Fastlane 2002-2003 

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episode one - pilot

Van and Deaq go undercover to nail a corrupt DEA agent and his beautiful sidekick.

episode two - girls own juice

Van and Deaq befriend and cook up a sting with a trio of jewel-heisting, motorcycle-riding hotties who may or may not be working both sides of the law.

episode three - gone native

Van and Deaq attempt to shut down a volatile group of Russian gunrunners while trying to determine if another undercover agent has become a criminal.

episode four - things done changed

When Deaq's ex-girlfriend Rosaria has trouble leaving her abusive husband, Alton Loud, Deaq convinces Van and Billie to help stop Alton's armed robbery crew before they steal millions in a well-orchestrated casino heist.

episode five - ryde or die

Van and Deaq open a super-hip Hollywood nightclub to lure in a lucrative Ecstasy-dealing ring. When the investigation hits the wall, Billie climbs over it and kicks some Ectasy.

episode six - ray ray

Unable to get inside on a particularly nasty counterfeiting case, Van begrudgingly turns to his incarcerated father for help. As their already strained relationship grows worse by the hour, Van works overtime to separate the personal from the professional.

episode seven - wet

Van and Deaq must stop a sexy assassin before she takes out a key witness.

episode eight - mighty blue

Billie's best friend may pay the ultimate price after helping Van and Deaqon take down an Asian drug lord.

episode nine - get your mack on

When Van and Deaq try to infiltrate a high-end call girl ring without exposing their true identities, they soon learn that one of the young women is being targeted for murder by her pimp.

episode ten - dogtown

It's high tide when an investigation into a marijuana cartel leads the guys to the beach and into the world of young surfers. However, a snitch who used to be Billie's former informant may be double-crossing them.

episode eleven - strap on

Van and Deaq are hot on the trail of a pair of home invasion robbers who use an all-girl valet service to target rich homeowners. But their case hits a wall when they learn the targets are lesbians. Billie has to step in, go undercover and solve this one herselfgoing up against a hot and dangerous Sara.

episode twelve - 101

Van and Deaq are forced by Billie to train a rookie cop who is the son of the deputy police chief. As they pursue a pair of dangerous blackmailers targeting the police force, Van is taken hostage. While Deaq and Billie try to discover his whereabouts, the rookie must find a way to save Van before it's too late.

episode thirteen - defense

Van and Deaq infiltrate a criminal enterprise headed by Cyrus One, a thug who hires out-of-town assassins to kill Los Angeles Police Department cops. Meanwhile, Billie fights to fend off the chief investigator from Internal Affairs, Rolland Hill, as he tries to close the Candy Store.

episode fourteen - offense

Van and Deaq talk to Roland Hill about the nature of Cyrus One's gun, which was not found on his body when he was shot and killed.

episode fifteen - popdukes

Van's father is released from prison but it's hard to enjoy his freedom when you've double-crossed a Nigerian crime lord who doesn't forgive and forget. Van, Billie, Deaq and a sexy young counterfeiter devise a scheme to save his dad and take down the crime boss.

episode sixteen - slippery slope

Van and Deaq's seemingly easy assignment to go out of town, pick up a witness and bring her back to Los Angeles gets complicated when the woman turns out to be Cassidy. Things become even more unsettling as the hit woman Sophia joins up with Cassidy.

episode seventeen - simone says

Van and Deaq are assigned by Billie to protect the 19-year-old daughter, as spoiled and uncooperative as she is rich, of an ex-arms dealer after he learns she has been targeted for assassination.

episode eighteen - monster

Van and Deaq find themselves on the violent trail of a high-end, white-collar psychopath whose killing spree shows no method to the madness. As the clock ticks and the victims pile up, Van and Deaq face the frustration of a case maybe too bizarre for even them.

episode nineteen - overkill

Van and Billie realize that Deaq's older brother's birthday is fast approaching and his murder has Deaq facing some painful memories. But he'd rather avoid dealing with it, focusing on the case against a ruthless drug lord. Also, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a cameo as himself with Van and Deaq wanting to burn rubber.

episode twenty - asslane

Murdoch, a crazy crystal meth manufacturer, Lena, a porn producer who is his distributor. But when the Candy Store goes undercover to bust up the partnership, Billie and Van are horrified to be paired for porn, while Deaq rides solo with a strung-out Murdoch.

episode twentyone - dosed

After a long and arduous undercover operation, Van looks for some R&R and some flirting with a hotel hottie. But his life suddenly becomes threatened when a mysterious caller explains the cocktail Van just finished was spiked and he'll be dead in 12 hours unless he breaks a criminal out of jail. In the process, a secret from the Candy Store is uncovered which can also do serious damage to Deaq and Billie.

episode twentytwo - iced

Van is in his hospital bed and the caller, whom Billie identified as former Candy Store Operative Nick McKussick, the first person to work in the Candy Store, calls once again to inform the officers that he has poisoned a family and they must pick up a Serbian by the name of Anton Grol at the train station.



"Everything we seize, we keep. 

 Everything we keep, we use”.



  Donovan "Van" Ray (Peter Facinelli) and Deaqon "Deaq" Hayes (Bill Bellamy) two cops; one white and one black; one from Los Angeles and the other from New York. They don't carry badges. Van and Deaq meet up when Van's partner, Deaq's older brother Andre Hayes (Vondie Curtis Hall); is killed during a car smuggling sting operation. They're working undercover for Wilhelmina "Billie" Chambers (Tiffani Thiessen) on a new special unit. Everything they need to fight high-end criminals they get from the Candy Store, "the ultimate backstage pass". An undercover department of the LAPD, filled with all kinds of high end merchandise, cars, bikes be used for future undercover stints.


Donovan "Van" Ray (played by Peter Facinelli)

  A tanned athletic man. Medium-length brown hair, parted in the center then left to hang and frame his face. He has that perfectly messy hairstyle down to a science, making it look like he just crawled out of bed. A beard decorates his chin and upper lip. He has an attractive face with sultry expressive light green eyes with a somewhat grayish tint, that, if you look into, you could almost see the pure sexuality in them. His dearly designer clothes have an intentionally casual look. He wears a few silver rings on his fingers. Not too many and none of them gaudy, but masculine. He also wears a pair of silver necklaces, hanging from his neck. He looks a bit like a rock star, but the gun and the gold badge clipped to his belt tells that he isn't. He drives expensive sports cars and hangs out at trendy clubs. That's Donovan "Van" Ray. Also known as Van Strummer, if he's using his undercover identity. He's a former professional surfer, a real daredevil and lady slayer. Van was a member of the LAPD before his partner, André Hayes, was gunned down and he joined the Candy Store. His knowledge with inner workings of crime go right to his roots. Van is an excellent Cop and an even better Undercover Cop. If he has one flaw it might be that he sometimes gets too close to the mark. He likes sexy women, fast cars and his "toys". Sometimes he can be annoying in the way that a little brother is. He's a bit argumentative and does not like to admit that he is wrong, a little neurotic and quirky sometimes and he tells bad jokes. On the other hand, he's very loyal to those he likes, particularly his friends and will be there whenever they need him. He has a need to fix things and can be very empathetic, if he wants. It seems that he always find the good in people - even the marks. He is sensitive and gets easily offended by what others say about him. As a child he was pretty much ignored, with a father always in jail or on the run and a mother who liked to fool around. So he has a strong need to connect with people and form a relationship, because he never had anyone there for him. As soon as Deaq became his partner, he was trying to form a bond. He is very charismatic and likeable, to women for his sex appeal; but also to men, because people sense he's a good guy and that he is someone that both -men and women- can relate to. Van doesn't ever want to grow up. He is like a kid and that is one of the points what everyone loves about him. Even when he's lying to the mark, there's a part of him that is being truthful and they can feel it.


Deaqon "Deaq" Hayes (played by Bill Bellamy)  

Deaq is an old L.A. gang banger from way back, who turned his life around and became a cop with the NYPD. When news of his brother's death got to him, he headed back to his old stomping ground for a little eye for an eye. There, he met up with his brother's partner, Van; and Billie, where he got the satisfaction of taking down his brother's killer and then Billie gave him an offer he just couldn't refuse. Deaq is a contrast to Van, they don't share many characteristics and have different tastes for movies, music and women, but agree that what´s good is taking down the bad. Deaq is the more serious guy, he doesn't like talking about his life or his problems and always wants to manage them by himself. He often points out, that he likes to work alone and that he have principles. But the death of Van's partner and Deaq's brother, André, brings both close together and in fact they become true friends.


Wilhemina "Billie" Chambers (played by Tiffani Thiessen) 

  Billie is a lieutenant at the LAPD and in charge of an undercover division, The Candy Store. She's an exceptional cop, but like most, she has some secrets that she would prefer stayed buried. She operates on a "need to know only basis" and she alone determines what everyone needs to know. Billie never talks with Van and Deaq about her past or about her private life. She was a former herion addict, and she wants to keep it a secret. She has a great relationship with her boss, Bob Parish, and she convinced him to back up her idea of the Candy Store. She wants to catch thegenerals, no longer running after the foot soldiers. Billie doesn't have many friends, but is very protective of the ones she has like Alexa or Nat and she's very concerned about Van and Deaq. Van thinks she is a lesbian because the movie "Bullit" is the reason that Billie became a cop and in fact, her sexuality is unknown. 


Aquarius (played by Big Boy): 

 Aquarius is an old friend of Deaq from his gang banging days of his youth, he still travels down that side of the road while Deaq has become a cop. Aquarius is Deaqon's link to the streets, if the Candy Store needs information or credibility, he's the one they turn to. But he's not like all criminals, he has a sense of right, wrong and really wrong. While he might be involved with illegal activities, he doesn't cross certain lines, for instance, he won't sell drugs. Aquarius is a good man at heart and tries to help Van and Deaq out where he can.  


Written by Dani (VANcinelli)   


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