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Interview with Leonie (@FacinelliCrew) about a dinner she had with Peter Facinelli and running a twitter account dedicated to him

November 3 2017


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Leonie. I am almost 16 years old and I live in an area called 'Münsterland' in Germany.

Peter said "Monsterland" LOL. My hobbies are cooking, writing and photographing.


Where and how did you discover Peter Facinelli for the first time?

I saw him for the first time in Breaking Dawn Part1. There is one moment when he smiles and it seems he looks directly into the camera. That's the moment he made me love him and I am sure I will never forget this moment. Then I started to find out more about him and I watched his movies. I found out that he's not only an awesome actor, but he is also a wonderful person.


You have met Peter Facinelli at Weekend of Vampires Convention. What was your most precious moment of meeting him?

That's a tough question. Every single moment was so precious! But my favorite is when he huggend me. He said "Hugs are free, I want to hug you" and then he gave me a long tight hug. I have waited for this special moment over two years.


You are running a twitter account dedicated to Peter Facinelli. What gave you the inspiration to do it?

I want to support Peter as good as I can and show him how much I care about him. I got inspired by fantastic fan accounts and websites like yours :) It's not that I want to copy all these other great supporters, but I want to be a part of this community.

(Note by me: Well said and thank you so much)


Peter is following you on instagram. Can you tell us about it?

He showed me pictures of his vacation in Italy and I asked if he could post them because I really liked them. Then he wanted to send them to me via direct message. He didn't know how to use this tool, so he gave me his phone to show him how to do it. He was looking at my account and he just followed me.


How does it feel to be followed by him?

I didn't notice it until I was on my way back home, but when I saw it I posted it on instagram because I was so happy about it. He commented on this post and I was incredible happy and also proud. Since he is following me on instagram I get likes and comments from him, but it's not the only reason why it's so damn great! I always wanted him to know how much I care about him and now I can 'reach' him and he finally knows that he means everything to me.

His follow makes me so happy and proud every single day and I am very thankful. I really appreciate it.


Peter comes back to Germany, which area would you show him to introduce your country?

Hmmm, I would like to show him the area of my hometown called 'Wuppertal'. It's a city in North-Rhine Westphalia (Germany) it lies in the Wupper-Valley, in the east of Dusseldorf and the south of the Ruhr (river). It's so beautiful there I am sure he would like it.


You have to make german dinner for him. What's on the list?

The first thing is the 'Currywurst' which is definitivly typical german and I know that he already likes it and the dessert would be the german 'Bienenstich' (Bee Sting). It's a dessert made of a sweet yeast dough with a baked-on topping of caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard, buttercream or just cream. I am sure he will love it.


You have had dinner with Peter Facinelli at Weekend of Vampires Convention. Can you give us some details?

At the end of our Meet and Greet Peter invited us (Me, my dad, a second fan and her husband) for dinner. It was a hotel so we could have dinner at their restaurant. I couldn't believe that he just did that. Do you know a celebrity who would do do that! He is awesome! We ordered food and while we were waiting we talked about our families, about Peter and food. When we ate he wanted to taste a little piece of my Currywurst and he said that he really liked that kind of food.

He was silly and funny all the time and it felt like a dream sitting next to him. He acted like we are friends for a very long time. It was an awesome experience I will never forget.


What's you favorite movie with Peter Facinelli?

That's easy. I love every movie with him, but I have always had a favorite since I have watched ARC. Peter plays 'Paris'. The story is great and also very inspiring to me. Paris has to find a boy who was kidnaaped and he never gives up until he finally finds him.

Interview with Maggy (@Maggy__Cookie) about meeting Peter Facinelli, her strength of being different to others and being a Carlisle Cullen Fan

August 3 2016


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Maggy, I am 22 years old, from Cologne Germany. I am a voice acting student and a huge awkward nerd. (I can't think about anything more interesting about me, but apperently you thought I was interesting and adorable enough to answer all of your creative questions, so I will give it a try:)


You have met Peter Facinelli at Weekend of Vampires, how does it feel to meet him?

To be honest, I was deadly nervous beforehand and for that, I am ashamed of myself. Peter is SUCH A SWEETHEART! I really hope all the people who wish to meet him will get the chance someday. He is one of the few people on this planet who have such magical aura, it just can't be described in words. Which is probably why I can't even properly remember the first conversation we had. (Other than me being clumsy as heck and almost knocking over all his autograph cards on the table:)


I have seen you are doing cosplay. What gave you the inspiration to do it?

My best friend forced me in to my first cosplay ever! I had no idea cosplay even existed before I met her. She however was aware of both, my huge obsession with Disney Princesses and my miniscule amount of self confidance. So after my last surgery in 2013 she invited me to join her and some other friends at a little convention. They put me in to her sisters Ariel costume and I felt magical. Now I can't stop pretending to be other characters. It's a little bit like acting, really. You can be anything you want, and nobody will judge. And going to different conventions all around Germany, I have made so many amazing friends, and sort of come out of my shell a bit


Do you design and make your own costumes?

The base of the design already exists in most cases. I do add ideas to the basic character thought. I mostly do cartoon character cosplays, so many details are open to interpretation, I like adding beads and extra sparkles when I sew and I pay attention to the accesories I need. - Ariel would never leave home without her 'Dinglehopper', after all, - When it comes to actually making the costumes, we help each other alot. I can't use a pedal controlled sewing machine, so I have to do everything by hand, but when I am in time crunch, my friend will take care of sewing, while I perhaps finish painting her jewerly. Sometimes you end up still working on a costume at 1 a.m on the day you actually want to dress it, and everyone is frustated, but when you finally get to take photos, everybody agrees that it's worth it. When I do cosplay from movies or TV series with actual people in them, it's always easier. I just have to hunt down all the excact clothing the character wore, jewerly and accessoires and a perfect shade wig...

I am kidding. It's noy easier at all. But it's fun. 


What's your favorite character of Peter Facinelli his movies?

CARLISLE. Peter is the spot on perfect Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and nobody can ever change my opinion on that, escpecially now that I've met him in person! The two are a lot alike! - I have seen a few other things with Peter in them... he was on 'Glee' for a bit, and I quite loved that show... and now my friends are trying to persuate me to watch 'Supergirl', since Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as Superman for Season 2, and I Love both Hoechlin and Facinelli, but I'm not yet that much in to traditional superheroes. So we'll see about that. - When you first see an actor while they are portraying a character who is already dear to your heart, it's something extar special, escpecially when the actors performance turns out to be excact the same thing you had imagined while reading the book. - Or maybe even a tiny bit better. So, Carlisle!


How did you discover Peter Facinelli?

As one of those kids who spent most of her school breaktime in the library (sad but very true) I got my hands on english copy of 'Twilight' pretty early on. A bit later another girl from my grade got the german copy, we noticed each other reading, and we bonded over the books. So we pretty much discovered the whole cast together, once the German teen magazine 'Bravo' had printed an article about the first book becoming a movie, and there was a promo poster included, just imagine two thirteen-year-olds on the phone going "Oh WOW Carlisle and Alice are perfect:"

"Did you just say what I said?"

"Yes, that's because I am secretly Edward's little sister!" That's how I discovered Peter Facinelli


Peter Facinelli would ask you to create a costume for him. What would you choose and why?

That would be such an honor! And it would totally depend on what the costume would be intended for. Remember the bit in 'New Moon' where Carlisle was in the portrait with the Volturi, and Edward told the story behind it, you saw the characters actually moving, as the camera zoomed in to the picture?

I LOVE this kind of clothes. So if it was interely up to me, I'd do something like this again. Only with a specific character in mind. Disney is currently re-adapting its animated classics to live-action... and I can sooo see Peter as King Triton, if they ever get arround to doing 'The Little Mermaid'. And yes, I do have the perfect costume idea.


You need a wheelchair. Would you like to tell us a little bit about it and how it change your life?

There's is two versions of the story on why I walk on crutches and sometimes use a wheelchair. The short version: When I was born, nobody told me I needed oxygen to survive, so I pretty much did not breathe for the first two minutes of my life. The long version is that because I did not get any oxygen at birth, I now have spastic legs, and I fot the first 12 years of my life, I was not able to go anywhere without a wheelchair at all. I went through a ton of complicated surgeries and painful rehabs in order to be walking arround on crutches now, and I am honestly quite happy I have come so far, but I'd like to be able to walk like normal people do, than again, who excactly are 'normal people'? 

I went to an inclusive school and the other kids rather bullied me because I was trying hard to overcome my disability, and do something to make myself better. Sure, may things did not work out (I applied for 8 different student exchange programmes, because I really wanted to got to the USA, but I was always denied because of my disability.) And that gave the bullies further fuel. Some also decided to bully me because I read in english. Nobody would believe how many copies of my Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse Books got thrown in to trash cans for me to dive after, or stuffed down the drain in the boys' room... or burnt before my eyes... there you go. Now it's an answer worth crying over. Except you don't like Twilight. in wich case: "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING ON CARLILSE'S WEBPAGE?!"

(P.S: Note by michaela: "You are a wonderful woman and so inspirational to me. I hope so much all the bullies have not destroyed your happiness, your magic and your wonderful opinions. You are a lovely lady and it was a totally pleasure to do this interview with you!")


Peter Facinelli has helped you so lovely whilst the photoshoot with him. What was your feeling at this moment?

Honestly, I am still overwhelmed by his kindness! As I did not want my photo taken with my chrutches, the photographer decided to shoot me and another lady in a wheelchair last. I was totally okay with that, since I am very, very camera shy. Escpecially out of cosplay. My friend and I made casual conversation with the con staff while waiting for my turn, and I was honestly thinking the lovely staff guy or my friend would lend me a hand up to the photostage, when suddenly Peter was standing right in front of me and helping me up there. That left me rather speachless. And I am anything but speachless usually. He was so nice... and he hugged me... he really hugged me. It may sound incedibly silly, but this photoshoot restored part of my soul. Finally that little insecure bullied teenage girl in me felt important. I felt important! I never thought you could feel so much affection from a stranger in such a short time. I am still simply wow'ed by this, I feel like meeting Peter has given me a new fuel in life in a way... and I don't even know if this answer is making sense anymore. It's like I am a part of the Cullens now. And that's all I wanted in life for a very long while. Now nobody can ever tell me again, that any of my dreams are unrealistic, or impossible to achive. Grazie tanto, Papa Cullen.


If Peter Facinelli ask you to cook somethig for him what would you create for him?

Oh, I think Peter is quite a chef himself. Let me handle dessert. I am good at spontaniously coming up with cupcake or cookie recepies, ot crazy ice cream flavours. In fact when you see me at a cosplay convention, don't be afraid to ask for a cookie. I always bake before cons. And I almost always come up with that to bake just the day before. Usually it involves loads of chocolate or cinnamon or coffe.


If Peter Facinelli would be a flower, which flower would he be and why?

That's a cute question! Someone on deviant art once did a series of artworks with all of the main Twilight characters with a flowerto represent them... and Carlisle's was a Calendula. In my mind, Peter would be something just as bright in color, maybe even flashier. A sunflower would be perfect. I have never met someone who wasn't happy about receiving sunflowers.


If Peter Facinelli wouldn't be an actor which job would he have? (besides a laywer, policeman or doctor)

'Full Time Dad' pretty much is his other job already, right? But I am guessing you want me to pick an occupation he'd get paid for. "Travel-Blogger!"

Have you seen the perfection that is his Instagram?

I am in love with all the impressions of Venezia. They made my summer this year! Much like the Weekend of Vampires did.


Interview with Sarah (@lifesavepeter) about herself, meeting Peter Facinelli for the first time and Twilight 

July 25 2016


Can you introduce yourself, that we know a little bit about you?

I am 17 years old and from Germany. When I have finished with school I would like to do my education to be a nurse. I love it to listen to music, reading books and meeting friends in my free time.


Since when are you a Peter Facinelli Fan and what inspired you to be one?

I am since 2011 a fan of Peter. I have seen him the first time in the Twilight movies and I fell in love with him. So I began to discover all his other projects like Nurse Jackie etc.

He is just a great actor and also a wonderful, hearty and kind man.


You have met Peter Facinelli at Weekend of Vampires Con in Germany. What was the most significant moment for you?

The whole day was unbelievable, but the most significant moment was that one when I asked him for a hug and he did it and he even kissed me on my cheek. What I haven't expected


You are doing great tweets with your account about the Twilight Books. What inspired you to do it?

At first, Thank you! :)

Nowadays you can barely find accounts which are talking about Twilight, it's very sad. The most of all people are only interested in the actors and not for the movies, even for the books. So I try to tweet everyday a little bit about Twilight. And to be honest, otherwise I wouldn't know what I have to tweet. :D


Which part of the Twilight Books is your favorite?

That's difficult to say, but at first I will say I love all scenes with Carlisle Cullen, he is my favorite character. I also like every moment with Bella and Edward


Peter Facinelli drove 190 km/h on the german Autobahn. Which car would you recommend for him to do it again?

To be honest I have no clue about cars. I just say a Mercedes, because Carlisle drives one


What do you love the most about the fans of Peter Facinelli?

It's just a great community. It's wondeful to see how all fans support Peter Facinelli so much


How did you know the website

The twitter account of was one of the first followers of my twitter account, than I was taking a look on the website and also today it's still a pleasure to take a look


If you have to assign Peter Facinelli to a country because of his character, which country would you choose?

Hmm, that's not easy. Maybe to France, because the french are called very charming


How does it feel for you to meet Peter Facinelli for the very first time?

It was unbelievable! I never thought that I will ever have the chance to meet Peter Facinelli because it's very difficult in Germany. Unfortunately there were not so many people because of the munich attack, he had always time to talk to everyone and goofed around with the kids, funny to see him dance. Sadly I couldn't hold a good conversation with him because I am too shy and I didn't trust my english knowledge.

At least I could ask him for a hug because I said before that I will do it.

I do regret that I haven't been at the convention on sunday, but when I will ever get the chance again to meet Peter Facinelli I will immediately do it because this was one of the best days of my life


Interview with Diana Maurer (@NatpackerDiana) about being a twin, her journey to europe and Peter Facinelli

July 29 2015


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Diana the one minute younger identical twin of Athena. I am from Nothern California based in the Bay Area San Jose from 1984. I have lives in Virginia and the Mojave Dessert in the past. We enjoy traveling, going to concerts and good food. Movie buffs raised watching classic hollywood films


You have been a Rob Pattinson fan in the beginning and now you are Peter Facinelli Fan. Why did you change it?

Funny you mention that. When I began liking The Twilight Saga in 2009 I was a huge Rob Pattinson Fan. But things changed in 2011/12 we began collecting and watching Peter's work and in all honesty preferred Peter's roles to Rob's.

Then the November 2012 Burbank Twilight Convention happened and Athena and I met Peter on Saturday and by the amazing Sunday Meet and Greet Athena and myself and Peter had a terrific conversation about his career. We had done our homework and he was very impressed. 


What's the greatest experience you have made since you are a Peter Facinelli Fan?

The greatest experience since being a Peter fan besides Athena and I meeting Peter is of course the great people we have become friends with on both Facebook and Twitter.

The conventions of The Twilight Saga, we went to two of them 2011 and 2012. Rob was at the 2011 one, Peter was at both of them


We know you are a twin. Is it double Facinelli Love?

Yes, Athena and I share a love of Peter and his work. It is double the love


If you have one free wish connected to Peter Facinelli what would it be?

One free wish connected to Peter would be to meet him again with Athena and for him to remember The Twins


You met already your idol Peter Facinelli. How does it feel to get a hug and some lovely words from him?

During the Meet and Greet in 2012 Athena and I did get a hug from Peter. We were dressed alike and introduced ourselves to him. He said he couldn't tell the difference between the two of us. When we had our picture taken with him he said: Aww, The WonderTwins.

He askes us to kiss his cheeks for the second photo. He was wonderful to us


If you could travel back to Europe which area would be your favorite?

We went to Europe in 97 with our late Dad. I was six weeks long, a once in a lifetime experience, but if we ever went back we would got to Scotland, Ireland, but return to England and Italy


If Peter has to play another role in The Twilight Saga which one would you give to him?

If Peter could play another role in Twilight maybe Charlie. He would have been great since he is a dad in real life


You are a great Fan of American Odyssey. Why do you like the series?

Athena and I have been lucky enough to see most of Peter's work. From Angela to American Odyssey we feel that he has truly grown as an actor. We enjoyed the series because Peter got to portray a family man. A dad who would do anything to protect his family. It's great to see him in a more dramatic part after the comedic Dr. Cooper


Duran Duran is your favorite music band. Can you choose a fitting song for Peter and tell us why you have made that choice?

This was my favorite question here because Duran Duran has been our favorite band since 1983. For anyone who has seen the first Fastlane episode the scene in the jail, there was a mention of Duran Duran with Van and the other guys in the cell during the game, also Dr. Cooper in Nurse Jackie Episode 'Tiny Bubbles' mentions to one of his moms that she took him to see a Duran concert. Two songs come to mind: Rio. Athena and I sang that one during the karaoke at the 2011 November Twilight Convention. The next one is a cover version of Lou Reeds song: Perfect Day.

This song reminds us of meeting Peter in 2012 and that wonderful Meet and Greet.

A perfect day. Indeed!


Interview with Athena Maurer (@Attie27Athena) about being a twin, her journey to europe and Peter Facinelli

July 29 2015


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am the one minute older twin. I enjoy traveling, listening to old radio shows. The Cure music have been a fan of that band for years. Also a fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Heath Ledger


You have been a Rob Pattinson fan in the beginning and now you are a Peter Facinelli Fan. Why did you change it?

I enjoy Peters work better than Roberts. I think he is much cuter than Rob. Peter is closer to my age, too. lol


What's you greatest experience you have made since you are a Peter Facinelli Fan?

First Twilight Convention in November 2011 Diana and I ever went to. First time we saw Peter in person. During the Cullen Panel he was so funny and he responded to us when we shouted out: We love you. He said: I love you, too


We know you are a twin. Is it double Facinelli Love?

Yes, and that's what makes it more fun. I enjoy his work just as much as Diana does


If you have one free wish connected to Peter Facinelli what would it be?

Spend the day talking to him about his earlier work that had nothing to do with Twilight and Nurse Jackie. To be different and stand out


You have met already your idol Peter Facinelli. How does it feel to get a hug and some lovely words from him?

It was particularly special because I think he was very appreciative of the fact that I was so knowledgeable of his past work that had nothing to do with Twilight or Nurse Jackie. Plus him calling us The Wonder Twins didn't hurt. Me and my sister Diana could have had a three way conversations and "I love you guys, you have seen all my stuff"


If you could travel back to Europe which area would be your favorite?

Venice or the english countryside, less busy


If Peter has to play another role in The Twilight Saga. Which role would you give to him?

Peter could have played Charlie or Garret


You are a great fan of American Odyssey. Why do you like the series?

It has a strong female lead character which is hard to find in a TV show


Duran Duran is your favorite music band. Can you choose a fitting song for Peter and tell us why you have made that choice?

Duran Duran I have been a fan since 1983, the song I choose is called 'Pop Trash Movie' from their 2000 album called 'Pop Trash'.

The song is about being a fan of a movie star. Second a cover version of the band Led Zeppilin's song called 'Thank You' for him being so great to us twins during the Meet and Greet of November 2012. 

'Grey Lady of the Sea' from Duran lead singer Simon LeBon reminds me of Peters film 

Calm at Sunset.

Interview with Sarah (@ArwenEvenstar2) about her country, herself and being a fan of Peter Facinelli

July 26 2015


You are a huge Peter Facinelli supporter. Where did you see him for the first time?

I saw Peter the first time a few years ago in the Twilight Saga as Carlisle. My big sister showed me that movie.

In the scene where Carlisle appears for the first time he made a big impression on me.

Peter gets the character to life in a way that makes gasping for breath and after all Carlisle is a vampire who dazzles others. I can not imagine anyone else in that role


As we all know it's difficult to meet Peter Facinelli in Europe. How would you convince him to come back?

Well, I have asked him several times to come back, although that I know he is busy and family comes first.

But let's get back to the question. I am just trying to convince him that it is totally worth it to come back to Europe because we fans have a lot to give to him. We want to see him face to face and tell him how much we appreciate him as a person and an actor


If Peter comes visiting your country what would you do with him to introduce Finland to him?

I would be happy to introduce him my hometown, but it is a very small place so I would also introduce him something inherited finnish nature. Summer is the best time to visit while in winter the snow is also beautiful


You are a huge Lord Of The Rings fan (just like me). Which role in it is fitting for Peter Facinelli?

I must say Aragorn or maybe Faramir. Both are interesting and different characters and heroes.

I do not know the exact reason, but Peter certainly would bring the characters more profundity and sense. These characters are also my favorites.


What is your most wonderful experience over the years because of Peter Facinelli?

First he followed me on Twitter. Secondly, I got a lot of friends all over the world because of him. Thirdly, he sent me an autograph


If you had the possibility to make a convention. Which location would you choose and why?

I have to say Helsinki, Finland, of course. It would be the easiest way for me to go there, but it's hardly going to 

I still hope that he will have the time to visit my beautiful homeland. I am sure that he will like it


You have already told us about it. Peter Facinelli followed you on Twitter. How did it feel for you?

AWESOME! I did not expect that he would follow me because he never met me. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for it and also that he answered my questions


Is it difficult to get stuff about Peter Facinelli in Finland?

It is quite difficult because there is not all stuff available the same way like it is in other countries or in America or it will appear much later. In general, however, I am satisfied. TV programs are at least in many cases far behind or else they will not on TV at all


Peter Facinelli played in so many different roles. Do you think there is one character missing?

It's hard question. Perhaps more fantasy-themed roles


If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?

Will it meet Peter in person one day? lol


What do you think about that NBC has canceled American Odyssey?

BAD choice in my opinion. It would have had a lot of viewers

Interview with Vicky (@VikBlythe) about being a fan of Peter Facinelli and her experiences because of him

June 2 2015


Can you tell us why you are a Peter Facinelli Fan?

​I am a fan because he is such an amazing actor , who can do any kind of genre and succeed in it, but not only that he doesn't just act he writes such amazing stuff too. He is such a generous guy who appreciates his fans so much and this makes people like him even more.


​You are creating great Fan Art for Peter Facinelli and his shows. Where do you get the inspiration?

​I have A-Levels in Art & Design so I think I am lucky that it comes naturally to me but the inspiration comes from Peter himself, he potrays an amazing character in American Odyssey and in all the photos that I use there's so much drama in them, which makes for great artwork


You have to organize a Facinelli Fan Party and Peter will also be there. What will be the theme of it to make all fans and Peter stunnung about your party?

If had to organize a party it would be a Mexican Nurse Jackie party. Peter looks like he enjoys Mexico, so it would be Mexican food and drinks and everybody could dress up as somebody from Nurse Jackie


If peter invites you to travel together with him in a far away country. Where would the journey end?

I don't know if I would choose a far away place, I think I would choose NYC I have been lucky to visit this city twice and it's my favorite city in the world, but it would be amazing to have a home grown guy to show you around all the places you wouldn't normally go as a tourist


How do you feel about the love and support of Peter his Fans?

I think it's amazing I have never known another actor that receives so much support and love from his fans. What I love more is that it's not just one sided, he supports his fans and throws out so much love to his fans more than he realises


You met many Peter Facinelli Fans through Twitter. What's the best part of it?

The best part of meeting fans through Twitter is just the interaction in general. I have a close friendship with 5 other Peter Fans who I have never met or even spoke to on the phone, but they mean so much to me and it's all thanks to Peter


If Peter wouldn't be an actor which Job do you think would be fitting for him? (except a laywer and a doctor)

This was a tough one because if he's not an actor you just automatically think of him as a doctor or laywer, but I would say a police officer I think he would be tough and fight for justice, but he would be compassionate when needed to be


If someone makes a movie about Peter his life which actor would get the role and why?

I would have to say Ansel Elgort who played Augustus in "The fault in our stars" movie. He's just a cheeky chap that's funny but serious all at the same time


You are living in England. As we all know, Peter is a huge Beatles Fan. Who of the Beatles could be Peters best friend and why?

I think it would be Paul McCartney they both seem to be focused and determinded to get what they want out of life, but imagine both could let their hair down and have a great time together


You have to cook a dinner for Peter. What's on the table?

Oooooh cooking dinner for Peter I would have to say a traditional Sunday Dinner

Interview with Lizzie (@AsTheSnowFalls2) about Peter Facinelli and the experiences she has made.

May 3 2013


If you could spend a day with Peter alone, what would you like to do?

I would be happy to do whatever Peter wanted to do. If it was my choice though, I’d love to spend a day in New York City with Peter as my tour guide. I’ve visited New York twice and I adore the city so I’d like to visit places that tourists don’t know about. Given that Peter grew up in New York, I am sure he knows some hidden gems in the city that not many know about! 
It would just be an honour to spend a day with him though and I have no doubt that we would have fun.


You met Peter Facinelli in Birmingham in 2012. Could you describe what it was like to meet him?

The weekend of Eternal Twilight 8 was possibly the best weekend I have ever had! Not only did I get to meet the wonderful Peter but I also got to meet friends that I had made through being a Facinelli fan. Meeting Fiona (@FionaRhiannon), Michaela (@FacinellisGirl) and Dani (@VANcinelli) was incredibly special and I’ll always be thankful to Peter for connecting us all together.
In terms of meeting the man himself, I was incredibly nervous. I had waited a long time to meet him and now my dreams were about to come true. I first saw Peter with Fiona in the hallway on Saturday morning. Unfortunately my nerves got the best of me at that point so we didn’t chat then. But I found my courage when in the talks on Saturday afternoon. I got to ask the last question in Peter’s chat and I asked him about Touch The Top of The World. He gave a wonderful, detailed answer, which was fascinating. 
It was after the talks that I actually got to meet him. We all headed outside for some fresh air and a few moments later, Peter came out too. At first we didn’t want to bother him but he came over to us and amazingly decided that we should do a recreation of the Beatles Abby Road photo! Words cannot describe how fantastic that was. Peter was absolutely lovely, so warm and compassionate. We also got to chat to him and it was very special. He really loved to hear our thoughts and I was so touched at the attention he gave us. We also had a few more interactions with the lovely Peter over the weekend which was incredible. Peter is without doubt the kindest, funniest and sweetest person I have met. I’ve have so much to thank him for.


If you could write a movie script for Peter Facinelli. What kind of role would he get?

This is a really interesting question and difficult to answer as there are so many different types of roles I’d love to see him do. However I’d really love to see him do a period drama or some historical piece as I think he would excel. I’m not a fan of the show Downton Abbey but I do think Peter would be amazing in something along those lines. If I had to write a script, I would possibly do write something based in the 1920’s/1930’s and have Peter play one of the main characters. It’s hard to say exactly what the script would be about as I’d need to flesh it out further but all I know is that I’d love to see Peter in period dress. 
Ideally I’d write Carlisle’s back story too haha! Now there’s something I want to see!


Peter Facinelli followed you a few days ago on Twitter. Now we would love to read your reaction to it. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

It was completely unexpected and at first I didn’t actually notice because I was getting ready for my best friend to visit. I had just put my phone down to go and sort some things out when I heard a ding from my mobile. It was a new email notification from Twitter and when I saw that it was Peter that had followed me, I could barely believe it! At first I thought maybe it’s a fan that named themselves Peter as you do get a lot of them on there but no, it really was Peter and I had a huge grin on my face as I realised this! I sat there for five or six minutes going ‘Oh my god’ while smiling like a crazy person. 
I am incredibly honoured that Peter chose to follow me and I am very thankful. It means a great deal to me. I do think it is wonderful that Peter follows fans of his own accord when he doesn’t have to. He really cares about his fans and that is just another thing I love about him!


Why are you a Fan of Peter Facinelli?

For me, Peter Facinelli is not only a truly talented actor

but a generous, warm hearted person. He’s very kind and sweet and he is a perfect role model to so many. Peter has so many talents. I love that he not only acts but writes and produces too. I really think that is quite rare these days, though I could be wrong. I also like that he does many things for charities especially for Alex’s Lemonade. It’s inspiring and he pushes me to be a better person because of it. Thank you Peter for being you.


You have to organize a fan party for Peter Facinelli. How would you handle it?

Wow, I think that would be a lot of fun to do! I’d enlist the help of my fellow Fancinelli friends of course and then we’d try to find a good venue to host it in. I am considering doing a fan event for Facinelli fans at some point in the year or next year. I want to raise money for Cancer Research UK and at the same time I want to meet other fans of Peter so what better way to do it then to host some kind of event? I think it will be fun! The event would for fans and we’d watch movies and play games together while raising money.


You run a British blog dedicated to Peter Facinelli. How did you get the idea for it?

FancinellisUK was actually inspired by this wonderful website and also by the fact that it can be difficult to find Peter films and interviews in the UK sometimes. I set up the Twitter account originally for UK fans in an effort to help British fans but now it’s generally a global account and I will post any news relating to Peter on there. It’s been really successful so far and I’m aiming to set up a blog to write reviews etc too. That’s currently under construction right now but look out for it soon!


Is there any story or question you would like to know from Peter personally?

I’d love to know how long he had to sit in make up for Breaking Dawn Part 2 when they recreated Carlisle’s head. *cries a little*. That scene really got to me as I suspect it did a lot of Peter/Carlisle fans but I do want to know how long that actually took and what he thought of his recreation! I don’t think it’s really talked about in the BD2 DVD so I’m curious.


You can give Peter superpowers for one day. What kind of superpower would it be and why?

I think Peter really must have superpowers of his own considering how much he travels and works! But honestly I’d like to give him a TARDIS so he could travel back and forward without taking up too much time away from his family. Having a TARDIS would be very convenient and also he could see the whole of time and space. This may be just my wish to see Peter play the Doctor though. Haha.


What is the most amazing moment you have experienced with Peter Facinelli and his fans?

As mentioned before, I think it has to be the Eternal Twilight 8 Convention in Birmingham. That weekend was very special to me and to my friends. We had so much fun and we got a lot of time with Peter which was truly incredible.
Some of the moments for me include doing the famous Abby Road pose, dancing with Peter at the Saturday night prom and a wonderful guest encounter with him. I have so many good memories and it will always be in my heart. 
I will be a fan of Peter Facinelli for life. He is truly wonderful.

Interview with Daniela Hernandez about meeting Peter Facinelli and her country Chile
March 30 2013


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Daniela, I’m 19, I live in Chile, specifically in a city called Temuco, which is in the south of my country. I got into university this year so as to study English teaching, which has been my dream since I was a child. In my free time I like listening to music, I love singing, watching movies and TV series, I like reading, and of course I love the kind of fangirl life. *laughs*


You live in Chile, is it difficult getting stuff of Peter Facinelli there?

Kind of, it’s just because he’s not very recognized here. You can order stuff from internet or just make your own things.


How is it about Peter’s name recognition in Chile? Did people know who Peter Facinelli is? Or do they remember him only as Carlisle Cullen in Twilight? 

As you may know, his most popular character is Carlisle Cullen, so he’s most known as Doctor Cullen. A little group of people knows his other movies or that he’s part of Nurse Jackie, but not everyone knows that.


Many people say that Peter is an inspiration. Is he an inspiration for you and if yes, in what way?

Being honest, before he came to Chile, I used just to like him, like, in a good way, I knew he was very kind with his fans, but until the moment I knew him, he became someone very special in my life, he’s so down to earth, I was so surprised that he was just a normal guy meeting fans, he took time to take pictures with everyone and signing autographs and talking with everyone, he’s definitely a humble person and I admire him very much for just the way he is. I’ll never forget the fact that he gave me his scarf, not because that he gave me something of his, I mean, he was able to remember me even though he had met thousands of people, and he thanked me the fact that I had travelled nine hours to see him, that was very kind and humble.


What is your favorite Peter Facinelli movie and why? 

Apart from Twilight movies, a couple of months ago I watched “Loosies” and I loved it, the character he played was simply brilliant, he had to change the way he used to live because he fell in love and I think that’s super sweet.


If you could spend a day with Peter what would you like to do?

Technically, we spent almost three days with him, but I would like to show him the rest of our country, he was just in a few places, and Chile has a lot of things to see apart from Santiago or Valparaiso, so I think I would like to show him another places here, just talking with him, that would be more than awesome.


What’s the most greatest part to be a member of the Facinelli Fan Family?

Honestly, all of you are amazing. His fans.


You’ve been waiting for this interview for months and months, I thought you would be so mad at me, but you’ve been patient enough to wait for my answers and I think that you’re all very kind and sweet people.I love the way you treat me even though my English isn’t perfect we kind of communicate perfectly. (Thank you so much, sweetheart. You are very welcome)


Peter invites you for one day. Where would you spend the day?

I don’t care about the place as long as I’m with him, he’s one of those guys that you can talk about anything, anywhere, you’ll have an amazing time anyway.


You met Peter Facinelli 2012 in Chile. How does it feel to stand beside him and talk to him?

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that I was right in front of him, I tried to act normal but it was too difficult, I couldn’t even talk in English ahaha, I didn’t wanted to freak him out, so the first time I saw him I said hi and I hugged him, and told him that I had travelled nine hours to see him, we took our first picture and I had to leave the place because you had just a few minutes to be with him (so sad, I know) but I wasn’t too sad because I knew I had a lot of time to talk with him yet, we saw Peter like, 7 times in the same weekend so we had a lot of chances to be with him. The other times I was more relaxed, but the last time I saw him I did nothing but cry and he hugged me and kissed my hand and I was so shocked that I couldn’t even talk, I said that I wish he could come back soon and thank you for everything he did for me, and I gave him a letter and a present. (Someday soon I’ll send the whole story, because there’s missing details that I have to tell you one day c;)


How would you explain Peter Facinelli’s wonderful kind reacting with his fans?

At first I wasn’t capable of understand why he was so humble with his fans, but I think that it’s because he’s a father, he understands when people love something so much and he tries to do the best with just a few minutes, he smiles, he talks with you, he takes pictures because he knows that he’s doing something is going to be unforgettable for all of us who had met him. I wish that everyone would have the chance to meet him, because the effort of travelling and everything related it’s totally worth it.

Interview with Eugenia (@FacinellisFan) about Peter Facinelli, Studying and Herself

January 8 2013


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Zhenya (Eugenia @FacinellisFan) I'm 23 years old. I'm a very shy person. I'm a big fan of Peter Facinelli. I live in Russia (the city of Kursk) I graduated from the Institute, Department of veterinary medicine .

Also in 2013, I will enroll in the College of medicine.

My Hobbies guitar and piano. I love to read and watch films that Peter Facinelli stars in. I love my family, friends, animals, children and Peter Facinelli :)


You live in Russia. Is it difficult to get stuff of Peter Facinelli there?

In Russia, I would say that it is practically impossible. Even on the internet, there is not much available.


If you could write a script for Peter Facinelli. What kind of role would it be?

If I wrote a script for Peter Facinelli, I would have him play a doctor. He fits that role perfectly, although I love all the roles he does.


Peter asked you ‚where  is the best place to visit in Russia’. Where would you take him with you?

In Russia as in any place, a lot of beautiful places. Here are some of them: the City of Saint-Petersburg is famous for the White nights, drawbridges, the Hermitage , the Fountains is a very beautiful city! Moscow - capital of Russia, Red Square, there are also a lot of places to visit. The city of Kursk - the native city, is famous for Kursk Nightingales, has musical fountains and much more. This is only a small part. In Russia, I think everyone will like it


Where did you see Peter Facinelli for the first time?

The first time I saw Peter Facinelli was in "Twilight." I fell in love immediately. A wonderful movie.


Why are you a Fan of Peter Facinelli?

Peter Facinelli is not only a talented actor but also a wonderful person! A charming smile and beautiful eyes:) Kind, sociable, always spend time with his fans, knows how to find common language with any person. Can not list all. He is an amazing man. I admire him and I am proud to be his fan!


What do you like the most about Peter Facinelli?

It is very difficult to answer that question in a few words! Peter has many wonderful qualities. He's kind and very easy to talk to but those are only two of his qualities. He has a wonderful and beautiful smile.


We know Russia has very hard winters. What would you do to make it warm for Peter Facinelli?

Yes, the winters we have are very cold but we don't freeze. I try to do everything that's warm, fun and interesting. There are many ways to keep warm: a traditional Russian Sauna & dances. My favourite dance is "Driving The Car"


You have the choice to produce a movie together with Peter Facinelli. What kind of movie will it be?

I would be very pleased to work with Peter Facinelli. We would decide together what movie we would do. I would like the movie to be about doctors but I would also be interested in other roles too.


What ist he most important part for you of being a fan of Peter Facinelli?

What attracts me to Peter Facinelli is his attitude to fans, his devotion to his family & friends and also his passion for his work.

Interview with Carlos Eduardo Farias (@carlosedward) about Peter Facinelli, his country and himself

August 29 2012


Can you introduce your country Brasilia to Peter Facinelli?

Well, Brazil is a tropical country with amazing beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and has a very pleasant climate.

With some sights known as the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Botanic Garden in Curitiba and the Iguazu Falls on the border with Argentina.


What do you like the most about Peter Facinelli?

Actually what I like and what I admire most is his relationship with his daughters, he appears to be a very caring and loving father and still manages to work very well.

He found the right balance between career and family.


Brasilia is the country of carnival. Which outfit would you create for Peter Facinelli?

Maybe some fancy magican, like Merlin but with a dark green outfit with some bright spots.

I think he'd be fine.


Peter Facinelli follows you on Twitter. How did it happen?

I can not say excactly how or why, but I remember that before he followed me I retweet a lot, commenting on all his tweets, photos, pretty much everything, and during a promotion that the winner would win a dinner with Peter .

I obviously was participating but had many questions when least expected and he followed me to answer me (DM).


You have to organize a fan party for Peter Facinelli. How would you handle it?



What’s your favorite role/character of Peter Facinelli and why?

Hard to pick just one, even being a fan of Twilight and watched Fastlane, I still prefer Dr. Fitch Cooper.

First I prefer Coop because I think Peter always looks good when you make a paper Doctor.

And second, I think he's very funny, both on the show backstage as he can pull laughs very easily.

And finally, because he is one of the main protagonists of the show, without him it would not be the same.


We know you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries. 

If Peter were a character from TVD, which one would he be?

It would be very good he would be Alaric Saltzman, this character is serious, responsible and determined. And in the background, it would be great to see him as Elijah Mikaleson.


Do you have a questions you always wanted to ask Peter?

Yes, the first question they always do in chats (but not yet answered hi) is: Do you have any desire to visit Brazil?

And others, such as: How did you get to work all these years with the cast of Twilight, and which ones you'd like to act again?

What is your favorite type of food?

What is your favorite band / singer?

projects for the future?


Mention a few words in Portugese Peter absolute need to learn. 

Amor, Magnífico, Obrigado, Caipirinha, Crepúsculo, Pedro (Peter in Portuguese)


Let's get some weird ideas^^ Imagine, Peter is nominated in the best actor category for the Oscars and ask you to write an imressive speech for him.

What would you write? 

"I would like to thank, first, to God.

And to all the fans who have always supported me and praised my work, I would not be here today and winning the Oscar if it were not for all of you."


(Well, I've not a lot of ideas at the moment and I forgot the speech I wrote 3 years ago for this moment, so ..

Anyway, thank you for another achievement and she is dedicated to my dear daughters.)


Questions By Michaela & Daniela

Interview with Ninna (@ninna_riva) (@PFacinelliSpain)

about herself, her country and her love to Peter Facinelli

August 21 2012

All rights belong to the owner


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ninna, I am 28 years old and I live in Barcelona. I work in an Office and in my spare time I am writing.


You live in Spain. Is it difficult to get stuff about Peter Facinelli in your country?   

Getting things about Peter here is very difficult, generally get things about Robert and Kristen is easier.


You are Peter Facinelli’s tourguide. Which place would you show him in Spain?

I would show him my city: Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia, a magnificent work of Gaudí. I would take him to walk along the Las Ramblas for dining seafood on the shores of the sea and the rest of Spain to make him dance. I would go to Madrid to the Prado Museum or Galicia. The green meadows in Ibiza.


What do you like the most about Peter Facinelli?

His smile and his eyes are in photos very spectacular, but there is much more . His personality, I think he is a great man, a good father and very kind.


You met Peter Facinelli in Barcelona. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

At first I got an autograph, he was very friendly and joked with my name. Then in the photoshoot he was a little more serious. I remember that he was very tired and would like to finish fast. Then it was his turn to speak in front of his fans and it was fantastic, he was very nice, goofing around, loving and very kind.


You have a spanish blog dedicated to Peter Facinelli. How did you get the idea?

The idea of doing a blog about Peter began as I saw the blogs in Latin America, United States and other countries but not Spain. That made me to start a blog about him and I did it.  I do not spend all my time but I try to update it whenever I can.


Peter Facinelli would like to know more about Spain. How would you teach him?

I would say that Spain is a culturally rich country, which in addition to Spanish we also speak other languages , such as Catalan, Galician and Basque.

That the people are very friendly and their food is excellent.


Could you imagine Peter Facinelli supports the spanish soccer team. Wich player would he be and why?

Serious Carles Puyol, he defends his team and I think that it would describe Peter and his character Carlisle. That's why my favorite Twilight character, because he protect his children and his wife Esme.


Choose three countries you like the most in europe Peter Facinelli should visit next..

Germany, United Kingdom and Italy. I was there and I liked it so much.


Would you travel to America to meet Peter Facinelli again?

I do not know, I would think about it. I think that the United States are too far away, but if I had the money I would make the trip.


Questions By Michaela

Interview with Jim (@JimDomingo) 

Huge fan and supporter of Peter Facinelli

May 28th 2012

All rights belong to the owner


 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jim Domingo. I am in my twenties and a big fan of Peter Facinelli. I reside in Canada and enjoy the USA quite a bit. I pride myself in being very diverse in many of my daily activities and am a very different and fun loving individual who is very passionate about too many things some might say. I tend to enjoy anything surpernatural most of the time including but not limited to movies with the following topics; vampires, werewolves, witchcraft, zombies, mutants, superpowers, etc. At the very least, I am a college graduate from the Registered Practical Nursing program here in Canada and I enjoy it very much. Knowing that I can and am making a difference in the lives of others gives me great joy. Aside from being an alumni nursing student I do have my own Youtube channel which I also take great pride in. I made Youtube partnership not too long ago and haven’t been able to slow down since then. Since I was little I aspired to be in front or behind the camera in some way shape or form. Youtube provided a great outlet for me to express myself and spread my name internationally but in a very discrete way. I will soon be posting videos and photos from my meet and greet with Peter Facinelli on my Youtube channel:


Many Fans are saying Peter Facinelli is an inspiration to them. In which way is he a inspiration for you?

On a very personal level Peter is a great inspiration to my life just for the simple fact of who he is as a person. Allow me to elaborate. Peter is a very driven, dedicated and generous person on a professional level. At any given time he is there for his fans whether that be through Twitter, meet and greets or other means. He takes time out of his obviously very busty, hectic and sleep deprived schedule for people like you and I; not many other people (celebrity or not) would do such kind things for their fans. On a personal level; he is a very strong willed, kind, generous, gentle, intelligent, respectful and down to earth person. No matter what life throws his way, he is always and will always be there for his family. His main passion in life other than his career (which is a given) is his family. These are qualities in a person that are very hard to find these days. I guess you could say I idolize him and hope to become someone like him in the near future. He drives me to better myself inspires me to learn to live life to the fullest and not just live for the sake of living. For such a scenario I believe this quote best fits it: ”Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”- Drake.


You met Peter Facinelli this year in may. Can you tell us your story and how it feels to standing beside him and talking to him?

Meeting Peter Facinelli for the first time ever was just amazing. There are really no words in any language that could describe how it felt to finally meet him. I will however; do my best. My friend Chelle was really the person who let me know Peter was going to be in town via Twitter. I was ecstatic to say the least after he had to cancel his appearance two years earlier. In the summer of 2010; Peter was supposed to be in Toronto and had to cancel due to another engagement. By the time my sister and I found out, we had already bought VIP tickets and had shirts made to get signed as well. Although this was very disappointing; news of his arrival once again sparked a new kind of hope for us. There was however; another obstacle. Cookstown, Ontario was 2 hours from where I live and we needed to find a ride. My sister and I were determined and found ourselves a ride to the event. As each long and drawn out day went by, the anticipation continued to grow. Arriving at the Tanger Outlets provoked my anxiety even more up until the point when Peter walked in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was this tall, good looking Italian man walking in and my sister and I just looked at each other in shock. We couldn’t believe he was real and that he was standing in the same building as we were. Many “oh my god’s” were spewed out between the two of us. My sister nearly fainted quite a few times during the event. When it was my turn to get up and meet him, I had so many things running through my mind I was at a loss for words. So in classic Peter fashion, he initiated the conversation and already knew who I was and called my name: “You’re Jim Domingo.” I really felt like a “bumbling fool”. The truth of the matter is I didn’t have much time to chat with him because of time constraints. I attempted to get into VIP and was unsuccessful. Next time I’ll try even harderJ. We talked for a bit, he signed my shirt for me and even gave me a hug. Once it was over and done with (much too short but still worth it) I felt uplifted; changed in some way. My life from then on would never be the same again. To this day I’m still dazed and star struck from the event. He really is a very kind and sweet person. I can officially say that I’m inFACHuated.


What’s your favorite role/ character of Peter Facinelli?

Because I’m a sucker for vampires I would say Carlisle Cullen from the Twilight Saga was my favourite role from him but... Back in the day, not too sure how far back, he played a character named “Van” Ray who was a badass undercover cop who I really admire. He got any woman he wanted, he had money, looks, cars, he had it made. Now that I think of it, I also loved the character he played in a movie called Arc. He plays a drug peddler named Paris and it was fun to see him in such a provocative role (watch it to find out what I’m talking about). Peter also starred in the movie Hollow Man 2 where he played Frank Turner. It was nice to see him in a thriller as an invisible entity who became a hero vigilante. Oh, who could forget Bobby from Loosies where he played a struggling pickpocket who found out he had a baby on the way. His character reminded me of my stereotypical Italian friends. Furthermore, who wouldn’t mention Doctor Fitch Cooper from Nurse Jackie? I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it as much as I’d like to but we don’t have the channel to watch it. Doctor Coop is a fun, quirky and colourful character who suffers from a condition called sexual tourettes. From what I’ve seen, I can’t help but smile or laugh at this character for all the right reasons. I guess in a nutshell I rather enjoy anyone Peter plays has played or will play. He’s so diverse with his roles and can really get audiences into his characters but at the same time be believable. I really do dread the day Peter retires from the acting profession.        


If you could be a character in one of Peter’s Movies, which one would it be and why?

My friend Chelle has been writing up a storm with her personal project in which Peter Facinelli fits into the role of a character named Chris. Chris is an amplified version of the character Van Ray from Fastlane. I’d love to play the role of the first murder victim in which Peter Facinelli as Chris brutally murders me. I do tend to have a sadistic side to me at times. If not, I’d like to play any role really which would allow me to thoroughly interact with Peter Facinelli’s character. In my position, I need not be too picky. I have so much respect and adoration for Peter that any role with him is a role I would take.                                                         


If Peter has to be a comic figure for a one day, who would it be and why? If he had to be any comic figure for a day I would say he’d best fit the role of Batman. Him and Bruce Wayne have a lot in common. They’re both suave, they have women swooning over them from all walks of the earth, they’re celebrities and people look up to them. On the flip side, unlilke Bruce Wayne, Peter knows how to smile, laugh and have fun. He’s also not a very sheltered individual. Then again, they both have their dark sides (everyone does). Peter’s is still yet to be seen or even heard ofJ. And why not; Peter is already an international hero with ”Fancinelli’s” all over the world cheering and chanting his name.                                                            


You made/made a lot of Videos. Can you tell us a little bit about your hobby and why are you having it? I started my first channel on Youtube in 2008 if I’m not mistaken. I only started it for fun so family could see videos from other countries. Soon, Youtube spread to my life like a virus (a good one). I began filming more and more and with more advanced equipment as time went on. I was having too much fun with it not to do it as a hobby. Other Youtubers who are significantly more successful with their channels make a lot of money from making videos. I think more than anything I want the success and the money comes as a perk. Just to get my name out there makes a world of difference for me. I made Youtube partnership last year and haven’t looked back since. Although I don’t make a living off of Youtube I still continue to make videos because it’s something I enjoy. For the most part my channel is filled with the weekly adventures of my own life and people thus far within and outside my family are watching. People pay attention to those who personify someone outside of their norms. Most of the time I tend to personify a specific personality on camera which is different from my personality off camera. I guess in a way, ”vlogging” on my Youtube channel is a lot like acting, you can portray someone other than yourself and it’s completely normal. Who knows, one day I may get noticed and be asked to play a small part on something.                               


You are also obsessed with the STBI stories which Michelle wrote. Why are you so interested and what do you like the most of this stories? Haha. Michelle ”Chelle” got me hooked with the prequel to STBI (SWTE). I don’t normally read books of any fashion as It isn’t something I particularily enjoy. However; Chelle’s literary work captivated my eyes. Her writing style is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It is at the bottom line a love story but her work contains certain elements in it that will reach male readers. The depth of each character is astonishing. Her literary works are really the only thing I’ve taken the time to actually read without skimming through. From begining to middle to end, the story just keeps me interested. On the other hand, STBI will contain slightly different changes from SWTE so I am highly anticipating its finish. I’ve gotten some spoilers from Chelle but I won’t let those out of the bag until she officially releases the whole story. To no surprise my favourite character is Chris who is created for Peter Facinelli. My favourite scene in the book is a very adult scene between Chris and a character named Kendall. That scene won’t be discussed on hereJ. You’ll have to read STBI to find out what I’m talking about.                                                                             


I read something on Twitter. You said Peter Facinelli smells like coffee. Any describtion possible ? Hahaha (laughing loudly). People who have met him have all said he smells: ”good”, ”delicious”, ”heavenly”, etc. So naturally, I was curious as to what this was all about. I had even watched an interview Peter had with a guy whom he ”bit”. The guy mentioned Peter smelt delicious. So anyways, prior to the meet and greet, I had asked Chelle if it would be okay for me to smell him to find out what all the fuss was about. When he hugged me, I took a quick whiff and he smelt like coffee. I could also smell the leather from his jacket. I told Chelle about it and she told me he probably wasn’t wearing what ever fragrance he normally wears. If I meet him again I’m probably going to do it all over since he wasn’t wearing the infamous cologne last time.                                                                               


You have to show Peter Facinelli with only one symbol who you are, what would it be? I guess if I had to represent myself to him in order to show him who I am... I’d be his leather jacket. No matter where he goes, I’ll always be there. I’m caring, warm and affectionate but also solid, protective and somewhat cool. I’d also like to think that out of all his other clothes, I’m his favourite hahah. And besides, Peter plus his leather jacket... they just click like him and I did at our meet and greet. I’ll be a fan for life and even plan on getting his signature tattooed on me at some point. I wish him the best; life, liberty, success and happiness. Until we meet again. 


Interview with Crystal (@evfachinated) 

Fancinelli from Australia who have met Peter Facinelli

May 28th 2012


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ooh! I hate these sorts of questions! I am never good at this question. Ha! I'll see how I go anyway. I'm a 17 y/o Australian girl that is about to graduate in 5 months! To state the obvious, I'm a fellow Fancinelli! I also like band Evanescence and TV show Adventure Time. I am actually really awkward to talk to in person. I'm not shy as such, just awkward. I'm terrible with procrastination (what do you mean I have an exam week coming up and all I've done this weekend is useless internet use?!). I like to draw (terrible at it) and to write but I haven't done either of those things much lately.


Many Fans are saying Peter Facinelli is an inspiration to them. In which way is he a inspiration for you?

That is true. He's an inspiration because he is down to earth, like I mean he's a real person and even after his sky rocket to popularity in recent years, he's still a lovely guy. Acting is an interest of mine but I have been a bit iffy since I'm not 100% comfortable performing in front of people as you probably should or as outgoing and confident as it is claimed one should be if they want to be an actor. Peter has said that he was really shy and didn't like performing in front of his peers and I was the same. I decided that if he can overcome it, so can I. 


You met Peter Facinelli in this year in April. Can you tell us your story and how it feels to standing beside him and talking to him?

It was amazing. I spoke to him a total of three times throughout that day. 

First time was when Supanova just opened for events at 10am and first thing I did was rush to get photo opportunity tokens and the tokens I was given were for 2pm. In the mean time, I decided to go to the autograph table and get my Twilight Director's Guide that Catherine Hardwicke wrote signed. I was third in line, I was the third fan he met officially at the Gold Coast! I was really starstuck as well. It was to the extreme that I was struggling to breathe properly and my knees were going weak. I could feel my face burning up and my heart was going nuts in my chest. 

Anyway, so he says hi to me. He's looking at me smiling and I stutter and say hi. I pass him the book with the Carlisle and Esme pages open for him to sign Carlisle's page. There was a sticky note with the spelling of my name on there (Supanova regulation, apparently) that they wrote. He signs it and passes it to me. I didn't want the moment to be over that quickly so I decide to make conversation. I tell him that I loved his work (he grinned and said thanks) and that I was glad Nurse Jackie came back. (we are two weeks behind America this season) He was like 'Oh, season four?' and I say 'Yes!' and he was like 'That's awesome! I really hope you enjoy the new season!'. I am so starstruck by this point that I forget to speak. All I end up saying is thanks and begin to walk away. I have forgotten social protocols and didn't say bye. Peter then gets up and calls after me and says 'oh bye?!' in a somewhat offended voice. I yell bye, mentally cursing that I just did that. After this, I checked to see how much money I had and sacrificed my food money for another photo with him. This time the photo session was for 11am.

The second time I met him was the 11am photo shoot and I had two photos booked. I get in there and we pose normally. He didn't recognise me from the first incident. I pull away for a second after the first photo and he notices my shirt. I was wearing my Evanescence concert shirt from the month earlier. He looks at it, screws his face up and asks 'Who's Evaneschence?' (he stuffed up the pronunciation terribly!) he then adds 'is that a band?' I tell him yes and he said he'd check them out. He adds 'oh bye!' I then say 'no, I have two photos!'. He was like 'YAAAY!' and proceeds to put his arm around me. I stop him and say 'no, we're doing this!' and hug him. He then pulls me to his chest (!!!) and we pose. The attached photo is of me and him hugging. I then say thanks and BYE this time. He says 'Nice to meet you!' and it was good.

Next up was the Q&A session at 1pm and I sat at the top row. All the questions that were asked, I already knew the answers to them! (Dedicated or creepy, you decide) I wanted to ask a question but the guys with the mics that went around deliberately missed me heaps of times. I was raging by that point.

After this, I had my original 2pm photo shoot. And I had an agreement with my friend Daniella (go follow her @friendsrock91!) told me to dress up as Esme for my last photo, so I agreed. I dressed up as Esme, complete with the purple blouse and black pencil skirt.

I walk into the session and say 'do you recognise me?' (as in me being Esme) and he was like 'You're Esme!' he then added 'were you the one in the Evanescence shirt before?' HE RECOGNISED ME FROM BEFORE! 

I left by asking if he would follow me on Twitter (not the best thing but I wanted to say it) and he said he would. Still hasn't but I highly doubt he remembers my existence now. 


What’s your favorite role/ character of Peter Facinelli?

Dr. Coop, he's such a layered character! I also liked Mike Dexter. (when we had to watch it for school, I squealed in front of everyone. Needless to say, I can say that I really liked the unit watching that movie was a part of) 


If you could be a character in one of Peter’s Movies, which one would it be and why? 

I'd like to say Jackie Peyton but I'd hate to pick on Dr Coop! I'd say Esme because that way, I could get away with doing adorable things with him.


If Peter has to be an animal for a one day, who would it be and why?

I'd say a dog - Labrador. Because they are cute, funny, nice and loyal, which is how Peter comes across.


Why do you know Peter? Where have you seen him the first time?

Gold Coast Supanova - 21st April 2012. After many, many, MANY years of waiting. (Jealous of the North American fans that get to meet him all the time!)


If you could make a movie together with Peter which genre would you choose and why do you think that’s fitting?

Perhaps a comedy because I think it suits Peter better (even though he can pull off a drama just as well) and I do better when I'm doing comedy. 


You have to catch together with Peter Facinelli a kangaroo (like in Kangaroo Jack). How would you handle it?

I can picture him being Jerry O'Connell's character so the way his character handled it. I'd probably back away after the kangaroo kicks me in the face while he struggles to hold it. Kangaroos are vicious things!


If Peter Facinelli would come to Australia again and you would be his tourguide, which 3 favorite places would you show him ?

Can't even decide! I'm thinking the forestries of Tasmania, Whitsunday Islands and Australia Zoo. (considering that I haven't been to any of those places, this could be interesting but they are places I'd like to see too.


sorry if none of that makes sense haha


Interview with Ninni (@NinniFancinelli)

Awesome supporter and great fan with a huge heart!

May 27th 2012

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself
I'm 19 years old Finnish girl, who's graduating from high school this spring. I don't see myself in a typical Finn: I talk (a lot) to other people, I show my emotions  and I don't look like I'm a depressed all the time. I'm very open-minded. I know a lot people but I only have few close friends who really know the real me. I love spending time with my friends, I love reading and listening to music. My passion is figure skating and I could watch it all day all night! I am really passionate ice hockey fan and not all my friends like it... I love summer and it's a pity I live in Finland where most of the year is so cold. If the winter lasted only few weeks, I would enjoy of it :D I'm a big sister of 3 boys, they're my everything.


Many Fans are saying Peter Facinelli is an inspiration to them. In which way is he a inspiration for you?

He inspires me to never give up my dreams. Because of him, I heard about Alex Lemonade and I'll start to support it when the time is right for me. I'll also going to support and donate to locals children hospitals' in Finland. He inspires me to care about others, tho give them happiness. One toy or a game could make a sick kid the happiest person.

I admire him how he does different things with films. He's not only an actor but he's also a producer and a writer (I'm waiting him to direct his first movie). He challenges himself (I have said that A LOT but it's truth.) He's so down to earth, caring, funny person and so many other adjectives I could just think of. He's the one I look up to. It's always adorable to see how he acts around his fans, how he always has time to us.


You will meet Peter Facinelli (maybe) in October this year. How are you feeling?

I'm really nervous and excited. My biggest fear is that I'll freeze up in front of him and no words will come out..  I've waited for so long that moment so I really don't understand it yet. It's surreal for me. I'm so looking forward to it and I hope it's will be a great weekend for all of us. If something happens and he's unable to come, I wish I could meet or run into him in New York next year since I'm moving there for a one year. My hometown, Brooklyn, is next to Queens, so there's this little chance to see him. You ever can't know what will happen :)


Is there any story or question you would like to know from Peter personally?

I'd love to hear stories about his childhood. Who was/were his hero/es, did he visit in Italy to see his relatives. I'd like to know if he has ever regretted to become an actor ? Does he always enjoy of being in front of the cameras or does he have ”bad days” as well ?If we had to be for a one week in the middle of nowhere, what would he take along?


Your dream was to be an ice dancer. What gave you the inspiration for it? 

My story is pretty classic. I was put to a skating school by my grandmother and my mom when I was 3 years old. They only wanted me to learn to skate, though my granny had been a skater as well. I just kept skating and they never said 'no'. I loved the feeling being on the ice. As I grow older, skating became more serious level by level. I wanted to reach my goals, try to do my best in every practices, in every competitions.
I was living in my dream, I had my friends there, my home was the ice rink and I felt complete being on the ice. There were days when I saw my coaches more than my family.
I'm not sure what gave me the inspiration for it. I had always skated. I loved it. I still do. The feeling when I skate is so amazing.
You challenge yourself when you are a skater. You have to have this ”music ear” so you'd skate into music, you have to have a good rotation for jumps and spins, you have to be able to interpret different musics and you can't be afraid of performance to the audience. And it just a plus if you're flexible.
I've met a lot of famous skaters and I always tried to mimicked them when I was younger. I wanted to skate in a same way as they did. (I have been an idol for younger skaters as well :)) When I grew older I realised I can't skate as they do. We all have our own way and ur own style.
I have few favourite skaters, some of them have already quitted competing and one hasn't got any good results for a while but they're still my idols, my inspirations in skating. For example, when Stephané Lambiel is skating, I don't see a skater, I see an artist.
When I was told I must quit or skating would destroy my legs, my world stopped. I had no other sports to do, nor I would have been able to do anything. I had two surgeries and I'm still, over 4 years later, recovering. I can't skate without a pain. I can't walk without medicines.
This situation would be compared to a musician who'd lost his voice. It's miserable. Though I can't skate anymore, I haven't left it. I'm working as a journalist for our Finnish Figure Skating Magazine. Skating for 14 years took a lot but it gave me more.


What’s your favorite role/character of Peter Facinelli?

This is actually very difficult to answer since there're  his films I have not seen yet. But from what I have seen, I'd say Dr. Coop at this moment. He truly takes his job very seriously and cares about his patients. I think he tries to pretend to be someone he's not. He's all happy and stuff but inside he's hurting. He's trying to hide if by being funny and a bit asshole. I haven't seen the seasons 3 and 4 so I can't say if his personality changes.


If you could be a character in one of Peter’s Movies, which one would it be and why? 

I would be Lucy from 'Loosies'. Her situation with her unborn child (doesn't know where the father is, she's not sure whether to keep or not the baby.. ) is very common nowadays, I think. She's unsure what would be the right decision to make. I think most women are unsure when they first find out they're expecting a child, especially when they don't know that well the man. I have no experience of her situation so I'd like to know what she's thinking, how she's feeling, what was her first thought. You really can't know what  woman are really thinking if you don't have your own experiences. Though, I would never want to be in a same situation. I can only imagine how afraid they are. What if she doesn't want to keep the baby, she attempt to have an abortion and the baby's father gets mad at her? Or she keeps the baby but she/he is unloved, unwanted? It's a lot to think when the pregnancy is unexpected.


You will meet one of your twitter friends. Are you excited, what do you expect?

I still can't believe it! It's like a dream ! I haven't known them for a long time but it doesn't feel that way. I feel like I have known them for ages. I'm grateful that I have got to know them because not friends of mine are obsessed with Peter as I am. It's so nice to have people who have the same obsession and who I can talk to about Peter ans his works or his life. It's also nice to meet face to face with them. You get to know people behind the screen. I think we will have no problems at all when we meet the first time.  We are a family.


If Dr.Coop was your Doctor, what suggestions would you give him for his career?

Hmm... I would say to him to keep his happiness and his positive energy. Doctors have a lot of patients and they're in hurry so it's not easy to smile all the time. It would be hilarious and funny to meet a doctor like Fitch Cooper ! I like my doctor, though. He reminds me of Peter. He's caring, kind and a good-looking man ;)


If Peter had to be a woman for a one day, who would it be and why?

First I thought my answer would be me. But then I thought why not someone really special woman who has done something really important. So if he had to be a women for a one day, my answer will be one of these women; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from Liberia, Leymah Gbowee  from Liberia or Tawakel Karman from Yemen. They were awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. The women were recognized ”for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work”. I have always been very interested in to work with those who have less. I want to help them, to fight for them to get their rights what they have deserved. Women's and childrens' rights are very important issues nowadays. I'd like to know his thoughts after that day.


Interview with Fiona (@FionaRhiannon)

Huge Fan of Peter Facinelli and a great supporter!

April 21th 2012

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, I'm FionaRhiannon, but most people just call me Fee or Ona! I'm in my Twenties, Live in England and a (newly single) Mum of three beautiful children.

I love spending as much time as i can with my kids - at the moment i don't work because I'm the full time carer of my disabled daughter, but I'm starting to study towards being a Child Psychologist.

In what spare time i get, i like reading, writing and photography. I like to think I'm fun to be around, i know I'm sarcastic, I'm a fan of old movies, and still Love Disney, and i love to cook! ( i just love food, i can't help it ;-) ) 


Many Fans are saying Peter Facinelli is an inspiration to them. In which way is he an inspiration for you?

I like how, natural he is. He seems like such a genuine, nice, kind-hearted guy. And the time he gives to interacting with his fans is lovely and generous - there's so much about him that makes him such a good role model to so many people.

But i think what inspires me is his charity work, his commitment to raising money and awareness for various charities. I know that it inspires me to continue to work hard with the fundraising i am doing here for the childrens hospital. And it's something thats very close to my heart, and the fact that Peter would take even a moment to help me with it  - its amazing and i really appreciate it.


You will meet Peter Facinelli (maybe) in October this year. How are you feeling?


All i've heard are lovely stories of fans meeting Peter, and its warming to see such wonderful things written about him, but i can't help be slightly nervous about it!

But more than that, I'm excited. I've been waiting 3 years for the opportunity to arise, and here it is. I know it's going to be a great, fun weekend, no matter what, and one that will forever be remembered.

I'm also excited about meeting some of the Twitter girls!


As we know, you're a writer of fan fiction.  Can you tell us a little bit about the stories you write/wrote?


I have 3 Twilight FanFiction stories on (Pen name, as always, is FionaRhiannon)

I have two one-shot stories, one of which came second place by public vote in a contest, and i have a story i've been writing for around a year and a half now. It's my baby, and very nearly finished!

My stories have adult themes, and strong language, and i write Carlisle and Bella as a pairing.


What gives you the inspiration for the stories?

Sometimes i draw inspiration from things that have happened in my past, or things that i see, but i mostly get inspiration from music. Sometimes a simple line of lyrics sparks something inside of me, a creative flair and before i know it i've constructed a conversation quickly followed by a storyline! Sometimes i have a story come from something i see and a song may influence the title of the story, or a chapter of the story.

One of my one-shots was inspired by a song i heard and gave me most of my storyline!


You've written 3 stories about Carlisle/Bella. As in the books/movies Carlisle belongs  to Esme...

Carlisle is with Esme in the books, and i do write Carlisle with Bella.

I've read many stories on the site with non-canon pairings, that sometimes don't make sense and you can't see them coming together, but many of them are beautiful stories, well written and much fun to read.

I think it's the fun of FanFiction - a chance to explore. It's your world too now, and sometimes it's fun to shake things up a little!!


What makes Carlisle/Bella so interesting to you and why have you choose to write your fan fiction about them as a couple?

Carlisle is my favourite character from the Twilight Series. From the moment i read the books, Bella and Edward were like, a side story to me, i was so consumed with Carlisle. He is such an interesting character, really someone to admire.

I like Carlisle's attitude, i like that he knew exactly who he was as a person and didn't let becoming a vampire change that. I think it's incredible he has such a loving and gentle nature, considering the circumstances of his own human life and his brutal change. 23 years of life was suddenly snatched from him and he's left alone to burn in hell under rotting potatoes. You'd expect Carlisle to be a savage, especially with nobody there to explain to him, nobody there to help him. But he didn't - Carlisle Cullen became a Doctor - he made something of himself, and if that's not inspiring, i don't know what is!

I'm very happy with peter playing him - he just seems to get the character and really brings him to life.

So i naturally wanted to write about Carlisle.

I just can't tell you what made me pair him with Bella. I'm not her biggest fan sometimes - but sometimes i can relate to her. Especially in Breaking Dawn - risking her life for that precious little baby growing inside her - as a mother, i know that feeling of strong love, even for what you don't know, that would risk so much for it, and i guess that's why i like Bella.

But in my stories, i don't write Bella exactly like she is in the books or movies. i guess i bring a little of myself to her.

I just one day read a Carlisle/Bella pairing, and liked it. It was as simple as that!


Any other pairings in the Twilight books/movies you would change and why?

I don't think i would change any of the pairings in the Saga. Though if i were Bella, i'd also quite like Emmett - he seems fun, warm and friendly. If i was going to write Bella with someone else, it'd be with Emmett.


Any stories in common? Would you like to give us a short peek?

I have another Twilight FF story i'm working on for once i've finished my current one - this story has been building in my head and on scraps of paper for a while now! It's another Bella and Carlisle story, and all i'll say is, Unlike 'How to heal whats never been whole' where Carlisle saves Bella, this time, Bella will try and save Carlisle from a few demons he has!

I'm also privately working on something away from fanfiction - i hope it works out!!


How did you get the idea to ask Peter fort he autographed pictures to auction them on ebay? And for what reason are you doing it?

I decided to fundraise for the local childrens hospital wards to mark my daughters 3rd birthday this year and to thank them in some way for all the great care and support they have provided over those three years when she has been unwell.
When i decided to do some more fundraising for the local childrens hospital (I already previously helped to raise a few hundred pounds in 2010 for the neonatel my daughter was on) , i knew i wanted to try and involve Peter somehow. As i said above, he's been a great inspiration for my chairty work, and also over the past few years, even though we've never met or had a full conversation together, he's made me smile when things have been hard. Sometimes people who are thousands of miles away can make you feel better than people right beside you.
And so i asked him, and Peter kindly sent me the pictures. He's truly amazing and i can't thank him enough.

Interview with Emma Sarah (VanRay88)

Huge Peter Facinelli Fan

April 3rd 2012


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a huge Peter fan. I first started to love his work in "Fastlane" and then Twilight and then nurse Jackie! I am a huge supporter of all the Alex's lemonade stuff he does and that is a charity I give my money to


You are a fan of Peter Facinelli, where did you see him the first time?

The first time I saw him was in Fastlane


What’s your favorite Peter Facinelli movie?

My favorite movie Peter is in is definitely twilight because of his characters compassion. I wouldn't love his character as much if it wasn't him


You have met Peter, how does it feel to meet him?

I have met Peter and I can't even begin to describe the feeling! I started crying the first time, but I didn't want him to see me crying so I looked away. Later I talked to him and tried to not cry. It's difficult not to cry when you are meeting your hero...


Do you prefer Carlisle Cullen or Fitch Cooper? Explain why.

I can't say I love dr cooper or dr Cullen more... I love different aspects of both of them!! Dr Cullen is compassionate but serious.


Your ‚alias name’ is VanRay88. Are you a Fan of Fastlane?

I am a huge fan of Fastlane... My username used to be carlislesgirl88, but I changed it just for the heck of it, I am changing it soon to something about dr cooper.


If you could choose a movie or series of Peter Facinelli which role would you like to play besides him?

If I could play anything, I would probably play Bella from twilight or I would play Nurse Jackie.


In which way is Peter Facinelli an inspiration for you?

I can't even begin to describe how much of an inspiration he is to me. He is my hero and the one person that I can truly say " I look up to him" His charity work is amazing and i think he brings out the best of each character that he plays.


Peter invites you for one day. Where would you spend the day?

If Peter invited me to go somewhere with him I would go somewhere fun like an amusement park or something because I feel that (even though. I don't know him) he is the "let loose" kind of guy and he likes to just hang out and have fun


What’s the most greatest part to be a member of the Facinelli Fan Family?

The best part about being in the facinelli fan family is that i can connect with other fans who feel the way I do and it's nice to have a place where we can discuss his current, upcoming and past work he had done! Also how much he has inspired us all!

Interview with Amy (OhMyCarlisle)

Awesome Peter Facinelli Supporter

March 12th 2012


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Amy, but I’m known to most on twitter and the fandom (and Peter) as @OhMyCarlisle.  I’m originally from New Jersey, but currently live in Orange County, Calif. and work in corporate communications for an automotive company.  I’m a huge Disney fan, an all-around fangirl, and forever Team Carlisle and Team Esme.

I’m on staff at one of the top fansites dedicated to the “Twilight Saga,”, part of the Page to Premiere Network. I also run my own blog, Adventures in Cullenland, and contribute to  I believe that Peter following me on twitter, as wells as re-tweeting and responding to my tweets, has significantly and positively affected my online audience/following.  

I got hooked on “Twilight” in spring 2009 and from the beginning I was drawn in by Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  I soon became involved with online role play, which led to fan fiction writing and then a trip to Forks. In March 2010 I attend my first fan event, which was one-day of a Twilight Convention because Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz were attending that day.  I saw Peter several more times leading up to the release of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” in June 2010 but it was during a day in Dallas for a Twilight Convention in November 2010 that Peter learned who I was and he has not forgotten since. 


What happened in Dallas in November 2010?

I was in Dallas for the Twilight Convention to meet up with friends whom I had met at the Eclipse Convention in L.A. as well as people I had met through twitter. Peter was one of the guests on Saturday and I was going to do the meet and greet with him.  That morning I was shocked when he started following me on twitter. To this day my twitter profile makes no mention of Peter Facinelli. It’s about Carlisle and Esme and always has been. I also never asked him to follow me.  About half way through the meet and greet, which was a lot of fun, he asked us where we were from and I said Orange County, and he looked at me, got a bit animated and asked, “Are you Oh My Carlisle?” which I admitted to, and then he practically yelled at me with excitement, “Why didn’t you tell me?!”  I think I was pretty much speechless, and then he said something about reading my profile that morning, which is why he made the Orange County connection.  That was just one of the many memorable moments that day that ended with him phoning a friend of mine for her birthday and a story I only repeat in person.  After that day, I will forever be “Oh My Carlisle” to Peter and I’m okay with that. 


What is your favorite Peter Facinelli movie?

I have to go with “Can’t Hardly Wait.” I was in the Class of ’98 so that was my senior year movie and watching it now is total nostalgia for me. Although everyone reading this loves Peter, we hated Mike Dexter back then.  All the love was for Preston, which is completely understandable.

The first time I watched “Twilight” I had no idea who was playing any of the roles, but I already was in love with the character of Carlisle from the books.  As I was watching the movie, I was looking at Carlisle thinking “I know this guy from something.” Two hours later I was standing in my bathroom and the realization hit me, “Oh my God! Carlisle is Mike Dexter!”

For me the bonus of Carlisle Cullen being my favorite character in the “Twilight Saga” is Peter Facinelli.


What do you like the most about Peter Facinelli? 

I had no idea what Peter was going to be like.  The first time I met him I figured would be the only time I was going to meet him.  I was just thrilled to be meeting “Carlisle.” It amazed me how warm and friendly he was and that he was open to answering any question thrown at him. He is very generous of his time and himself with his fans.    


Many people say Peter is an inspiration. Is he an inspiration for you and if yes, in what way?

I’m impressed with Peter’s commitment to raising money and awareness for various charities. He inspired me to hold an online fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade in Peter’s honor that raised more than $1,600 for the charity.  Alex’s Lemonade has always been close to my heart because it is based in the area where I grew up. I remember when it was just a local charity, before it was a national movement.  I continue to support ALSF whenever the opportunity arises and I appreciate everything Peter has done to support it as well.


As we know, you´re a writer of fan fiction.  Can you tell us a little bit about the stories you write/wrote? 

My penname on is EsmeMomCullen. I write Esme/Carlisle canon.  Carlisle is my favorite character in the “Twilight Saga,” but I wanted to know more about this woman who won his heart after centuries alone. Stephenie gave us precious little information on Esme in the books.  She gave us a bit more of Esme’s backstory outside of the novels, but I thought she deserved better and that is what led to “The Esme Chronicles.” 

The first story is “The Esme Chronicles: The Human Years,” which begins in Esme’s childhood and tells her story up through when she opens her eyes for the first time as a vampire. I’m currently working on “The Esme Chronicles: The Vampire Years,” which picks up where “The Human Years” left off and will eventually take us up to when they decide to move to Forks. The third part will be “The Twilight Years,” which will start with the Cullen’s arrival in Forks and go through post-“Breaking Dawn.

I’m also working on a multi-chapter AU fic called, “Miracles and Mischief,” in which Esme and Carlisle are granted the one wish that they thought they could never have.  I’ve written multiple one-shots including letters to and from Cullen family members, Esme/Carlisle moments, and one AU Esme/Emmett naughty story.   

As an extension of my fan fiction writing, I run Ask Esme Cullen on tumblr, where Esme answers questions about her life, her family and her husband. 


What gives you the inspiration for the stories?

That’s an easy one – “The Twilight Saga” and the mind of Stephenie Meyer.  I write to honor Stephenie’s characters and her work. 


How long do you need to write a new chapter? 

I’ve written a chapter in a couple hours and sometimes it takes me a few months.


What do you think seeing a picture with you and Peter Facinelli, printed in the German magazine "Bunte"?

It was very cool! My face was all over the place when I attended the “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” premiere and camp out. There was even viral video of me and Peter at Tent City. I was on national and local news, but I was surprised to go international. I had seen that image already because it was a Getty Image and had appeared in multiple places online. It was pretty amazing to see it in print. I'm happy that if I was going to be in an image with any of the cast, that it was Peter.  


You have met Peter several times. Is it still surprisingly for you to meet him and are you still getting nervous before or is it going like a "daily routine" over the time? 

I feel excited about going to an event that Peter is attending, but it’s much easier now than it was the first time. It still blows my mind that he will look out at a crowd and spot me and yell, “Hey, Oh My Carlisle!” or will walk over to me and give me a hug. I feel very blessed in those moments.  He’s won me as a fan for life and I wish him the greatest success and happiness always. 

Interview with Daniela (VANcinelli)

Supporter of

Questions by Anne (2010Enna)

February 25th 2012

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Tell us a little bit about yourself

Don't you know that this is the hardest thing ever?^^ Okay, I´ll try anyway.

My name is Daniela, but everyone call me Dani. I´m 31 years old and I´m living in a village in Germany. I´m working for a notary and lawyer and believe it or not... I love my work, but I never wanted to be a lawyer on my own. I also love my cat, even if she drives me crazy sometimes, and our dog. Horse-riding is my biggest hobby. My newest obsession is writing. I´m addicted to movies and music. The most important things in my life are my family and my friends. I always try to be a open-minded person and see things from different perspectives. I forgive quickly, but I never forget. Probably my biggest weakness is that I´m overambitious and also that I can´t say ”no” if someone bet me to do something. If you would ask my family and friends about me, I´m pretty sure at first they would tell I´m a crazy girl which loves making people laugh. To be honest, it´s true. I love that, but I don´t think I´m crazy *lol*


When did you discover Peter?

It was exactly on 26th August 2003. Why this date stuck in my head? Good question. I have no idea. I was at home and flicked through some channels as I accidentally bumped into Fastlane at the TV. After I watched it 5 minutes I was hooked, then I saw Van and it gave me even more reasons to watch the show.


What do you admire in Peter?

There are many many things I admire about Peter. His love for his fans; his charity work; how he´s down-to-earth and of course his kind of humor to name a few of it. It´s the “total package” that´s fitting.


If you could spend a day with Peter what would you like to do?

*lol* I think that will never happen, but IF I could spend a day with him I just want to hang out with him and relax. Maybe drink an ice-cold beer together. Have a good talk and doing some jokes. Wouldn´t that be nice?


You will meet Peter this year in Paris. Do you have a question for him when you stand in front of him, and what will you ask him or tell him?

Oh. I´m not sure if I will really have the pleasure to meet him this time, coz as we know there´s these little thing called schedule, that always makes some troubles.^^ But I really hope I will. *fingers crossed*

I have no idea if I will be able to say a word if I stand in front of him. In fact I´ve a bunch of questions I would like to ask him. But the first thing I would like to do is thank him for all the awesome new friends he brought into my life.


How did you get the idea for the new Peter website?

It was not my idea. Michie came up with the idea so you need to ask her, not me. I just helped her a bit.

She called me one day and explained me, that she has an idea of a website. She talked and talked and talked (like she always does) and asked if I can help her, as I have always a few good ideas too. I loved her idea that she wanted to do the “Fancinelli” thing on it with all the fan stuff and said yes. And here we are…


If you could ask Peter anything what would it be?

Good question… next question… Which one should I choose now of all the questions in my head? Hmm… let me guess.

I think it would be which scene in Fastlane it was, they had to add in because he injured himself as the door of a car hits his head and they have to stich the cut. I have an idea but I´m not sure.

Anyway, I think most of you are now like “WTF is she talking about?” *lol*


What is your favorite Peter movie?

I would love to say Fastlane, but as you asked for a movie I say ARC. Don´t get me wrong. All movies I saw with Peter involved are great and his performances are always worth watching and very powerful. But there are stories you like or dislike.

Except that I love how ARC is shot and the story, for me in ARC Peter did one of his best performances so far. Like Anais said, it shows Peter´s incredible talent.

Interview with Michaela (FacinellisGirl)

Creater of

February 25th 2012


Tell us a little bit about yourself

Describing yourself is always difficult :D

My name is Michaela, my friends call me Michie. You know me as FacinellisGirl from Twitter: Why do I call me FacinellisGirl?

I am still a little girl inside my heart ... I am 35 and I love it to goof around. I do things an adult wouldn’t do  :D  I am a Fan of Peter Facinelli.

Peter Facinelli + Little Girl inside my heart = FacinellisGirl.

If you want to know more about me read my tweets :D :D :D 

I can’t speak english very well :D I live in Germany and my life isn’t exciting :D 

I love my hubby, my family and friends, watching movies, music, photography and I admire Peter Facinelli.


When did you discover Peter?

I guess I saw him the first time 2006 in ‘Touch the Top of the World’

I did not realize that this man is Peter Facinelli but his role lighted up my life at this time, because some terrible things happened to me.  

Then I saw him again in Twilight and I searched for him on Google… and learned and discovered more and more about him.

I watched his other movies and then I fell in love. In 2009 I made my Twitter Account and I followed Peter Facinelli. Reading his tweets made/makes me laugh and seeing the world with other eyes.


What do you admire in Peter?

That's too much to write it down!

But here is my short version: He gives us a smile. The love he gives back to his fans. That he supports his fans so much. His movies and his awesome work of acting. He is a man we have to look up because he helps a lot of people with his appearances and only for being there for another. He showed me to do more in all situations.

Discover this awesome man and you will know what I love about him!!!


If you could spend a day with Peter what would you like to do?

Will this ever happen????  :D ..but if I could choose..

I would love to spend a day with him together in an adventure park. That would be awesome!!! 


You will meet Peter this year in Paris. Do you have a question for him when you will stand in front of him, and what will you ask him or tell him?

UPDATE: The convention in Paris has been cancelled.

Just like I said, will I ever meet him?! I know there are a lot of fans they have never the chance to meet Peter Facinelli. BUT it's easier to know you will never meet him as to know 5 times you can meet him and it doesn't come true.


Will I meet him!? It’s not sure at the moment! You have to ask him if I will meet him :D there is an emeny calles schedule...

I think I can not say anything to him  …but when I have the strength to say something I would like to tell him "thanks for this awesome time, that he helped me a lot with so many things and for all the new friends I've met during the time" 


How did you get the idea for the new Peter website?

I have had the idea already at the end of 2009

But I thought to make a website of and about Peter Facinelli is not needed, because there were already enough websites.

Then I got an idea. What about the fans of Peter Facinelli? They are very important too!

In fact they are the most important part because without his fans Peter Facinelli couldn’t reach anything.

It was a spontaneously idea.

And now: Here we are.

Dani (VANcinelli) supported me to realize my idea of the website and I am very thankful for it. She is the best support you can get!


If you could ask Peter anything what would it be?

We have had the question already ;)

Honestly! I have no idea. I think I can’t say anything when I will ever stand in front of him. I have not a certain question. Maybe I would ask him if he could invite all his Fans to make a huge Beach Party :D :D :D Just kidding.


What is your favorite Peter movie?

Stealing Time. Touch the Top of the World. ARC,

Since 2011 is Loosies my favorite movie with Peter.  

And I like the character of Carlisle.


‘Stealing Time’: I don’t know exactly why I like this movie so much. It’s just a movie that have touched my heart.

‘Touch the Top of the World’ showed me that you can reach everything when you fight for it. There are always people which have to deal with something much worse then me. If you want you can reach alot, maybe the Top of the World.

‘ARC’: Watch it and you will love the role of Peter Facinelli. You have never seen him like this before!!! Awesome work of acting! The story is very dark, but very demanding.

Interview with Anais (@bsbdu92 Editor of some great videos)

February 21st 2012


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

It's hard to find the exact definition to describe myself, I guess my friends are better than me at this game :D But let's try ! My name is Anaïs Cappe. I'm 18 years old. I'm also a french little girl with a big imagination. I just entered in october in cinema studies at a University because I want to become a video editor. It's my biggest dream. I always wanted in my life to reach the beauty of the world. It's why i love arts (movies, music, paintings, litterature, theater) and my own goal is to put my own vision of the world in a movie one day. Though, I learned a lot about myself these last months. Kubrick became a model for me and my fav kind of movies are definetly the films noirs and the horror movies.
After, I'm addicted to a lot of things... except drug (NO WAY KIDS) : My favorite drink is Fanta. People like to call me Fantapire.  My fav actors are Peter Facinelli, Hugh Jackman and Sean Penn. My two favorite music bands are U2 and Backstreet boys. The difference is that i consider U2 as my gods but it doesn't mean i prefer them to the bsb. They're just both at the top in their own ways.

What is your favorite Peter Facinelli movie and why?

My favorite Peter Fach movie is Arc. But Lily comes right after. I saw almost all the movies with Peter and these two have really a different feeling visually and esthetically speaking. I would favorite them both because they are the kind of movies I like the most: They are dark with main caracters who try to find themselves, to find salvation. There's always something about obsession and it's fascinating me. But why I would choose Arc over Lily? For two reasons. First, the story is more interesting to me because it's more original and really well structured. By that, I mean Robert Gunnerson is an amazing storyteller. Then, the acting of Peter was really at the best. I was impressed. He looked so real. If I had one movie to describe the incredible talent of Peter, it would be this one.

Is there anything you always wanted to ask/tell Peter Facinelli personally? If yes, what would it be?

Yes, a few. First, does he has advices for me as I want to become a video editor? Between writting, filming, editing and producing, what does he prefer? Would he wants to take back his role of Van if there was a fastlane movie coming on the road? What is his fav kind of movies? Does he likes horror movies lol ? A fav director? How does he usually work on a set as a director and as an actor? And Does he know some french words? Well I have a lot to ask!

You have done a lot of really great videos be on view at your YouTube Channel. How did you get started in this field?

Thanks. My first video editing was probably when I was 14 but it really became a passion at 16. Twilight 1 was at the cinema. New Peter fans were coming. One of my friend really started to like Peter, so I showed her Fastlane. She loved it because she was a huge fan of Starsky&Hutch lol So together, we decided to write the fastlane season 2 and here I started to represent it in videos. That’s how I really started. I don’t think we can really consider the videos when I was 14 as editings because I didn’t know we could do such great things and I had no interest into that.

So after that, I continued to do videos about movies and series I liked and I became completely addicted to this world. Now I just want this passion becomes my life job. 

How long does it take to edit a video?

It depends. Generally, for a fanfiction it’s longer than for a movie/serie editing because the actors never played together, so you have to search for the right looks. It depends also about the duration of the video. So I would say for a fanfiction long editing, it takes 1 week (without any break). For a fanfiction short editing, it takes about 3 days (but I never do short, so I don’t really know xD). Then for a movie/serie long editing, it takes 3 days and for a short one, 1,5 days. But well it really depends of what you want to do, so it’s hard to say. And though I could be faster with a faster computer because I have always problems with my editing software.

What gives you the inspiration and how do you choose the movies you make a video about?

The most of the time, music gives me inspiration to do a video. But sometimes people inspire me to work on some other projects. By example, I did fans projects for Peter with messages of them. I did one humanitarian video because I feel concerned about some problems in the world. I did some funny videos because of youtubers, Chelle, Jeane... Then movies/series/books/Music give me inspiration to get the right emotions, the right looks for different situations. Finally music and other fanvids inspire me to get into more creativity, to get to learn new effects…

I choose the movies I want to make a video about when I like them and something inspire me about them. Like I said, most of the time it’s music. By example, I listen to a music and I see the atmosphere and the lyrics correspond to a movie I saw and liked, I will directly work on this. But though most of the time, I work on Chelle story and Peter movies/series because I want people see them to become fans or to get to know more about Peter.

What do you think is the most important/difficult thing to make a good video?

That’s a hard question. Well to me everyone can do a good video, it’s not difficult, you just have to learn a software. But then you need to get your own style, create new effects, get different to make the best videos. So you have to give the right message you want to give to people and be creative at the same time.

For some people, the most important/difficult thing for them is to not be too much creative. What I mean by that, is that they use a ton and ton of effects to make their video original but you just can’t do that.

Then if you want to become an editor, you need to structure your thoughts to make a good video. The pieces of videos you choose, the order you show them and the effects/transitions you use will make all the difference. And this is the real most important/difficult thing to make a good video.

Don’t forget, a good editor is someone who can be fast and do good videos.

Peter Facinelli gave you the inspiration to be an editor. Why?

Yes ! As I said, my first videos were on Peter movies/series. Without him I would have never discover my passion and I don't think I would have wanted to become a video editor. And he pushes me to get better and better because I love the fact he like to work on something different all the time and it does inspire me.

Why are you creating videos of Michelle's STBI Stories?

Well two years ago, she saw few of my fastlane vids I did and she really liked them (though she’s a huge fan of Fastlane). Then she sent me a mail, we started to chat on youtube. I was telling her I remembered her on myspace telling to fans Peter was not vegetarian (LOL). Then I guess she understood I really liked to do editings videos, so she gave me the link to her story and ask me if I could do some for hers. So I read the story, became addicted to it and I started to do videos for it. Though even if I would not have like the story, I would have do videos for her because it’s always an opportunity to get better. Well, after that, we became more and more friends with Chelley and now not I have only pleasure to do videos for the story but I have also pleasure to do videos for her.

Would you like to work once with Peter Facinelli?

Of course, I would love it. Not only because he’s my favorite actor, but it would be a great opportunity to work on a set and to see how people work, how he works. So yeah I would love to be a video editor of one movie/series he played in or a movie/series he did. I would love in fact to see him working as a director.




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