interview with the woodhaven company

a fully funded film production company located in east greenwich rhode island january 18 2013

Can you give us some background on The Woodhaven Production Company?

The Woodhaven Production company was created by Rhode Island entrepreneur and company President, Chad A. Verdi back in 2010.

Chad's vision was to produce independent films in his home state of Rhode Island that match the quality of larger market films.

So far we've produced four films in twenty months, all with full distribution.

That's quite the accomplishment for a relatively new company.

That's a big testament to Chad's business expertise.


How did it come about using Paul McDonald's music for Loosies?

Loosies was picking up a lot of industry buzz at the time. Chad and our music supervisor Michelle Verdi, we're able to get in touch with Paul's management.

Paul watched the movie and feel in love with it and wanted to get involved.


We have read due to the high volume in DVD sales the Company is now in process of releasing a soundtrack with songs composed and performed by Paul McDonald.

Can you tell us more about this? 

I hope they're making a soundtrack for Loosies!

There's a lot of good music in that movie. I would definitely rock it in my car.


Can you tell us about the response to Loosies? 

People are really falling for Loosies.

It's been picked up by SHOWTIME here in the States and it's getting a lot of attention from Twilight fans. Not to mention, our leading lady Jamie Alexander is starring a long side Arnold Schwarzenegger in "THE LAST STAND", which is sure to be a blockbuster. And let's not forget Vincent Gallo. He turns in a phenomenal performance as his character "Jax".

The great thing about Loosies is it's got a little something for everyone.


What sort of support have you received?

For me, Loosies was great because I got chance to work with Michael Madsen for the first time.

We got to kind of size each other up, because at the time, we both knew we were going into "Infected" in a couple of months, where we would go on to play Father and Son. It was like a tune up fight for a boxer.


What's the next in line for your production Company?

We have a couple films that we plan to make in 2013.

I'm set to direct my second feature, which will be produced with Chad Verdi and The Woodhaven Production Company.

Right now I'm spending the winter locked in my house, working away on my latest screen play "Burn The Saint". The cold months are a great time, to trap yourself in a room and just write.


The White House requested a copy of Loosies, right? How does it feel when you found out?

If someone told me five years ago that the President was gonna watch one of my movies, I would have checked them into a mental home.

It's a really surreal kind of feeling. Kind of cool to think of the Commander and Chief just kicking back with his family, watching the movie.

I hope they liked it!


Peter wrote the script for Loosies and produced it too. Can you tell us how Peter and you came together? 

Chad acquired the rights to Peter's script and they produced the film together.

I had the chance to meet Peter early on in pre-production. It was nice to pick his brain about my character, because, after all, it came out of his head.

The first time we met, he said to me. "Oh, you're playing Detective Jefferey, right?" And I said, "Yeah, I can't wait." He playfully lowered his sunglasses and said "Don't mess up my movie". We both had a good laugh and he was a blast to work with the rest of the way through.


What are the greatest challenges you've encountered in the making of this film?

Loosies was a real great show to work on. A lot of great crew people, talented and friendly cast and a lot of familiar faces, people I've worked with in the past.

All in all I guess the biggest challenge was just wearing a suit for three weeks in August. 

So if that's your biggest problem, you really can't complain.


The story happens in New York City. What made you decide to choose this City for 'Loosies'?

New York City is a great stage for any story.

It's got a lot of American dream type ideals associated with it.

The whole, if you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere attitude, really plays well with this type of material.

It's gritty and desperate, but that's what makes it beautiful.



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