interview with arjun gupta

from show time's nurse jackie as sam december 26 2012

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure. I am from Tampa, Florida and I have lived in NY the last 8 and a half years.I love hanging with my friends, I drink bourbon almost exclusively, and I love sports


How did you get the role of Sam in Nurse Jackie?

I auditioned for Sam in December of '08 and when I got the role it was

only supposed to be a guest spot for that first season.

But I guess the writers liked the character and me and

decided to make Sam a part of the gang. Of course I was thrilled!


What’s the best part of being a member of the ‚Nurse Jackie’ group?

Getting to work with the amazing cast and crew day in and day out. Learnt so much. Such a thrill for a young actor like myself.


What are your upcoming projects besides ‚Nurse Jackie’?

I can be seen in a small role as a DJ in the upcoming Stand Up Guys. I had a scene with Pacino that was the highlight of my year haha. Other than that various independent movies that will hopefully be out in the next year.


Do you like it to work with Peter Facinelli? What’s the best part of

working with him?

I love Peter. He is fun and gracious as an actor. Also he would be one of the few in the cast who would like to grab a drink after work.


What are the greatest experiences you got from your Fans?

Every experience from my fans is amazing, that I even have fans is so cool and then on top that they reach out and send love is amazing.

I am grateful for twitter because, as you know Michaela, I'm terrible at Facebook! Haha.

But anytime someone stops me or tells me they enjoy my work

is a really wonderful moment


You have the choice to act in a blockbuster movie. What kind of movie would it be and why?

Why choose? I want to do it all!


        In some YouTube vids we can hear that you are a great singer.

        Will we hear more of your voice?

        Haha thank you! I do that for fun. I don't know if you will. My music is something     

       I need to bring back more into my creative life for sure.


        If you have had to play another character in ‚Nurse Jackie’. Which character  would you choose?

Hmm...that's difficult...Coop would be a lot of fun. So would Akalitus and Eddie. But probably Zoey, though I would never be able to do it the justice Merritt does it.


If you have to spend a day with Peter what would you do?

An amusement park.


We can’t find any information about your age. Is it a secret for you?:)

No I had never intended to keep that secret but now that you tell me it is hard

to find I may keep it that way let there be some intrigue.


Is there anything you would love to reach in your life?

If I understand the question other than acting I am dedicated to charity and trying to help others. Specifically children.


I read that you leave season 5 of Nurse Jackie. What happend?

Nothing happened specifically that I am aware of. Liz and Linda left and as Clyde and Tom came it to take over the show they made a bunch of changes. Sam being gone is one of them.


(Note: „We will miss you“)


New York is one of your favorite cities, right? What is the most beautiful

place to discover there?

There isn't one singular spot that defines NYC. It's the energy and the spirit and the chaos. Ride the subway and you can feel it.

But go to the places that aren't the tourist hot spots. Get a feel for where common new yorkers hang and you will learn some of NYC. Hint. Not

TimesSquare haha.



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