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We know some of you are doing a lot for charity, too. Just as Peter himself. Sadly none of us is (always) able to help you out with spending money, but what each of us can do is to raise awarness for the different projects you're running.


So for that we decided to create this area.

You can tell about the Charity Projects you've joined, what you're doing, what you want to reach and how you try to help. Tell us about your cause, let others know about it and help, too.


Because Peter Facinelli Fans support each other, they propably will support your charity projects, too and help you to reach more people all around the world.


“Charity begins at home, but should not end there”


Reach out to as many people as possible and share your remarkable story. This is worth sharing! If you don’t ask, people won't donate or help you.  

The more people know about what are you doing, the more likely they will contribute to your efforts. 

the ultimate peter facinelli fan meeting - charity

You always wanted to help people in need,support charity organisations and meet Peter Facinelli?


Here is your chance! There will be a "Peter Facinelli Fan Meeting" with many Charity Projects and you can also meet the man himself! 

I hope there are many #Fancinellis supporting it.


Charity Auction for Dinner & Dance

Charity Raffle with many prizes


Peter Facinelli will choose the charity organisation he would love to support.


It has been postponed from May to September/October.


Did you ever thought about to donate blood, bone marrow or register yourself for organic donation?

You don't have to take the financielly part if you would like to help and get involved.

You can participate and it will cost you only a little bit courage and overcoming. 


Have you ever thought about to donate blood or register yourself as a Bone Marrow Donor or Organic Donor?


Why do I talk about it?


It was a few years ago one of my best friends had a terrible time.

Her kidneys stopped working and she needed new ones.

She waited a long time because there was not a fitting one.

During an operation she lost a lot of blood.

If she didn’t get the blood of someone else who decided to make a blood donation, she would not get out of it alive.

A few years later she got finally a fitting kidney.


My friend have a good life now and don’t have to do the dialysis every four hours ever again. 


The other story is, that my parents were fighting with cancer.

A good friend and the parents of my best friend died because of cancer. It was not the type of cancer were you need bone marrow donations, but there are a lot of people out there in need of this. 


Donate blood and/or register yourself as a Bone Marrow Donor and/or Organic Donor and you can help a lot of people! And it only costs you a little bit courage and overcoming.

Less price to safe a life, isn't it? 




"It takes you 30 minutes of your life for which you could give someone 30 years"


"And if you are already there for donating blood, it's only 30 seconds more to get registered as Bone Marrow Donor"


"Gibt es etwas schöneres zu wissen man könnte jemanden das Leben retten, wenn man nur eine kleine Karte mit sich trägt?" 


"Is it not good to know you could save the life of your friend, a family member or any other human you love!" 


thanks so much*


Fiona started an auction for her daughters medical hospital with autographed pictures from Peter Facinelli

Hi, it's FionaRhiannon :)

So, Here's what i have to say...

In August 2009, i gave birth to my daughter, Freja. 
She was born full term and although at birth needed a little help to breathe, she was otherwise healthy. But 48hours later, whilst she was being fed, she stopped breathing and was rushed onto the Neonatel unit.
We spent the next 9 weeks in hospital having various tests done.
Not one of the doctors could find a reason for the odd things Freja did - She would stop breathing, turn blue and need to help of Doctors and sometimes an oxygen mask to help stimulate her breathing. Freja also cant have food or drink orally - she was fed through a Nasel gastric tube that went up her nose and down into her stomach.
Tests havent really shown any reason for why this happens. Infact, they just showed us more of her problems.
She has really bad reflux that needs to be controlled by 3 medicines. 
She has a raised muscle tone which actually makes her limbs stiff and difficult to move.
A MRI of her brain shows us her development is delayed.
She's also been diagnosed with Epilepsy and regulary has fits.

Eventually, in October 2009, Doctors found a medicine called caffiene that stimulated Freja's breathing and stopped these episodes that the hospital now called her 'Blue Do's', and she came home.
But it didnt end there. 
Freja has Nine different medical professionals involved with different aspects of her care. She visits clinics a minimum of twice a week, is on 5 daily medicines and 3 inhalers.
If she were to get ill with a chest infection, is could be very bad news for her - She's regulary in hospital on oxygen and antibiotics. She's also had 2 operations.
Now, rather than being fed her special milk formula through an NG tube, she has whats known as a 'Button' in her stomach wall, and her feeding pump attaches to it.

i have never felt as useless, helpless and lost as i do when i see my precious little baby ill.
The staff at the hospital have always been an amazing support to my family - They talk to me, help me understand, comfort me... and most importantly, they care for my girl and help her back to the best health she can be in. They do an amazing job and deserve so much recognition.

There isnt much i can do personally to thank the staff that work at the hospital, but i can give back.
All the time ive spent on the wards, i cant help but notice the lack of funds they have to provide entertainment for poorly children on these wards.
being ill in hospital can leave you feel lonely, and something as simple as a little Television time, a book to read or a game to play can cheer a child up, even if it is for a short period of time.
And thats what i'd like to achieve. 
Over the course of 2012, i plan to hold fundraising events to raise money for these wards to provide these things for the wards.
I want to fix broken televisions, buy games and books, and sensory toys for some of the disabled children.
I want to give back to the wards that help me and my daughter. 

I bet youre all wondering where Peter comes into this. Well, that same month Freja was born in 2009, i watched Twilight for the first time. And Peter Facinelli just had me from the moment he breezed through those doors as Doctor Carlisle Cullen.
It wasnt until a few months later when i saw a picture of Peter and an interview of his that i actually really began to like him, but when i did - He suddenly gave me a reason to smile again. 
And because of that, i wanted to try and involve Peter somehow in this fundraising.
So earlier this year i sent Peter a message asking him how i could get a signed picture of him that i would like to auction and help raise some money for the childrens wards. 
He very kindly replied to me and a few weeks later, 3 signed pictures arrived in the mail.
And here it is! (Well, one of them)
If you would like to help me raise some money for the children and get yourself an originally signed picture of Peter Facinelli as Twilight's Doctor Carlisle Cullen, take a look at the link below to the eBay auction and join in!

Thank you for taking the time to read (My rather long story!)

I would just quickly like to thank the girls for helping me out and putting this up on their site, Everyone who RT'd my link on Twitter, Houdinisbox for her amazing bid on one Peter picture (Which is now on its way to her) and her support, Everyone who is supporting me with this, and of course, Peter Facinelli, for being so kind as to send me the pictures and help me out. You're still making me smile Peter. 
I really appreciate everyone's help.

(Just a quick note - i have a second signed picture that will also go up on ebay once the bidding has closed on this one) 


...are Peter Facinelli Fans all over the world!


"We love Peter Facinelli"

"Thank you so much for your support!"

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