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Just to start the conversation....

B: I was the last one to join. I have the first name, but I was last.

P: My production company had it. I love Barry’s books and he loved he idea. And we gave it to Little Brown and they loved it.

B: It was about 6 months and then we reworked the entire first half.

P: Let’s talk about the world.

B: I tell people it’s the dark ages in the future. It’s been bad so long that no one remembers when it was good. The environment has had a complete collapse.

P: Imagine Manhattan, but all over. It’s been raining red rain for a while and no one knows why. And this takes place right after the rain.

B: There’s only about 50 million people. It was about 100 million.


P: It was very important to me, especially with 3 daughters that Deedra not be a damsel in distress. Rose sees the beauty in things. What else can we tell them without spoilers?

B: This is the hardest part of events. You can watch the trailer of a movie and know what it’s about.
Speaking of, will there be a movie?

P: I originally thought it would be a movie, but there’s such a big world. And I’ve already done a graphic novel. And with my experience with Twilight, I thought it could be good for YA. I was terrified to write a novel, so I wanted to get an expert.

B: And since he couldn’t get an expert, he got me.

P: There’s a lot of twists and I don’t want to give them away.

B: We wanted to make it different. We know there’s a lot of other dystopian novels. But there’s definitely some things you’ve never seen before.


What was your experience with the narration?

P: Horrible. I realized that I don’t like the sound of my voice. It took me 2 hours to do the prologue. It’s different when I’m acting, as the character they have a different voice. I had a hard time getting the voices of the characters.

B: I haven’t heard that story before.

P: I fired myself.

B: They just told me that you only did the prologue.

P: They send me offers to do voice over work and I never get them.

What was the inspiration for the red rain?

P: There’s a reason, but I can’t tell you.

B: There have been actual events where there has been red rain. Some have explanations like there was ash in the sky or something. But here’s a place where it rains for 100 years and no one knows why.

P: Some people think it was the government or some people think it’s the rapture. I’m a big watcher of documentaries. I love aliens and the pyramids. History changes so much, you don’t know what is real. {I’m pretty sure there was more to this}

B: Like the part with the DVD.


P: There’s a scene with a dvd and the girl picks it up and they don’t know what it is. And one girl says it’s a finger mirror. If you didn’t know what it was, but you saw your reflection, maybe that’s what you would think it was.

B: They don’t have the Internet, they have something called wiki. So you know people can change everything. It puts the characters in a weird position because they don’t know what the red rain is. They’re all certain that they know what it was.

Is there a set up for future books?

P: I would love to do more. I think we left it open enough that we can do more.

B: It’s a big world. There’s a lot of things we can do.

P: We were going to start from the beginning and then Barry said we just jump right in. The whole prologue takes place 17 years before the book takes place.

B: Should we read the prologue?

P: Sure. You read first. You did so well in New York.


P: Wouldn’t you want to see that in a movie?

B: And that was a scene that was added at the last minute. Peter mentioned that we needed a scene to introduce the character.

P: And it doesn’t give anything away.

Did you let your kids read it first?

P: Not first. I turned it in and they read it. My 18 year old loved it and she’s so honest. She told me that she was reading something well known and she thought it was better. My 12 year old is working on it.

B: My daughter is only 9 months.

P: And she’s read it. When we said young adult, we meant it.

B: We didn’t think about writing something for teenagers. We just told a story.

P: I had to keep asking him to take things out because my kids were going to read it. I turned into Tipper Gore.
B: But it didn’t actually go like that. I had to keep pushing and asking why. He finally answered, “Come on. My kids are going to read this.” I asked him if he had read my other series.

P: But now 12 year olds can read it.

B: Peter Facinelli. Making books safe for 12 year old everywhere.


Is there a chance of you guys working together on something more positive?

P: It is a dark world, but the two main characters are positive. They’re showing you what the world could be. There’s levity and action and a love story.

There were a few more questions, but I was busy taking photos. The signing started and we lined up by row, which made us first.


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