From the Fans to Peter

For Peter Facinelli and all Fancinellis

made by Meivi (@meivifacineli)

"Drive The Car" Dance created by Peter Facinelli danced by his Fans all over the world

Video made by Michaela (@FacinellisGirl)

"Follow me maybe"

Crazy video made by Dani (@VANcinelli)

To Peter Facinelli -- Follow back... maybe? (Fancinellis Video) from VANcinelli on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Video for Peter Facinelli

made by Eugene 


Here's special thank you video from Russian,Ukrainian, Belarusian fans.

Peter Facinelli #1

(made by Meivi Putri -- @meivifacinelli)

To Peter Facinelli 

(made by LovePFACH01)

Why we love Peter Facinelli

(made by scoggie)

Peter Facinelli - you raise me up

made by Ninni (NinniFancinelli)

This video is not available in all geographic areas

My greatest experience with or because of Peter Facinelli

(Made by his Fans)

this video is not available in all geographic areas


We love Peter Facinelli 

Made by Elise (drcullenfans)


Coz a day without PFach is not a day

Made by Anais ( bsbdu92 )


Peter Facinelli Tribute (Made by FacinelliLatino)




@PeterFacinelli: We love you Made by Michaela ( FacinellisGirl )



...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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