I met Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli has fun whilst promoting his mowie 'Gallows Hill' in Bogota Colombia

June 18 2014

Diana K. Salazar met Peter Facinelli while he was filming 'Gallows Hill' in Bogota Columbia

Annie Cullen met Peter Facinelli at Tent City 2012

Peter Facinelli speaks spanish to some Fans during filming 'Gallows Hill' 

Thanks to Angelica Contreras for sharing it October 2012

Peter Facinelli dancing with fan at Eternal Twilight convention in Northampton, UK. March 3 2009

Source: holla4pinder

Peter Facinelli in front of his hotel in Chile May 26 2012

Source: @danurobsessed

Peter was in Portland, OR on August 29th 2009 for a meet and greet fundraiser to benefit Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Source: YouTube cdccdc4

Peter Facinelli Meet and Greet - September 21th 2010


CW Brandi attends the Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Carlise from Twilight, Meet and Greet at the Mall at Robinson in Pittsburgh, PA! 

Source: YouTube CWBrandi

We met Peter Facinelli - November 6th 2009

Source: YouTube NessaN525


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