Interview with Luca Bella Facinelli

singer, songwriter, actress and beautiful daughter of Peter facinelli july 13 2013

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Luca Bella. I'm fifteen, blonde, five foot seven, and have big aspirations for the future.


What made you decide that you wanted to become a singer and what means music to you?

I think I fell In writing first and it became a major outsoure in my life, I just loved constructing something beautiful out of the way I felt. I knew I wanted to be a Singer after I fell in love with people listening to what I had to say. Music has become so much to me, a form of expression, a form of  Communication. I've always found music to be very powerful in that way. 


For our readers who have never heard your music, can you explain your sound in 5 words?

Alternative, inspirational, storytelling, singer -songwriter.

I really love the alternative rock genre of music. My sound is also a lot of storytelling, since each song comes from a very raw part of my heart, almost like keeping a musical diary.


As we know you did a shooting for your song "Please don’t break my heart". Does that mean we'll be able to buy your music on a CD or on iTunes (or something like that) and will we see your music video on MTV in the future?

I actually am doing a more professional music video to a different song I wrote titled "Falling" which I'll be putting up on YouTube as soon as we finish editing. It's a dream to have my songs playing on MTV and to be sold on iTunes hopefully in the near future. I'm Just figuring a few things out about what direction to take my music in first.


Would you ever write a book about yourself and your life?

When I was younger I always wanted to be a children's author and my favorite subject has always been English. As for a self-biography, I'm not completely opposed but I think it would have to be written latter in my life So that I have more life to reflect about.


If you could pick a singer/producer from the past or

present who would you like to work with and why?

Latter on I'd love to do a duet, dreaming big, preferably with John Mayer. I really love his voice and songwriting. With producers, I'd be overjoyed to work with anyone who really undersands and supports my songs and their direction.


You said you would love to have a twinsister. What makes it so special for you to have one?

I had always wanted a twin. I was really jealous of the Olsens, who used to be my icons, really close relationship and now, how they had a full time best friend to share everything with. But now my 5 year younger sister is becoming more and more relatable and we've actually become a lot closer friends.


A few years ago you were talking about to play soccer. Do you still like it?

I used to be really serious about soccer. I wanted a scholarship to play at UCSB. But my past year in high school has shifted alot of my past priorities as I discovered new passions.I don't play anymore but I miss it and I might play next year just for fun.


What are the five things you can’t live without?

The five things I can't live without is my cat eye sunglasses, my golden colored guitar capo, face wash, blackberry pie, and my family.


Where do you see yourself fifteen years from now?

Fifteen years from now I see myself being happy and successful... Whatever it is i'm doing I hope to achieve those two things.


You have to choose between singing or acting.  What would be your first choice?

Since singing and acting are my two real passions its hard to choose between them.

Hopefully I can find a way to merge the two together and have a career in both.


You said you would love to visit Europe (again). Can you describe what makes Europe so special for you?

Last year my family and I took a cruise through the Mediterranean and everycountry we stopped in just had such an amazing relaxing vibe to it. It was Like being welcomed home. the people and the countries are all just so beautiful.


You have to visit a country for promotion. They can’t speak english and you can not speak their language. How will you handle it?£

My dad and I just got back from Chile and before that I thought I could speak pretty good Spanish, since I had an A in second year Spanish class at school. I couldnt understand anyone and barely anyone could understand my makeshift attempts of communicating. The result was a lot of hand gesturing


What’s the most impressive moment you have experiences through or with a Fan?

Chile was one of the first times I have really been exposed to fans. I think the most impressive thing about them was just the little thoughtful things they'd do for me: such as giving me gifts of drawings they'd done of me or standing outside of our hotel for hours. All of them were just so sweet.


You have the opportunity to meet all your Fans, what kind of party would you organize?

If I could organize a party to meet my fans I'd probably do something crazy like a Halloween costume party. I throw one every year for My school friends and it's just a lot of fun to play dressup.


If you would make a movie together with Peter Facinelli which genre would you choose and why?

It would be so fun to do a Comedy with my dad. He's the funniest person I know and I feel like us two together the movie would be a quirky hilarity.


Where can we find you on the web (except Twitter)? Ever thought of an official website to share your music and news?

Right now all I have is a Twitter and an Instagram account. I hadn't really thought about doing a site yet but definitely in the future.

And i think a lot of people get lost when the social aspect of it takes priority.


Do you ever get tired of all the attention and want some peace and quite?

I get a lot of peace and quiet at school. I sort of lay low and focus on my studies there. school's purpose is learning


Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming projects?

The next big thing for me is my music video for my song "falling" which I'm finishing up shooting. I feel like this song represents me more as an artist and I'm excited to see everyones response.


Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I'd just like to say to all my fans thankyou for your support and love, It is such a great honor and truly means so much to me. I can't wait to share more of myself to all of you.


...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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