him. There's too much potential there for her not to.


Why I love Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen


I read the books first before seeing the movies because I wanted to get my own ideas of the Cullen family and the world of Twilight. I did this with Harry Potter too, though I started reading HP long before the movies came out. Anyway while I was reading the books, I could visualise most of the Cullen family. I thought Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kellan Lutz as Emmett were spot on because I had imagined similar looks for all of these characters while I was reading the novels.  However I could not get a clear picture of Carlisle Cullen in my head. I just couldn't imagine it and I'm honestly not sure why. That changed however when I watched the first Twilight movie.

When Peter Facinelli burst through those hospital doors as Dr Carlisle Cullen, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe how handsome this guy was and I gave credit to the casting folk right there and then. Carlisle Cullen is described as having movie star looks and that was exactly what I was seeing on screen.  Yes Peter did not look the twenty three year old that Carlisle is meant to be but I do not think they could have casted someone around that age that would be able to pull it off quite like Peter did.  It was pretty damn incredible seeing Peter as Carlisle for the first time.

But it wasn't just Peter's looks that made me fall in love with his portryal of Carlisle. No, it was his wonderful acting skills that really did it for me. Peter speaks very softly as Carlisle and that was exactly what I had imagined the character to sound like. Peter has talked about softening his accent, lowering it in a way to make him sound gentle and it works so well. He also has mentioned that he researched and built up a backstory for Carlisle so that was also incorporated into Carlisle's speech/accent. Peter took note of where Carlisle had come from and where he had traveled to. For me, that shows incredible care for the character and I just love Peter for that. 
As a father himself, I think Peter was easily able to relate to Carlisle in being the head of a family. Again that shows through in his portrayal and it's also another reason why he was the best choice for Carlisle Cullen.  Carlisle loves and provides for his family as does Peter. Then again I think the two are generally very similar in ways. They are both very kind and compassionate.

Peter's portrayal of Carlisle Cullen is absolutely wonderful and I love him to bits for showing such care and passion for this incredible character. He was without doubt the best casting choice in the Twlight Saga for me.


Fan Meeting at Ring*Con because of Peter Facinelli

Written by Michaela (FacinellisGirl)

October 14 2011


"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen"

And that's what you were to me not long time ago until a man, we all known as Peter Facinelli brought us together on Twitter.


Quote of a very dear friend 


And that's true! From that day forward I've experienced so many great and amazing moments because of Peter Facinelli and his Fans.

One of the greatest moments was the Peter Facinelli Fan Meeting at Ring*Con 2011.

We have had only two weeks to organize and prepare everything, but it was a wonderful and funny time to spreading out all the flyers at Ring*Con and getting to know so many people at Ring*Con. 

And that all because of a spontaneously idea.

A lot of Peter Facinelli Fans have participated and they knew about it only 3 hours beforehand.

We've had alot of fun and all fans who have participate said that it was awesome.

That's Fan Support and Love!!!!



...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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