After the red rain

Peter Facinelli has written his first book together with Barry Lyga and Rob Defranco it's called after the red rain. Send me your reviews and thoughts, let us talk about the characters and the plot of the book.

After The Red Rain By Barry Lyga, Peter Facinelli, Rob DeFranco



When I first heard about the book being a post apocalyptic story, all I could picture was a desperate attempt to make a new 'Hunger Games' story.


After The Red Rain is anything but that. It has intriguing plot twists and just when you think you have an idea what happens next, you are proven wrong. The descriptive style of writing pulls you in and the characters are believable and relatable.


You feel as though you are part of this world joining the two girls on their adventures and discoveries. It is more than what happens when everything is gone. You get a feel for how these characters want toknow what the old world was like before the destruction.


This is truly an in depth look into a group of people's lives and so much more than the same re-telling of the same post modern world story.


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