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Peter Facinelli and Fans - The Book

We all know there are a lot of Fancinellis around the world they don't have the opportunity to meet Peter Facinelli

(or they have had the opportunity, but they were to shy to say anything.)


We can not get him to you but we can get your spirit a little bit closer to him.


Let him know your thoughts, feelings and everything you want.


It's very easy! 

Write down your thoughts, feelings and what's in your mind and send it together in a fitting picture of yourself, your country or what ever you want, you will get your own page to introduce yourself and your life to Peter Facinelli.


Put your text in a by yourself designed picture and send it to me.


If you have any questions, let me know ---> @PFach_and_Fans or @FacinellisGirl

If you have already sent your story or pictures I will pick up the best of it for the book.

Thank you so much for your support!

win peter facinelli his book after the red rain

Fancinellis Video Project

Dear Fancinellis,

Send a video message to and tell in your language why are you admire Peter Facinelli in your language. Don't forget to send english subtitles if you are not using the english language :) that Peter understands what you are saying. You can hold a poster/picture of your country to show where you live. I think this will be very funny and interesting. Thanks for all your support and participation. If you have any questions don't be afraid to contact me @PFach_and_Fans or @FacinellisGirl  



Example: German :) 
Lieber Peter Facinelli, ich bewundere deine Arbeit und die Liebe zu deinen Fans. Bleib so wie du bist. 
"Herzlichen Glückwunsch"


Final Date: juni 26th


facinelli film friday

Join Lizzie (@AsTheSnowFalls2) and Michaela (@FacinellisGirl) in a Facinelli Film Friday, held on one Friday each month.

Join us as we watch and tweet along to selected Peter Facinelli Film that has been chosen by his fans.

The next #FacinelliFilmFriday is February 17th with 'Eclipse'


Join us at

10 am Los Angeles Time

1 pm New York Time

6 pm London Time

7 pm Amsterdam/Berlin Time

12 pm Jakarta Time Next Day Saturday

3 pm Sydney Time Next Day Saturday





Let's celebrate Peter's achievements in film!


Don't forget the hashtag --->    #FacinelliFilmFriday



We have watched:




Gallows Hill

The Big Kahuna

New Moon



Peter Facinelli Autograph Contest


Take a look under the catogery 'FANCINELLIS'


Direct Message to @PFach_and_Fans

Direct Message to @FacinellisGirl

Facebook FanPage Peter-Facinelli-and-Fans


Would you like to get your own signed Peter Facinelli Picture?

It can be difficult to get an autograph so here is your chance!

All you have to do is to be creative!


All catogeries you can find under Fancinellis are included. Send your stories, reports, pictures, fan-art, videos and fan fiction to:

Fans who have already submitted their stories etc to the website will be automatically entered into the competition.

In order to decide the winner, fans will have the opportunity to vote for the best fan submission. You can send the votes to the above email address.

I hope that there will be a lot of entries!


Final Date For Entries: May 31 2013

Peter Facinelli Fan Quiz

Winner Announcement 


We are pleased to announce the winners of our Peter Facinelli Fan Quiz.

All winners are choosen in a fair lottery. 


                Signed Peter Picture -(@PeterFachlover2) 

                Bag - (Ninni @NinniFancinelli) 

                Cup - (Elina) 

                Mouse Pad - (Ash @carlisles_girl1)


Congratulation to the lucky winners. 


Thank you all for participating at the Quiz. It was fun :) 



This is a fan quiz created by

Welcome to the Peter Facinelli Fan Quiz.


Answer the questions below and e-mail your answers timely till

March 31, 2012 (GERMAN TIME) to


to get the chance to win one of the cool prizes at the picture.

For the 1st place we will give away a Twilight picture originally signed by Peter Facinelli.


The lucky winners of our prize draw will be chosen at random, if more as one of you get the correct answers.

Answers and Winners will be posted during the first week of April at this site. All Winners will be re-notified.

Clue: All answers can be found at this site. 

Good luck everyone and have fun :)





1. Which movie would Anais (@bsbdu92) name to describe Peter Facinellis incredible talent?  "ARC"

2. What are the names of Peter Facinelli´s sisters? "JoAnne, Lisa and Linda"

3. In which movie is Peter Facinelli’s character name Alec Nichols? "Stealing Time/Rennie's Landing"

4.  Who´s “The Wolf” in the movie ARC, written and produced by Robert Gunnerson? "Paris Pricherts Mum"

5.  What wrote Peter down on Virginie’s Picture? "Happy Birthday, Virginie"

6.  Finish this quote of Peter: "My fans never stop to "amaze me"

7.  On which date was the Peter Facinelli Fan Meeting in Germany? "October 14th 2011

8.  Has Peter worn a tie at the "The Scorpion King" Premiere in Los Angeles on April 17, 2002? "No"

9.  What are Fancinellis? "Peter Facinelli Fans all around the world"

10. What did Bobby stole from Lt. Sully Sullivan (police officer) in his movie 'Loosies'?

   His Police Badge

Peter Facinelli Video Project 'Follow Me'

Hi guys,


as the last fan projects haven't had much participants and were nearly unrealizable (which I felt sorry for), I will give it now another try.


I would like to run a new Peter video project and calling all Peter Facinelli fans for this. Without your help this will not work out.


So if your interested let me know (tweet me  - @VANcinelli or send an email to and I will give you the full details.


This will gonna be a lot of fun and totally worth it. Pinky promise :)


You don't need hours of time for this. Just around (let's say) 5 min, your cell phone or webcam (or whatever you want to use) and yourself or yourself and a few friends for having much more fun.


Not much I ask for, right?


Can't wait for your stuff,



Fachtastic Fans Birthday Book

Our friends Fachtastic Fans are running a PFach Birthday Project. They're making a book with your notes and pictures, with will given to him in November.


Deadline for this project is October 20th, 2012. 


More informations here: or at Twitter under @FachtasticFans 



...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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