Various videos

Peter Facinelli and Liz Reaser -- Falling from cloud nine

(made by Wolf Carly)

Arc - Tonight Tonight

(made by bsbdu92)

Blue Ridge Fall -- Spanish Sahara

(made by bsbdu92)

Peter Facinelli -- Why does it always rain on me

(made by iheartdrmcdreamy)

Loosies - Love is a Battlefield

Bobby & Lucy

(made by Vancinelli)

Angela -- Ease my Pain

(made by bsbdu92)

Calm at Sunset - Fanmade

(made by Kami/FacinelliLatino)

Calm at sunset Peter Facinelli from Facinelli Latino on Vimeo.

Loosies / Loreen -- Sober

(made by sincerelynoturs)

Peter Facinelli -- Beautiful Smile

(made by @DesireBonJovi)

Peter Facinelli "Fuckin Perfect"

(made by VANcinelli)

Peter Facinelli -- Fuckin Perfect from VANcinelli on Vimeo.

After Jimmy -- So cold 

(by VANcinelli)

Peter Facinelli - Raise your Glass 

(Made by bitemesoon)


Peter Facinelli - Raise your glass from bitemesoon on Vimeo.

Peter Facinelli video 

(Made by meivifacinelli) 

Peter Facinelli Video (Made by Glitterrer)



Loosies - Bobby and Lucy (Made by FacinelliLatino)



Peter Facinelli Intro (Made by bsbdu92)



Touch the Top of the World (Made by FacinelliLatino)



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