interview with omar ghazaoui

known as aslam in nbc's american odyssey june 26 2015

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for the fans who don't know you?

I am a 15 year old Moroccan boy, who still lives with his parents. I am always first in class. I love cars and dogs and video games.


This is your first international TV role. How did you get it?

I have heard about a casting next to my house, I went there and I have met Mr. Salah Benchegra, a casting director, who knew that Peter Horton will love me in this role.


Anna Friel and Grégory Fitoussi are great actors, so are you. How was the experience to work with them together?

The experience to work with Anna Friel and Grégory Fitoussi was unforgetable. They were nice to me, took care of me, they were there for me.


Can you imagine what happens in American Odyssey could happen in reality?

It's not to imagine, it is happening. But people don't know.


Odelle Ballard takes your character with her to America. How do you think about it?

I don't know. I wanna go to Lybia to work and be responsible to myself and I wanna go to America to live 'The American Dream', the land of fat childrens and cronuts.


American Odyssey is reaching fans all over the world. Did you expect it?

Yes, I did expect all that success. Because the actors are known worldwide and international, and it was directed by Peter Horton!


How hard was it to stand the character during filming in the heat of Africa?

For me it was easy, because we were filmimg in my home country. I am used to the weather there.


You are still at school. Could you handle both? Being an actor and a pupil?

Yes, I can handle it. Or I do handle it, because I love it to study, so I will not let my studies down for acting that will stop one day.


We can see in many pictures a german sheperds at your side. Do you love dogs?

Yes. I love dogs. I had dogs since I was a very little kid. Now I have three dogs. My favorite one is in the picture below.



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