Fancinelli Gallery

drawing by daniela reich @danielareich84

Fan art by Michaela @Facinellisgirl

fan art by sarah @Arwenevenstar2

funny fan art of Peter facinelli , minions and twilight by @pugridesshotgun

fan art of Peter facinelli and his movies made by sabrina @SabbyWie

drawing of peter facinelli by emily moss

Collage 'i love peter facinelli' by his russian fans

comic style 'facinelli and fancinelli' by meivi putri

Drawing of Peter Facinelli at Comic Con (by Rachel Norline)

Carlisle and Esme Drawing (by poppemieke)


Van Painting/Airbrush (by lost-emotion)


"We love Peter Facinelli" Drawing (by vladimir-tod-love)


Fastlane Artwork Wallpaper (by angelise7)


Peter Facinelli Drawing (by lamia86)


Painted Pic of Carlisle Cullen (by Orsolya Szabone Pinter)

Drawn Pic of Peter Facinelli in Loosies (by AristiqueJules)

Created pic for Peter Facinelli's Birthday (by drcullenfans)

Photographed pic with a Badge of Honor (by FacinellisGirl)

Created pic of Peter Facinelli (by VANcinelli )

Drawn pic of Peter Facinelli (by Karolin5 )

Painted pic of Peter Facinelli (by moumou83 )

Drawn pic of Peter Facinelli (by Raychell_92)

Drawn pic of Peter Facinelli (by Raychell_92)

Fan Meeting at Ring*Con in Germany 2011 (by VANcinelli)

Flyer for Peter Facinelli Fan Meeting (by VANcinelli & FacinellisGirl)


...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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