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what is your favorite moment of american odyssey? Which scene has touched and captured the most?

Also one of my favorite moment is Peter's and Sofia's last scene together.

I thought this scene was perfect for them saying goodbye to one another, there is so much chemistry between these two and this made the scene so powerful.

Still tho I am glad after all the history between these two Peter Decker wanted to fight to bring his wife Sarah and his kids home.

Written by Vicky (@VickBlythe)

July 29 2015

My favorite moment is the scene where Odelle (Anna Friel) and Luc (Grégory Fitoussi) are dancing together on the beach.

The campfire, the atmosphere and the sparkle between them makes the scene warm and wistful at the same time. Odelle starts facing a difficult decision, on the other hand she has feelings for Luc.

They have experienced so much together, but Odelle's daughter and husband are waiting for her at home.

I like the way they look at each other while they are dancing.

I think the best quote connected to this moment is when Luc's ex-wife said to Odelle:

"If Luc loves you, you'll notice it"

Written by Sarah (@ArwenEvenstar2) 

July 23 2015

It was great to follow Odelle and Aslam's journey together towards friendship.

At the end Odelle was like a mother to him.

It was not an easy decision for Aslam to go to America and leave his country. I still think it was agood decision.

Written by Sarah (@ArwenEvenstar2)

July 23 2015

This scene was no doubt my all time favorite scene of the season. 

I thought the emotion they both showed was so real and I felt that too.

The scene was simply done but was so powerful and portrayed such a strong bond between a father and his daughter.

Written by Vicky (@VikBlythe)

July 22 2015

My favorite moment is the connection between Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) and Luc Girard (Grégory Fitoussi) at the end of the season when Luc says to Odelle:

"In another life" and they are hugging each other.

They are brought together through destiny and isn't it a hard decision to end with a life you have built up in a foreign country with a man you couldn't trust in the beginning and after all what they have been through together he is everything you would need in life.

But there is also your beloved daughter and husband.

What is the right decision?

As a mother I think Odelle's decision going home to her daughter and husband is the best decision she did, but she can't control her growing feelings for another man because of the situation she has been through. 

Saying good bye to each other after their experiences brought me to tears, also the decision that Aslam was also going with Odelle.

Making decisions like they did are never going to be easy.

Written by Michaela (@FacinellisGirl - @PFach_and_Fans)

July 19 2015

It's always important to have a strong family supporting you and standing behind you.

This is also one of my favorite moments because I know how important it is to have a lovely family. This picture doesn't need huge explanation, it's just the pic and the emotions in it that shows us why it is just a special moment.

Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli) was going a difficult way. He believed he is doing the right thing but pushed his family away with it.

I want to be honest, I wanted this pic at the end of the series not the scenes where Peter and Sarah are going apart.

It breaks my heart to see this family seperated because of a lie. Peter Decker only wanted to save someone for the truth.

It's just sad that the world is so cruel and that everybody is against him. He can't see that his wife (Sarah Wynter) only wants to help him.

Just as I said, I wanted this pic at the end of the series, because it's an impressive and hearttouching moment.

Written by Michaela (@FacinellisGirl - @PFach_and_Fans)

July 19 2015

Isn't it just a favorite moment watching this boy growing up to a young man with courage and honor!? Helping Odelle Ballard through the desert, arguing with Luc Girard, fighting with rebells!

Who thought all of that would happen to him?

Making decisions which are changing his whole life.

This is also one of my favourite moments because with this journey through the desert Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) decided to stay with Odelle.The feelings to a stranger growing to the feelings that a mother has for his son made their journey even more special. 

Written by Michaela (@FacinellisGirl - @PFach_and_Fans)

July 19 2015


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